Flipping Your Mattress

How many times have you flipped your mattress in the past year? Once? Twice? Five times? 104 times? How about NONE.

Suprisingly, 1, 2, 5, and 104 times are the numbers that people assume we should flip our mattress in a given year. However, the number of times that a mattress should be flipped depends solely on the individual and their sleeping situation – mostly whether they are sleeping alone or with a partner.

The question that pops into most people’s heads when advised to flip their mattress is, “Why in the world should I even consider flipping a mattress?” The answer is simple, according to mattress manufactures: It will make the mattress last longer and prevent sagging, thus saving your back. A mattress that is flipped on a regular basis could last anywhere from 5-7 years longer than a mattress that hasn’t been flipped. Now, does this mean you should go on the far end of the spectrum and flip it twice a week for a grand total of 104 times a year? Back pain is more likely going to come from flipping your mattress that many times a year! The average you should flip your mattress is about once a month. This will prevent over-use in some spots.

Flipping your mattress is not the only thing you should be concerned with.  You also must make sure to turn it 180 degrees so that the whole mattress is being used and equally slept on. Permanent sags will eventually form if you do not flip or rotate your mattress. Most of the time these sags cannot be seen by the naked eye but they can lead to severe back pain. Sags tend to form in the middle of the mattress where two bodies meet. Pressure from both bodies can cause springs to loosen and not give the full support you need for proper rest.

So there you have it. Prevent back pain by flipping your mattress. And remember; always lift with your legs!

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