Have Fun Eating in the Living Room without Tarnishing your furniture

Modern living room is characterized with having more space, modern furniture  and lights that are more natural. The reason is for the family to have a more comfortable and relaxing area where they can bond and at the same time enjoy some snacks. Visitors are likewise served food and drinks in this area of the home.

Nevertheless, the living room becomes a mess at times brought about by food crumbs and spills from drinks. The floor may be easy to clean, but with the furniture – there is the tendency that it may be tarnished or damaged.

The spills can stain the material of the sofa or can leave marks on the coffee table. Bits of food fall between the cushions, which can invite pests. This is more likely to happen if there are children. In addition, even adults can commit these “crimes”.

You do not want to spoil the fun eating in your living room yet you also do not want your furniture to be ruined. Therefore, to help you attend to this matter, I have listed a few tips to address this matter.

A coffee table. With this piece of furniture, glasses, cups and serving plates have a common area where they can be placed. This will also prevent people to hold on to their glasses or cups, which usually lead to spills. Make use of coasters or saucers for glasses and cups.

An area rug. With an area rug under your coffee table, roaming around in the living room while eating can be prevented. Make this area be reserved for eating. Having various area rugs of varying colors and sizes will help you make the living room more organized. The colors will serve as guide where such activities like eating, playing, talking, etc. can be made.

A slipcover. Put slipcovers on your sofas so spills will not directly stain the sofa material. The slipcover will take it, thus safeguarding the sofa. Moreover, slipcovers will protect your furniture from your pets.

You can choose to have a single or a whole piece of slipcover. The number of sofas that you have will determine the number of slipcovers you will need. Matching them with your furniture will not be a problem since they are available in varying colors. They can also protect the materials of your sofa from weighty people and the temperature, which usually cause their deterioration.
Cleaning slipcovers is similarly easy as they can be washed in your washing machine. You can choose from the different materials used for slipcovers – cloth, vinyl, cotton, polyester, and synthetic vinyl and they are very affordable.

Watching TV, talking and playing is more fun with some snacks. The living roo is the area where these actions take place. With these activities being done in this room, it will be a shame to curtail members of the family to enjoy the companionship of one another just because you do not want your furniture to be tarnished. Hence, you need to take a few steps to take care of your furniture without spoiling the fun.

Engaging the family in taking care of the furniture will equally help. Observing these steps will make each one to be aware of the fun of eating and drinking and at the same time relaxing and be entertained. Anyone from the family can have their guests without fear of destroying the furniture.

As the homeowner, you will also be alleviated from worries of your furniture being tarnished or damaged.

Protect your Leather Sofa from your Dog or Cat

We all know that leather sofas  are not that cheap. Hence, we try our best to take care of it. However, have you ever implemented any rules so your pet dog or cat will not ruin it or better yet, will not sit on the sofa? If you have not taken any steps, you better start now before you feel sorry and get mad at your pet and ending up as enemies.

Pet lovers cannot afford to see their pet wagging their tails at them and staying out of their home. They normally allow their pets to enter the premises of their home. However, problems arise if these pets were not properly trained to take care of your furniture. If you belong to this group of people, then here are some tips for you to follow to protect your leather sofa from your dog or cat.

If you insist on letting them loiter in the living room, then give them their own space where they can lie or sleep. Ensure that the area is comfortable, not cold nor warm. Get them a soft kennel or box and put cushions or blanket.

Buy him a pet throw from furniture shops. Pet throws cover the sofa completely so direct contact from your pet is prevented. These come in different designs and colors. If you get to have the quilted kind, you can have your dog or cat bend next to you.

Buy a pet toy so he can play with it instead of gnawing on your leather sofa. A scratch post will similarly be good for your cat.

Buy a spray repellent from a pet store. Blend it with water and spray it on your leather sofa. Pets do not like the smell of repellents. Citrus or mint fragrance is good for the human sense of smell.

Pets must be trained while they are still young. Make them understand your house rules.

Talk to your pet and set the rules. Let him lie on the couch if someone is with him.

You can make use of a child’s gate. This will prohibit your pet to enter that area.

Give your pet a bath frequently. Comb his fur and cut his nails. Even people with long nails can ruin your leather couch and this is more so with pets. Get your pet an aromatic spray and use this for his bath.

If he still has that particular pet odor, buy your pet a fragrant spray exclusively for pets.

Make your pet understand the change in the tone of your voice as well as facial gestures. Make him understand your facial expression and the tone of your voice when you are angry.

