Painting it Environmental Green

Do you love the environment? Do you love spending time in the great outdoors? If yes, you should consider giving your décor an eco-friendly boost.  In today’s society, we are constantly made aware of mother earth’s deteriorating condition.  Taking care of the environment is essential for all industries and products.  For those of you looking to create an environmentally friendly home, here’s a list of home-beautifying trends and products in accordance with the bourgeoning ‘green’ movement.


Reclaimed wood is one of the most popular trends in green design.  The reshaping of recycled wood falls under the Japanese art form, Wabi-Sabi, an art devoted to finding beauty in imperfection.  This new spin on an old design philosophy presents both contemporary and traditional items that are sure to brighten any space.

Paint it “Green”

The green movement no longer only applies to the construction of furniture.  Now, the green movement extends from your floor to the ceiling, literally.  New chemical-free paints – which contain no volatile organic compounds – make spicing up your interior an eco-friendly exercise.  Today, chemical-free interior paint has expanded from only a few shades to the entire spectrum of the rainbow and beyond.  You can paint your rooms and feel good about your effort to reduce the damage inflicted on mother nature.

LED is a Y-E-S

While compact fluorescent lighting is a better choice for the environment than the old incandescent bulb, it gives off a drab, bluish glow.  Fluorescent bulbs used to be the only environmentally sound choice, but now a brighter option is in the making.  New LED bulbs, made in the same shape and size as incandescent bulbs, will soon hit the market.  They give off a brighter, more natural light than incandescent lights while offering much more durability than the older models.

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