Keeping your Living Room Furniture Clean, the Easy Way

Buying furniture is not joke, as it is a big investment on the part of any household. You may find cheap furniture but this will not last you long enough prodding you to buy a new set.

Therefore, it is better to dispense a huge amount to ensure its durability and longevity. Nevertheless, the upkeep of furniture will assure you even more of its long life and endurance.

Here are some easy ways to keep your living room furniture clean.

Observe daily cleaning so that dirt will not accumulate. Vacuum the corners, the side of the cushions and the gaps once a week by utilizing the soft brush attachment.

Use mild cleaning materials. Upholstery cleaning items have harmful chemicals and toxins that can cause permanent damage to the fabric. If you are not cautious in buying cleaning materials, your furniture fabric can be soiled, as its protective coating has been removed. Once the protective coating is removed, your furniture will look old and washed-out.

Steam cleaning is another choice you can do to clean your fitment. Although it can eliminate blemishes and grime, it can also ruin your furniture in the end. This is because the drying process is quite long and the moisture surplus can bring about the furniture’s deterioration. Mildew and mold can also developed in your fitment, since the inner part may still be damp even as the outside part is already dry.

Use a clean, white fabric to wipe any spills. Do not let the liquid to permeate the inside of the cushions; wipe it instantly. Start from the edge moving on to the center so that the leak will not disperse.

Make use of a flat object or a spoon to scuff any spill residue. Mix soap in warm water and dip a cloth into it. Ensure to wring excess water.

Warm water can also remove most spills. However, use a mild soap to mix in warm water if it is imperative to use soap. Just add a small amount of soap so it will not produce too many suds. Bear in mind to use only warm water and not tap water. The latter can create a mark on the fabric because of the minerals that tap water contain.

You can also use a wood polish for wooden furniture. Dispense a little amount of polish on a soft clean cloth and rub it onto the fitment following the grain of wood. Do not use too much polish in order to avoid your furniture from getting wax build up. If it does, just get a new rag and continue on polishing it following the grain of wood.

Use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean furniture made of glass. An old T-shirt or cloth diaper is a good material for cleaning glass. Another good option is the paper towel.

Furniture can easily look old and tattered because of everyday use. Therefore, it is necessary to observed good cleaning habits and procedures to maintain its freshness and cleanliness.

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