Designing a Studio Type Apartment

Men and women who are unattached always opt to have their own place; hence, they normally seek for a place where they can call it their own once they are financially able. Studio type apartments are the common dwelling places suitable for these types of individuals apart from being within their resources. Depending on their budget, one can get a space that offers a bigger or a smaller floor area.

It is a known fact, however, that studio apartments have small floor areas. This can limit your choice of furniture. To deal with this small floor area, here are some tips to maximize it as well as on how to get the appropriate furniture for your apartment.

Arranging your furniture

Studio apartments offer a diminutive square shape area where you have a small area for your bed, living area, kitchen cum dining area and a tiny bathroom. Some have closed areas that separate the bedroom from the living and kitchen/dining area. Others, on the other hand, have open areas except for the bathroom and you will have to design it yourself. If your studio apartment offers open areas, then the first thing that you need to have are room dividers. This is particularly important if you want your bedroom to be private.

To divide the areas properly, you need to measure its total dimension and assign the dimensions for your bedroom, living room and kitchen. Depending on your requirements, you can have a bigger space for your bedroom followed by the living area and lastly the kitchen/dining area.

Positioning furniture in your rooms

If you assigned the smallest space for your kitchen/dining area, then it would be appropriate to get a kitchen counter. This furniture offers you working space as well as dinner space. Choose a kitchen counter with plenty of storage spaces such as cabinets and drawers to store your kitchen ware and grocery items. Have built-in shelves to additionally maximize the space. Bar stools are appropriate for a kitchen counter and depending on the length of the counter, you can have a maximum of three stools. Choose stools that can be rotated and have backrests for additional comfort.

A sofa bed would be a good idea to have for your living area. You can buy a sectional sofa bed that is not too huge. Aside from providing seating, you can also make use of it when you have some guests who will be staying for the night. Coffee tables come in various designs and styles. You can get one that can be folded or have one that has cabinets, drawers or shelving nooks. You can even find some coffee tables that also serve as a bar table. To save on space, get a wall type entertainment cabinet. It should be something that has adequate shelving for your other media gadgets and other stuff.

If a bigger space is allotted for your bedroom, then you can get the twin-sized bed. Most beds are made to be functional by manufacturers. They are equipped with underneath drawers. Those with headboards provide shelves. Get a wardrobe that has a mirror, drawers and shelving to organize your personal belongings. If it is still not enough, then add wall mounted cabinets.

Proper selection of furniture will make designing your studio type apartment an easy task.

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