Five Important Things in your Dining Room Bar

Planning to have a dining room bar is not that expensive as you might think it is. It can actually be somewhat cost-effective. There are essential elements that must be considered. First is the theme, the bar furniture and the items that you will use. If the bar is only intended for the family and a number of friends, then here are the needed items that you need to buy.

Glassware is very essential. You can have the regular glasses so you do not need to spend a big amount of money. Although the suitable glassware is better so you get the feeling that you are really in a bar. There are different glasses used in a bar. To mix drinks, get the 7 ounces glasses. To serve wine, you will need champagne and wine glasses. Shot glasses are also needed in a bar and not to forget mug for serving beer.

Ice Bucket and Tongs must not be missed. These two are essentially when serving drinks. Choose the insulated ice bucket to keep the ice frozen; don’t bother with the cheap ones. A large size ice bucket is practical to have if you love to entertain friends. And the tongs, of course, for the ice; do not use your bare hands!

Jigger is essential in mixing drinks. It measures the amount of liquor to be served. Professional bartenders use jiggers to mix drinks; therefore you need it as well. A 1 ½ jigger and a ¾ oz jigger is enough for your dining room bar. There are two types of jiggers: glass and stainless steel. Stainless steel jiggers are better as they give good results when mixing drinks. The glass jiggers have a bigger capacity though.

Drink Shaker is used for cocktails to make them taste better. There is the Boston and Cobbler type of shakers. Consisting of a 500 ml and a 900 ml glass canister is the Boston shaker while the Cobbler shaker has the flask, cap with a built-in strainer and the lid. You can have both or just one of these shakers. But remember that with the Boston shaker, you need to purchase a separate strainer as it does not have one.

Bar Spoon is used to mix cocktails and to measure the ingredients that are needed for the drink. It can also be used to squeeze other ingredients. Bar spoons are stainless steel and is about 10 inches long. They are also used to measure one teaspoon of alcohol or drink essence.

Other items that you need for your dining room bar are corkscrew plus additional corks, a can and bottle opener, a sharp knife to cut fruits and garnishes. You also will need a blender in the home bar.

The presence of these essential items plus the fitting furniture for your dining room bar will make your dream bar come true. The family will get to have a different dining with the presence of a dining bar as it adds spice in the family’s dinner.

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