Be strict with your rules without hurting your pet. It takes patience on training them but it is worth it. Once they learn their own area and get used to it, you will be relieved of worries and fear that your leather sofa will be damaged.

Most of all, reward your pet every time he follows your commands and for behaving well.

How to keep your Dining Room Spic and Span

The following tips will give you a lot of help if you have been bogged on how to keep your dining room spic and span.

Do away with the mess or clutter. Before anything else, you need to eliminate items which are not intended in the dining room. If there are some items that you still need like bills, put them in a container and label it for easy access.

Play down decorations. Do not put a lot of decorative things as these invite dust. If you want to put them, group them and only display those that are good for certain occasions. Keep those that will not be used in a box and label them as well.

Dusting must be done on a regular basis. When dusting, make sure that you use the appropriate product for items made of wood, glass, brass, etc. Do not forget to dust ceilings, walls and corners. Furniture must be dusted from all angles. You also need to dust the ceiling fan if you happen to have one, but make use of a ladder. Do include cobwebs in your cleaning.

Dust windows and change the curtains. Windows get very dusty so it must likewise be washed. You need to change your curtains as well. Have a schedule in cleaning the windows and changing your curtains.

Clean the dining table and chairs after every meal. If this is done after every meal, dust will not pile up. This will also prevent any insects or unwanted flies to hover in the dining room. Seat and table covers must be changed and washed habitually. Empty china cabinet, buffet, drawers and shelves to clean them inside and out.

Vacuum or sweep the floor to end with your cleaning. When everything has been tidied, be sure to vacuum or sweep the floor. If there are any stains, mop or wash the floor. Again, use the correct cleaning material.

If the above are done habitually, you will find cleaning much easier and your furniture will not age quickly. Aside from that, you will not be helpless seeing your CLS DIRECT dining room furniture with a whole lot of mess. Invite the other members of the family to practice orderliness, too.

Tips on making your Bedroom Furniture always look Fresh and New

Furniture buying involves a lot of patience, understanding, time and more importantly cash. One thing for sure, you would want it to stay for a long time. The secret to keep your bedroom’s modern furniture longer is in the superiority and the manner of maintaining it.

Good quality fixtures may need a big amount; however, you will realize that it will pay off. Good quality furniture usually is very durable that you can even hand it down to the next age group.

A yearly examination of your bedroom furnishings will keep them in good condition and will make them to stay longer. Loose bolts, screws or brackets must be tightened as well as handles of drawers. Secure loose boards by using wood glue to put them back where they belong to.

Cleanliness must be observed to make them always looking fresh and new. However, bedroom furniture made from wood must be conditioned so as not to make it too dry. Dust and filth will easily make the finish of your furniture dull and dry so dust them once in a week. The weather in your area will decide how many times you need to condition your furniture.

Check the labels for harmful chemicals as these will lead to the depreciation of your furniture finish. A soft cloth is all you need to clean wooden furnishings. You can also make use of a dash of furniture shine. A mixture of mild soap and tepid water can be used for deep cleansing but ensure to dry the wood totally and that water will not be infused in.

Blemishes can be prevented by using a mattress topper. This will make it unsoiled and at the same time more comfy. Children must not be permitted to treat your mattress like a trampoline and do not stand on it. Sitting on the border of the mattress for lengthy hours will give perpetual serrations on the area. Your mattress will stay for quite a long time than its expected life span if you turn it over every 3 to 4 months.

How to Keep your Kitchen Clean

Which room in the house is difficult to clean? Ask any housewife this question and they will all say – the kitchen. Indeed, it is; it is not only the filth and soot but as well as the fats that have accumulated from cooking. It is a MUST to keep this room clean because it is where you arrange and organize meals. An unhygienic kitchen can lead to meal poisoning and other diseases caused by microorganisms. Listed below are just a handful of easy ways to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen.

Disinfectant Wipes

The use of chlorine bleach in the kitchen is one of the best methods to destroy microorganisms and prevent microbes. However, the smell of bleach is exasperating aside from it being disastrous damaging your garments. This is the reason why sanitizer wipes are a very good option. They can clean almost any exterior in the kitchen along with tables, stoves, counter tops and any other furniture aside from being pretty handy.

A Neat and Smelling Fresh Sink

Quite strong, well-built and modern, stainless steel kitchen sink is the most preferred these days. However, even if your sink is made of stainless steel, you should have realized that it may still look soiled even when it is tidy. The use of a soft fabric and white vinegar is among the simplest tactics to eliminate all those obstinate fluid spots. Simply put a few drops of vinegar on a fabric and wipe the unsightly water spots. A dosage of vinegar into the drain will maintain it from smelling good and fresh.

