Take Care of Your Furniture Via These Home Care Tips

Observing proper cleaning techniques will make your furniture to last longer even without considering the material used. This can be done by having an exact cleaning timetable that includes the correct methods and cleaning materials.

Home care tips for your furniture

Protecting your furniture from damage. Various materials are used in making furniture like wood, glass, metals, plastic, fiberglass and leather or fabric upholstery. The types of materials used will have to be taken into account so you can implement the appropriate cleaning regimen as well as to use the right cleaning product. Checking the ingredients of the cleaning product is necessary to ensure that it is not harmful to the furniture. Chemicals that are included in the cleaning products almost always lead to the early wear and tear of the furniture.

Dust and vacuum your furniture. Wiping away the dust from your furniture must be done weekly. Dust accumulates faster and can stick on the surfaces and gaps quickly if left unattended. Once they get stuck, it will be difficult to remove them or you may have to spend more time on removing them. Wipe your furniture by using a soft dry cloth ensuring that you change the cloth once it gets too filthy. Avoid using a dirty cloth to wipe another piece of furniture.

Vacuum upholstered furniture every week regardless if it was upholstered in leather or fabric. By using the soft brush attachment of your vacuum, reach to the corners, sides and edges of your furniture. Pay attention to the arcs, curves, and the bottom part of the cushions as well as the back of the sofas or chairs.

Cushions must be turned over weekly after vacuuming to prevent them from sagging. Cushions tend to sag because of the different weights that they have to bear. By turning its sides weekly, the cushions will be reinforced and even out its surface. Hence, your cushions will look new and fresh.

Keep the luster and shine of your wooden furniture by applying wax. Nevertheless, use wood wax preferably, as this is the appropriate cleaning product for wood. Apply a thin layer onto the surfaces. Wipe it with a dry cloth after the wax has dried.

You can also make use of a table runner to protect your coffee, end tables and dining tables. Change the table runner at least every two weeks though. Do not let it get too dirty for it will be harder to wash them and the dust from the table cloth will be attached to the table.

Serve drinks, coffee or tea with coasters or saucers to protect table surfaces. Wipe spill immediately with a dry cloth by letting the cloth to soak in the spill to prevent it from spreading onto the surface.

Always follow the cleaning procedures that were written on the manufacturer’s manual. These were provided by the manufacturer to guide you on the proper caring and handling of furniture.

Apart from cleaning the furniture, you also need to check on any loose screws, drawer handles, squeaky or wobbly legs and fix these right away.

By observing a strict cleaning and checking procedure and regimen, you will be able to protect your furniture from easy deterioration and will make them to look new. May I just remind though that you must make sure that the proper cleaning materials are used. Likewise, do not use any abrasive even with furniture made of metal or aluminum. Your furniture will surely last you a lifetime if you observe these cleaning procedures.

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