The Use of Bar Stools Save Space in your Home

A large variety of bar stools that suits your taste are being offered by the furniture market. Thus, acquiring one that is easy on your budget is now easier.

Buying a house these days entail having a big amount of money. This has prompted a lot of individuals to live in small areas like condos, townhouses and apartments. The question of what furniture to purchase for these small homes is what besets these individuals. Big furniture is a no-no with a limited amount of space that drives these people to choose the small pieces of furniture. The kitchen and dining area are commonly put together. In some instances, they are separated but the space is small. Faced with the issue of having a small space, homeowners are finding a hard time buying furniture for their abodes.

One of the good options that you can have when living in small dwelling places is to buy bar stools. Modified to suit the requirements of each individual, furniture manufacturers have redesigned bar stools. They are no longer seen in the pubs. Bar stools have been redesigned to suit more modern homes. With the new designs, bar stools have gotten a new name for which they can now be called counter stools. Still very much accessible are traditional wooden stools with three legs, rounded seat and armless and backless. Excellent choices for home use are those that were given a contemporary design.

The modern and contemporary designs of bar stools feature the following:

• wide seats with arm, back and feet support
• can be swiveled up to 360 degrees making it easier to turn your back
• adjustable height
• upholstered seat either in leather or fabric

Bar stools were made to be more functional to the user. Legs are not limited to the conventional three legs. You can find stools that have four legs with some having only a single stand.

Using them in your living room, bar stools provide you additional seating furniture. Those with hydraulics are better making it easy to modify their heights.

Use them in your dining/kitchen together with a counter and this can serve as your dining area in place of the usual dining tables and chairs. They will provide more space just make sure that they have adequate space between each other. The ideal space in between the stools should be 26 – 30 inches.

Nevertheless, you need to consider comfort when buying bar stools. The people who will use it should also be considered as well as the frequency of use. If they are to be used frequently, choose those made of sturdy materials. If they are only to be used occasionally, you can pick those that are with complex designs and styles. They should also blend with your room theme.

Having bar stools in your home does not only maximize your small space but it likewise provides your home a stylish and refined ambiance. Thus, it can be said that bar stools have become a functional and practical piece of furntiure.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Reclining Sofa

The recliner sofa is one of best pieces of furniture that you can buy for your home. Since a recliner sofa is huge, you need to make sure that you have a bigger space to accommodate its size.

Providing you a good space to relax while you read, watch a TV program or movie as well as to have a good stretch is the recliner sofa. Its main purpose is to extend a place of comfort and convenience for the user to have a respite. This piece of furniture can be placed in any area of your home like the living room, patio or even in the bedroom.

Available in different designs and styles, most recliner sofas have footrests, headrests and armrests. The contemporary design of this kind of sofa has been given a new touch though by furniture manufacturers.

Before you buy your recliner sofa, you need to review the following checklist so you can buy the suitable recliner for you.

Your objective for purchasing this furniture, as this will establish the type of recliner sofa that is suitable for you.

The room where it will be situated. Measure the area so you can be sure that your new recliner will fit in the room. This data will give you a clear picture of your preference.

Categorize the characteristics that you are looking for. Some features of recliner sofas include a leg rest and a comfortable retractable headrest. There are also a few that fall under the category of therapeutic recliner sofas as they are equipped with vibrators where you can have a body massage. Others also include heating and push-backs systems.

Check online furniture sites or physical stores. Evaluate the prices and features of the recliner sofas that they offer and compare which of these items fulfill your requirements as well as your budget.

Study the construction of the recliner. Will it be able to support considerable sizes and weights? Those made from oak, pine, steel or plastic are durable. Choose the well-built recliner to assure that it will last you longer.

Examine the fabric. The fabric used as well as its construction will give you an inkling if the recliner is sturdy or not. Make sure that the fabric is firmly sewn, as this is your assurance that it is durable. A firmly sewn fabric is suitable if there are pets and children in your home. Choose a fabric that is likewise easy to clean.

Choose a recliner sofa that will blend with your room theme. For instance, if the room has a contemporary theme then it follows that the furniture must also have the same style.

