Make Bedroom Furniture Last Longer

It takes money and time buying furniture for any room of our home. We spend weeks (some even spend months) looking for the ideal set of furniture that will blend in our home theme and will suit our tastes. Even as we spent so much time looking for the right furniture, we also would want it to last longer.

Here are what you can do to make bedroom furniture last longer.

Purchase excellent quality bedroom furniture

Purchasing excellent quality bedroom furniture is one of the best ways to make certain that it will last you longer. You may have to put up a big amount on its purchase, nevertheless, you will end up saving more compared to one that is cheap but the quality is substandard. These types of furniture will require you to replace them almost every year, thus you end up spending more. Good quality furniture does not have to be costly anyway. You can always check on furniture sales and close-outs where quality pieces are sold.

Do yearly maintenance on your bedroom furniture

Annual preservation checks are also needed for furniture not only with your car. Check the bolts, screws, brackets. Some may have loosened over time and need some tightening. Examine the drawer handles, too; they may need to be tightened or replaced with a new one. Check on loose boards and glue them back.

Condition wood bedroom furniture and keep it clean

To keep your bedroom furniture looking new and fresh throughout the years, keep it clean. If the furniture is made of wood, then you need to give it a good conditioning. Wood cracks when it dries and dust, dirt and grime can make its surface dull. Wood furniture needs weekly dusting. Depending on the amount of sunlight and heat it was exposed to, wood needs to be conditioned quite a few times in a year. Make sure you use a good commercial wood conditioner to avoid further damage.

Choose cleaning materials do not have any chemicals

Ensure that you use cleaning materials that do not contain harmful chemical when cleaning your bedroom furniture. These products can contribute to the deterioration of the furniture. They can create blemishes, particularly on wooden bedroom furniture. In general, a soft cloth must be used in cleaning wood furniture. To give it a good shine, put a small amount of furniture polish on the soft cloth. You can also give wood furniture a deep cleaning by using a mild soap and warm water. Always ensure that you dry the wood completely and do not allow the water to permeate.

Always keep the mattress new and fresh

Use a mattress topper to safeguard it from stains. It will make your mattress fresh and clean as well as make you more comfortable. As much as possible, do not stand on the mattress or let your children to jump on it. Avoid sitting on the edge of the mattress for a long time, as this will create permanent sunken areas. You can add life to your mattress by turning it over the mattress every 3 – 4 months.

If you follow the above tips, you can be assured that your bedroom will last longer.

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