Cleaning Leather Sofa Guidelines

Leather furniture is preferred by many for its durability and does not need much attention when cleaning. In spite of that, we still have to clean our leather sofa to make it look fresh, nice-looking and keep its luster.

Your leather sofa must be protected from heat, dust and sunlight, as these elements can contribute to its wear and tear. Exposure to too much heat and sunlight will cause the leather to dry that can lead to its breakage as well as lose its luster.

Following are some guidelines on cleaning your leather sofa.

Vacuum your leather sofa once a week and use the soft bristles of the vacuum. You must include the bottom part of the cushions and the gaps.

You can also use a moist cloth and put a little soap on it or mix a small amount of soap in lukewarm warm then make a foam. Use that to clean your leather sofa making sure that the cloth is squeezed of water.
Before rubbing it on the sofa, test it first on a small area at the back or bottom area of the furniture. Wait for a day and examine for any staining. If no damage is seen, then you can use the mixture to clean your sofa.

Any spills on your leather sofa must be wiped immediately. The liquid may percolate inside the sofa if it is not attended to right away. To get rid of spills, use a moist cloth and then a clean, dry and soft cloth to dry it.

For oil spills, use a dry cloth, dab it on the area, and use baby powder to remove excess oil.

Ink blots can be removed by using hair spray. Squirt a small amount of hair spray on the ink blot and dab it using a dry cloth. Continue doing this until the ink blots are fully eliminated.

For mildew, combine rubbing alcohol and a cup of water. Pour a small amount of the blend on the area and use a soft cloth to clean it.

Avoid using cleaning materials that are cheap. Cleaning materials may be a little expensive but you can be assured that they will not destroy your furniture.

In addition, check the furniture label, as cleaning instructions may be written on it. Some furniture also includes the cleaning materials you can use.

To keep the shine on the leather, apply a good quality leather conditioner twice a month.

The proper way of cleaning furniture can help to make it last longer than expected. So make a habit of maintaining your furniture on a regular basis. Besides, a regular cleaning is not that hard since the dust has not accumulated compared to intermittent cleaning.

Whatever material was used for your furniture, it still deserves to be cleaned and must be given the utmost care. Keeping a maintenance schedule for leather sofa and other furniture will assure you of its staying power.

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