Make your Living Room Fresh with House Plants

Aside from furniture, houseplants do not only beautify your home for they also clean the air.

Good additions to your living room are houseplants as they beautify and add color to your room’s theme. They also bring nature inside your home. They likewise contribute on giving a healthy place for you and your family.

Following are some of the most common plants that are ideal for the home.

The peace lilies bring in a dramatic effect to your living room with its dark green leaves and white blooms. These houseplants can discourage the growth of molds up to 60% in your home. They can also absorb poisonous steam inside your living room. They can eliminate allergy symptoms, too. These plants grow at medium heights of sunlight. It needs water when its soil is fairly dry and spray on the leaves to encourage its growth.

The use of indoor ventilation system takes the air moisture that can lead to dry and eventually itchy skin. To solve this problem, have Boston Ferns. Ideal for living rooms with dry air, they act as a humidifier, as it brings back humidity in your home. Its leaves are like swords that wraps on the sides of the pot. The apple green leaves bring the touch of spring inside your living room throughout the year. Bright and indirect light and a moderately moist soil is enough for this plant to grow.

One of the best houseplants that combat air pollution is the Spider Plant. It is so powerful that it can eliminate about 90% of air toxins in your home in 2 days. It takes in formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and mold spores. This plant is characterized by lengthy spiky green flora that is in numerous color variants. It needs to be watered every two weeks and requires indirect sunlight. Its buds grow on the end of its long stems that ooze out from the main plant.

English Ivies are also good houseplants. They can flourish on a small lattice or have them on a hanging basket. They are good answers to allergies and eliminate 60% of mold within 6 hours of being placed in the room. Place them near the window where there is sufficient bright light making sure they get it indirectly. Ensure that you wet the soil evenly.

Adjudged by NASA to be good eliminators of formaldehyde from the air is the Heart Leaf Philodendron. It has leaves that are shaped as a heart, thus it was also known as the “Sweetheart plant”. The soil must be kept wet frequently and can thrive in any lighting conditions. Too much water can make its roots to decay.

For homeowners who do not have a green thumb, the Mother-In-Law’s-Tongue is the best choice. They grow even with less care. Busy housewives can also opt to have this in their living room. Like the other houseplants mentioned above, they are also good air purifiers. Its leaves are strong and shaped like swords. Any type of lighting conditions is fine for this plant but must be watered thoroughly once in a week.

Start putting a bit of nature in your living room and omit its unnecessary smells.

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