Ask the store on the warranty and the replacements of its parts and covers.

Before finally ordering the sofa, you need to test it yourself. Hence, if you plan to buy it online, set an appointment to visit the store and see it physically. Sit, lie down or curl on the recliner sofa for at least 7 – 10 minutes to know if it is really comfortable.

Remember, recliner sofas are not that cheap so it is important that you buy one that offers you comfort as well as one that is durable.

Patio Furniture Ideas for a Small Patio

You can still make your patio look great and a good place to relax even with a limited space. Choosing the right patio furniture is all you need to enjoy your bonding time with the family as well as invite some of your friends for a little snack.

Making the most of your small patio space. Having a large patio is indeed nice for you can invite all your friends or host big family gatherings. However, there is no need to envy your friend’s big patio space, as you can still conduct entertainment activities on a limited patio space. Several people opt to choose to live in apartments and condos that have a small deck in these times because of the high cost of real estate. By choosing the compact patio furniture pieces, you can make the most of your patio space to have comfort during these activities.

Measure the space of your patio. If you will not do this, you will not be 100% sure that the furniture you saw online or in a catalog will fit in your patio. Some online furniture stores though include the measurements of the furniture which is a big help on your part. Nevertheless, you still need to measure your area.

Mark the places where your patio furniture will be placed. A masking tape can serve this purpose. Put a tape on the floor and write down the furniture for each space. Ensure that you have some walking space to prevent people from standing up from their seats to let someone from the back of the table.

Pick small tables and chairs. One good alternative is to have a bar set. Bar sets come with a selection of table shapes – square, rectangle and round. Bars are compact and come with stools. Otherwise, you can opt to have small patio tables.

You can add additional chairs and tables. Arrange them in such a way that they look practical and functional. You can group them or have a table with 2 or 3 chairs.

For small and narrow patios, get tables that are rectangular or oval-shaped. You can push one side of the rectangular table against the wall. Benches are good seating options in the patio, too.

Have some foldable chairs and tables. These will give you extra tables and chairs in the event that you need to seat more people. They are easy to set up and they can be kept in your garage or shed. They are also light in weight.

Choose light-colored materials for a small patio to make it look bigger. Glass top tables will also make the room look bigger since glass reflects light. Minimize your furnishings. Display only those that are quite good. Do not crowd your patio with so many items.

Your furniture must also be average in size. Do not get the big and bulky one to avoid it from drowning your limited space. Plan the apposite furniture for your patio to create the illusion of having a big area.

How to Blend Furniture with the Brown Colored Walls of your Living Room

Paint your wall in brown color if you want your living room to have a sophisticated look. However, make sure that you pick the proper furniture color to blend with your brown colored walls.

Brown signifies stability and security. Light tan, beige and subdued mocha are the recommended shades of brown to be used for a living room. Reserve the bolder shades for your accentuation and decorations. Dark shades of brown will make your room look smaller; hence, it should not be used if your space is limited.

The space, proportion and placement of furniture must be taken into account when designing a living room with brown-colored walls to achieve harmony.

Create contrast by putting a green wall paper if your walls were painted in brown. The combination of these two colors is nice and pleasing to the eyes. Have wooden furniture to go with this blend of colors.

Choose lighter shades of brown for your furniture if the wall was painted in dark brown. Remember, though, not to have big brown furniture for walls that are painted in dark brown. This can affect the equilibrium of your living room.

Sofas, shelves, coffee table and media stands or center must be in the same shade.

Brown walls will blend well with teal or greenish blue colored furniture. Choose unfinished furniture and paint it in greenish blue. Do the painting yourself and have greenish blue cushions. Throw pillows must be in solid teal or brown color.

You can likewise have white furniture for your brown walls. White is a neutral color and can be paired with other colors.

Clear acrylic and chrome chairs will also harmonize with the brown walls of your living room.

Have your table lamp in a neutral color like beige, white or cream.

Get drapes or curtains in brown, blue stripes or prints. Cream-colored curtains are also a perfect choice.

