Dining Room Furniture: Choosing between Natural Wood versus Lacquer

There are two choices of wood that are available for wooden dining room furniture. These are natural wood and lacquer. People often argue about natural wood and lacquer. They cannot figure out which of these two wooden materials is better, as the advantages and disadvantages of both types are dependent on the user. Nevertheless, it is significant to note their differences to come up with a better decision.

To help you decide which of the two is good for you, I have listed some prominent characteristics of natural wood and lacquer.

Natural wood is not called natural for nothing. By the name itself, you get the assurance that it is one hundred percent all wood. It indicates that it did not make use of plywood or particle board. You can identify if it is an all wood piece of furniture by checking if the wood particles are visible. Natural wood is also weightier than other kinds of wooden furniture.

The Advantages of Natural Wood Dining Furniture

• It is guaranteed to last you a lifetime and can even be heirlooms.
• It has the ability to re-establish itself from injuries like stains, dents, scrapes, and marks caused by water and other liquids.

• Grave damages can be easily repaired, which is cheaper than refurbishing lacquer furniture
• It is tough and well-built.
• It features hand-crafted carvings.

However, it is also has its drawbacks.

• It is vulnerable to scores and cracks, which are usually caused by weather changes. Extreme temperature makes natural wood to expand and condense. Furniture manufacturers use the “floating case system” to thwart it from collapsing, also known as the bracket method. This system makes use of screws to firmly keep the wood in its place. This can be prevented by not exposing natural wood furniture to direct sunlight.
• To level out marks and scratches, you need to bring it to a furniture shop to be repaired.

The Advantages of Lacquer Dining Room Furniture

Lacquer furniture makes use of varnish, a distinct difference from natural wood. Plywood or particle board is used for its surface, too.

• It is lustrous making it more striking than other wooden furniture.
• It is more stable and leveled out.
• It can endure any weather changes.

• It does not easily break; get scratches or scores.
• It is available in various colors.
• Substrates are used for lacquer furniture like plywood or fiberboards. You can even be lucky to get lacquer furniture made of rosewood, a very unusual type of wood.
• It is lighter in weight and is cheaper than natural wood.
• Excellent quality lacquer dining room furniture is made of sturdy legs, posts and doors.

Its drawbacks

• It is inclined to slits and shredding.
• Repairing lacquer furniture is expensive.

When buying dining room furniture, it is vital that you put into account its functionality as well as its adaptability to the users. With children around the home, sturdier furniture is needed like natural wood. If you have less time for maintenance, then lacquer is a good choice because of its stain-resistant characteristics.

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