Augment the Look of Your Living Room Using Area Rugs

The use of area rugs can add panache to your living rooms. Area rugs are cheaper and more stylish than the conventional wall-to-wall carpet.

Points to consider when purchasing area

The size of the area rug

The size of your living room will determine the size of the area rug that you need. Therefore, you need to get the dimension of your living room. Remember to leave an open space of about 4 x 8 inches around the rug. Choose from the various sizes of area rugs ranging from 6 x 9, 8 x 10 and 9 x 12 feet and can be bought from online furniture stores and physical shops.

You can also go to stores that sell rugs per your requirements. This may be expensive but you will be able to get the exact specifications, material and color that you want for your rug.

The color and pattern of the area rug

This must blend with your living room theme to create balance look in your living room.

Choose an area rug with geometrical patterns and colors if your walls and furniture are in neutral colors. This will add zest to the room so as not to create a boring look. It is also advisable because the patterns will camouflage stains.

Choose brown or beige if you prefer to have a rug without geometrical patterns to have a bit of diversity in your living room.

Create a lighthearted appeal in your living room by choosing an area rug with a splatter of colors making sure it blends with the other colors in the room. Contradicting colors will give your living room a crowded look.

The quality and texture of the area rug

Touch and feel the rug. It is not enough to just look at it. Some online furniture stores have 3-D features where you can see every bit of the rug to help you make a decision. Nevertheless, I would still suggest that you visit the store to check on it physically. Rugs are made in different materials so they naturally would have a different feel. Rugs that are smooth are made of wool and provide warmth particularly during winter. Those that feel coarse and uneven are made of natural fibers. Jute and sisal are the natural materials used to make area rugs. Elegant, luxurious and soft to touch are area rugs made of silk. Silk are pricey and difficult to maintain, though.

Another way of using area rugs to augment the look of your living room is by having them on top of each other. For example, have five different colors or patterns of area rugs and create a pattern where a small part of each end or corner is on top of another rug. If you have a big living room, assign small corners for specific functions. Put an area rug on each corner using a different color for each space, which will serve as your identifying label to know the function of that particular space. Area rugs can also be used for accentuation but make certain you have a particularly eye-catching color and pattern and that it complements your furniture, too.

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