Use your creativity with your decorations to go with your brown-colored living room. Choose from the three tones of brown: dark, medium and light tones. Your big furniture must have the principal color. Apply the colors for your accessories that can range from photo frames, wall posters, paintings, throw pillows, vases, jars, rugs, etc.

Choose two styles of patterns for your decorations. For instance, you can have solid hues for your photo frames and jars while your rugs or table runners can have loop outlines. The patterns will catch the attention of your guests so they do not just concentrate on the solid hues of brown.

Lastly, blend the creamy tone of brown with various shades of blue such as teal or aqua. This will make your living room lovelier and superb.

Dare to change the colors of your living room walls. Boredom can seep in if the color has been the same for ages. Modern and contemporary furniture offers numerous designs, styles and patterns that can easily match the brown color of your living room. Fabrics are also available in various colors. Check the internet for more choices of furniture. Online furniture stores are your best source these days for buying furniture.

Furniture Suitable for Living Rooms with Light-Colored Walls

If you are getting bored with the bland and pale look of your living room, it is time to initiate some innovations via furniture.

A living room with light-colored walls need not be a hopeless case. It is actually to your advantage, as you can easily blend it with other colors. The reason why light colors are a common choice is their ability to bring happy feelings. They similarly create an illusion of hugeness to the room. These colors also contribute to the soothing and calming effect to the people living in the said abode.

Choosing furniture for your light-colored walls

Imagine the appearance that you want for your living room

You may have plenty of ideas on how your want your room to look like; however, you need to make up your mind and select one theme. You can choose conventional, contemporary, country, French-inspired, etc. but the most vital point is to create a comfy and relaxing ambiance for your family, friends and visitors. You may want to put in a bit of inconsistency that would ruse your guests without scaring the wits out of their senses. Choosing your colors must be well-thought to avoid creating a ghastly mess.

Setting a cozy and relaxing ambiance

Furniture in neutral and pastel light colors mix easily with any room theme. These colors likewise project a cozy and warm appeal. Cream and white furniture can make a room to look neater and tidier and blends well with white walls. To remove the bland and pale effect, have a rug in dark colors and pillows in wine color. These colors will remove the look of paleness and blandness.

Setting a contemporary or a country style

Colors to suit a contemporary look in your living room are black and red. Both colors can be combined beautifully and suggest a more modern look. People living in small dwelling places can have these colors for their furniture. These colors show every bit of detail that would make your guests to admire your choice.

To relive country life, you can choose a classic country style where a quieter and an uncomplicated lifestyle can be relished.

Natural designs are great bets for this kind of room. People usually use floral and plant designs. People usually use floral and plant designs like furniture made of wood, which are has the colors of nature. Colors to use are light and pastel so as to give that calming and serene effect just perfect for anyone who wants to relax and just admire the gifts of the country and nature.

You can also create an intriguing disparity by using dark colors. However, use the slightly dark colors to avoid the clashing of your furniture and walls.

The above mentioned tips can help you create a better appeal for your living room that has light-colored walls.

Make your Home Look Sophisticated via Good Quality Furniture

Contemplating the design of your home may be an exigent task if you are to reinvent its current look. However, this may be easier if the home is newly bought.

If you are to reinvent the look of your home, there are some essential factors that you need to take into account. Evaluating your reason to reinvent its look is of vital significance, as this will give you the complete style that you want for your home.

Contributing to a total new look for your home can be done by modifying your paint colors, bringing in a few pieces of furniture, new furnishings and floors. You may also keep some old furniture and mix them with new ones. Reinventing the look of your living room does not mean you need to buy a new set of furniture. You can refurbish them or discard some of the old ones and buy some new pieces to replace those that you have discarded.

It is of equal importance, too, to have a theme where you can center your project of redecorating. Naturally, the essence of its comfort-ability must not be overlooked.

Adding recliner sofas in your living room can make a revolutionary change. These pieces of furniture come in different styles, materials (leather or fabric), can be rotated or in a tub chair design. Leather recliner sofas are good choices and are usually big. Colors vary from black, white or brown. Requiring a small amount of space are the slim recliner sofas. The tub chairs, on the other hand, look posh and are made from leather or velvet.

