How to buy the right sofa for your home

Your living room is the place where many of your family’s most treasured memories will occur. Whether it is Christmas morning, your child’s first step, an annual sporting event, or a great party, your living room will always be the focal point of many memories that you hold dear. The centerpiece of this very important room is the sofa. It is on of the most important piece of furniture that you will ever own. When purchasing a new sofa for your home, it needs to be taken into account that this sofa needs to fits the lifestyle of your family, as well as be a continuous place where people can relax and enjoys each others company.

When buying a new sofa from CLS Direct, you need to understand the different types of sofas so that you can decide which one best suits your family.


STANDARD: The standard sofa is typically the most common of the sofa family. It generally seats about three adults and is a stationary piece of furniture.

SECTIONAL: For families who tend to host a lot of partiesĀ  or have a larger living room sectional sofas are usually the better choice. The larger sectionals usually come in a L or U shape and are perfect for having conversations.

SLEEPER: If you are prone to having many overnight guests for holidays are other events, then a sleeper sofa is a must have. Sleeper sofas has a built in bed frame that pulls out from underneath the seat cushions.

MOTION: Perfect for laying back and watching a ball game or movie with the family, motion sofas have built in recliners or rockers. This will give you a place to kick back and relax after long day.

LOVESEAT: The loveseat is much like its companion the sofa except for the fact that it is a bit smaller and can generally only seat about two adults. A loveseat is a perfect compliment to any sofa and can provide extra need seating space.

Now that you have an understanding of the different types of sofas that are available for purchase, stop in to CLS Direct and buy your new sofa TODAY!!

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