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Why Should I Go To CLS Direct in Columbus vs. Buying From Other Well-Known Retail Competitors?

Warehouse Direct Furniture Columbus Ohio

We get asked this and other great questions like "How can you offer such a great deal on the best Columbus living room furniture, living room groups, bedroom groupsbedroom furniture, Mattress Warehouse Columbus Ohio, Mattress Discounts, Mattress, twin mattress sets, full mattress sets, queen mattress sets, king mattress sets, dining room furniture, counter height dining furniture, sofas, loveseats, chairs, recliners, bunk beds, platform beds, memory foam mattresses and home furnishings on a daily basis?" Here are the answers we promised you on the home page backed by our unheard of guarantee. All of our products are backed by a full warranty.

We have even added a high end line of kitchen cabinets Columbus Ohio.

At CLS Factory Direct in Columbus you never pay for a salesperson's commission, expensive store fronts, Individual per item shipping costs or the biggest culprit, high cost media and advertising. It is that kind of overhead that usually drives prices through the roof.

If you ever see TV or hear Radio advertising from us it is sponsored by our product manufacturers due to our performance to further increase product exposure and has no bearing on your final consumer cost. We have hand picked a few exclusive relationships with manufacturers that meet our rigid quality standards for Pool Tables, Spas & Luxury Show home quality furniture. This keeps us from spending the majority of our time dealing with angry Columbus customers, workmanship issues or warranty complaints. We like to spend our time marketing and delivering quality living room furniture, living room groups, bedroom furniture, bedroom groups, mattresses and more to satisfied clients throughout Columbus.

Anyone Can Claim They Are Different — I've Heard It All before!

Well, we understand that. That is why we back our claims with a guarantee. Nobody is more serious about your complete satisfaction than CLS Factory Direct. To prove it, here are some figures backed by our unconditional guarantee. Over 70% of our business comes from out of town clients who purchase sight unseen on gorgeous living room furniture, living room groups, bedroom furniture, bedroom groups, mattresses and more! Most do so after going through the educational process provided by this very web site and the additional clarifying information they seek by making a simple no hassle call to 614-436-0357 for a personal consultation to get your questions answered.

   Let me elaborate on how we are changing the Industry and how you cash in on the tangible benefits our marketing program offer you and your family. We do not use catchy sales phrases to try and move customers to purchase on emotion; it's just not what we do.

My Grandfather Always Said, "Buy Good Shoes & Never Buy A Cheap Mattress!"

We know what you see is not always what you get.

With the advent of the Internet it is much easier to visit literally hundreds of showrooms, than it is to go out and spend your time and money only to be hassled by high pressure salespeople. With all due respect to those hard working people the days of simple selling are over.

Why Is it Again Your Marketing Plan Is So Unique?

It is what we call "The Factory Direct Way to Shop!" How does Wholesale pricing sound on the best living room furniture, living room groups, bedroom furniture, bedroom groups and mattresses without the cheap overtone often associated with the word? At CLS Factory Direct in Columbus buying from us is like actually becoming a dealer or distributor, but only having to purchase one item for a lifetime. We have created a network distribution channel by bringing consumers together in volume. We have a tremendous amount of room at our warehouse facility. Our products have already been inspected and are ready for immediate delivery. Our competitors have high rent retail space, high retail advertising cost, and commission sales people. By forgoing these three areas and buying in bulk we are able to pass huge savings onto you the customer. This is how we are changing the industry with our common sense cooperative approach to marketing..

After Sept 11th our nation changed and so did the economy. The following example will explain how our CLS Factory Direct in Columbus marketing program is unique by sighting an example that affected every American who owns a vehicle.

We use the Auto Industry as an example because most people can relate having bought one or more cars in their life and negotiated through the hassles of that process.

The Auto Industry went into the tank after Sept 11th and so did the value of all used cars in the market. However, most consumers do not understand the economic reasons behind this on a national or global scale. Let us shed some light on it for you below. The rental car industry is huge. After the attacks the rental car companies and fleet buyers across the U.S. and other nations cancelled their annual vehicle orders from GM, Ford, Chrysler and other auto giants. This left in their wake a tremendous amount of new cars with no homes. This is why you saw 0% interest financing programs come out in order help the manufacturers liquidate this over abundance of cars, trucks and SUV's. When these kinds of incentives come out to move product, what do you think happens to the value of everyone's trade in? You guessed it, they go down the tubes. Manufacturers then need to find companies to buy these vehicles in bulk to write down their losses.

How does this affect me when looking to buy one of your products?

Take a moment now to imagine if you will, CLS Factory Direct in Columbus as one of those companies who helped bail out a manufacturer who needed to liquidate that abundance of inventory. Once these relationships are established they provide tremendous value on living room furniture, living room groups, bedroom furniture, bedroom groups and mattresses to the manufacturers creating a win/win relationship that has long term appeal. We have managed to do just that and positioned itself to purchase in this fashion on both a permanent and regular basis. Why can't every company do this? As with most things in life it is about timing and a window of opportunity. We feel very fortunate we can offer you such savings, but unless we educate our clients on this unique ability, then it can be just as large a burden as it is a benefit.

We started in a very humble manner and have experienced a tremendous amount of growth. We are not in retail space in fact you would probably miss us just driving by. Over 40% of our business is by word of mouth and we thank you. We hope this increases your confidence in knowing that we are often imitated but seldom duplicated.

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Thanks for your time, please do not hesitate to call us at 614-436-0357 or email us at [email protected] with questions.

Thank you for your business!

Since 1999, we've offered a tremendous amount of deals to our customers. We specialize in quality Columbus Ohio  living room furniture, living room groups, bedroom furniture Columbus Ohio, bedroom groups and mattresses Columbus Ohio for all of Columbus. We're not located in a high retail Columbus location and do not have a fancy Columbus showroom. We want to be able to pass on as many deals on quality living room furniture, living room groups, bedroom furniture, bedroom groups and mattresses as possible to our customers throughout Columbus and that is how we do it.

We offer a variety of living room furniture, living room groups, bedroom furniture, bedroom groups, mattresses, accessories, spas, and most recently cabinets. Over the years, we have developed great relationships with some of the top product manufacturers and are able to offer high quality furniture at an affordable price backed by a full warranty to our great customers throughout Columbus.

At CLS Direct we are always looking for ways to expand our Columbus clientele, satisfy our Columbus customers, and allow our Columbus customers to save as much money as possible. We want to help the consumer in numerous ways; therefore we offer great deals, have experienced and friendly staff, and keep a blog updated on the website offering a wide variety of furniture tips. Don't continue to pay for overpriced living room furniture, living room groups, bedroom furniture, bedroom groups and mattresses when you can easily experience the CLS Direct way to shop!

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