Get a TV stand with drawers and shelves if your media gadgets are scattered everywhere. You can also get the new contemporary designed coffee tables that offer more functionality.

The modern designs of dining tables are a welcome treat in your dining room. These have the feature of being expanded to accommodate more seating arrangement as well as saving you space particularly for small abodes. Regardless of what shape you choose, square, rectangle, round or oval, you can find one that can be expanded. They are also made from wood, glass or a combination of both materials. The presence of a buffet hutch or table is another good addition in your task of redesigning your home. If you have wooden dining chairs, opt to have them upholstered if they are still worth keeping or buy new leather or fabric upholstered chairs.

To have more order in your bedroom, get beds that feature underside drawers. Some contemporary designs and styles of bedrooms also have high headboards with fitted lights or a walk-on platform with lights on its sides. You can change your bed and opt to have a platform bed or a circular-shaped bed. You can also add a few more storage by buying a chest of drawers.

For colors, you can choose to have an all-black or all-white furniture pieces. These are neutral colors and can easily blend with any color. Brown and gray are other neutral colors that you can use.

To complete the sophisticated appeal of your home, remove all other items that you do not need. Keeping your furniture and decorations at a minimum is better than crowding your room with furniture. Keep those that are functional and are still in good condition.

Take Advantage of the Available Space in your Home

Modern living has constrained homeowners to settle for small dwellings. However, this must not stop you from decorating your home.

What you need is to let your creativity and imagination work together to use your small space to the fullest. A good decision in your choice of furniture will solve what seems to be a very restricted area and make your home comfortable and presentable.

What small homes need is furniture that is pragmatic and functional. These pieces of furniture will provide you the needed storage space you need for your home. Modern and contemporary designed furniture features these qualities and acquiring them will make your home look bigger.

Buy small scale furniture. Big furniture will drown your space. To make sure you will not buy furniture that is not appropriate for your home, get a copy of the floor plan. This has the correct measurement or you can measure it yourself. Settle for small-sized sectional sofas or a few pieces of comfortable chairs. Modern sofas feature a wooden ledge that can be used as a table. This is sometimes located on its side or by turning over one of the back cushions. Some feature an extended base to serve as a table, too. You can also find some modern sofas that have drawers and open shelves.

A bench with underside cabinets will serve as seating areas as well as provide you with storage spaces. Place a cushion on top and have some throw pillows in geometric patterns.

For your coffee table, pick one that offers plenty of storage. Modern coffee tables offer plenty of designs and styles that are functional at the same time. Some have a disc-like design which can be rotated and revealing niches for small items. Others are designed to be a bar and coffee table in one. You can also find some that are circular in shape with side drawers.

Choose wall type TV stands to save on space. Pick one that has shelves to accommodate your other media items.

For your bedroom, get beds that have underneath drawers to store bed linens, curtains and bedroom stuff. You can find beds that have built-in nightstands.

Select a wardrobe with sliding doors to have more walking space amid the bed and the wardrobe. Ensure that it has shelves or drawers to keep your accessories. A dresser with a fitted mirror and drawer would be ideal, too.

A small kitchen will look more presentable and orderly if you get a kitchen counter. Pair this with bar stools and you have your kitchen and dining area. Kitchen counters are equipped with cabinets and drawers where you can keep your cooking utensils and other kitchen and dining wares. Have wall type cabinets in vertical position where you can put your appliances such as toaster, coffee maker and blender together. Provide hooks and hang your frequently used cooking utensils.

If you opt to have a separate dining table, get an expandable one that has a rectangular or oval shape. These shapes are more appropriate for small spaces than the square and round shapes.

The space under the stairs can be used as storeroom if you are living in a 2-story abode. Cleaning materials, play things and other items can be kept in this space.

Other furniture that is ideal for small living spaces includes folding chairs and tables.

With the presence of these furniture pieces, you can be assured that you will have a home that is inviting and comfortable.