Clean the Microwave via Steam Cleaning

Using wax paper to line the underneath and covering your meals with a paper wipe can aid in keeping your microwave clean. Boil a mixture of a tablespoon of white vinegar with 1 cup water in a microwavable bowl for five minutes; leave it for 15 minutes to remove baked on meals.

Reduce Kitchen Litter

A kitchen is a difficult area to clean with all the furniture, small appliances and cooking food utensils. By putting everything in their proper places after every use will make the kitchen in order and will not require much tidying. A kitchen island with fitted shelves and drawers will solve your storage problems.

Keeping your Stove Tidy by Loosening the Fats

The range will always result in a greasy mess regardless of how careful you are in cooking. A spray screen is a good way to keep extra smear within the skillet and sputtering on the range. Baking soda is as good as an abrasive cleaner in washing off hard stains and yet will not scrape the stove’s surface. Heat the oven to remove hardened foods on the surface and wipe them off with a little oven cleaner.

It’s War on Bed Bugs!

Wow!  We are hearing about Bed Bugs everywhere.  From department stores in NYC to radio talk shows!  Bed bugs have been found inside the Indiana University campus library?  It truly looks like we need to declare War on Bed Bugs!

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small little wingless insects that feed exclusively on the blood of warm-blooded mammals.  Humans are the ideal host.  They can be light tan or burnt orange in color.  Just after molting most of them are plane white.  Bed bugs have evolved over millions of years as nest parasites – inhabiting the nest of birds and bats for instance.  Some of them have learned to adapt to the human environment and live in “our nest”.

They are called bed bugs because they prefer to live in our beds, mattresses, sofas and other soft furniture.

Bed bugs feed for about 5 minutes, then go into hiding for about 5 to 10 days then feed again.  If there is no food readily available (human blood), bed bugs have been known to lie dormant for months waiting to feed again.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous to Humans?

Not really.  Other than a mosquito bite type look or a small rash, there is not much danger to bed bug bites and they are not known to carry any diseases.  In extreme cases people can have an allergic reaction.  Bed bugs bite by injecting a small amount of their saliva into the human host which results in a painless reaction.  Quite often the bite does not manifest itself for an hour or two, maybe much longer.  Therefore, sometimes it is hard to detect that you have bed bugs right away because you don’t have symptoms.

How do Bed Bugs Get in to Your Home?

Although studies have shown that bed bugs can travel in one’s luggage, the most common way to bring them into your home is via used furniture and mattresses.

How to Eliminate and Prevent Bed Bugs?

Once you detect that you have a bed bug problem you may want to call a pest removal professional first as they can help in the detection and recommend a removal process for your particular situation.

If you decide to do it yourself the first step would be to remove the coverings on any item of furniture or mattress that is infected.  If you are able to wash the fabric in hot water do so, if not, wash normally but set the dryer on hot – at least 120º.  If in the winter, you may take these coverings outside and leave in the freezing weather for 24 hours.

Then vacuum the mattress or sofa all over especially in the folds and cracks.  Then use insecticides to kill the bugs.

Preventing Bed Bugs by Encasing Your Mattress and Box Spring.

You could encase both the mattress and box spring as a proactive measure.  As soon as you put the encasement on your bed any bed bugs trapped inside will eventually die, provided you do not unzip shortly after putting them on.  Some people encase their new beds as it prevents bugs from getting in and makes it easier to clean.

Bed bug covers can be purchased online and from most reputable retailers.  Make sure you are buying “bed bug specific” and that you cover both the mattress and box.

Cleaning Your Upholstery

Ahhh Fall! As we come to the end of summer, many people begin to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather. Warm days, crunchy leaves, and of course football. While closets, counters, windows, floors, tables, and carpets are at the mercy of the cleaning crew, don’t neglect your upholstered furniture such as sofas, loveseats, chairs and recliners.

The dirt that gathers on solid surfaces such as floors and tables is easy to see and clean. Consider that this same dirt and dust you clean from your end tables, often several times a week, has also settled on your upholstered furniture.

How can you properly spring clean your upholstery to keep it looking new?

  • Vacuum all surfaces of your upholstered furniture including both sides of any removable cushions. Use your vacuum cleaners crevice tool and dust brush attachments to get into deep corners. Always use the dust brush on leather furniture so suction doesn’t damage the surface.
  • Flip and rotate your cushions.  Turn your cushions over and rotate them to even out the wear and make the inner cushion and the fabric last longer. This should be done each month, not only in the spring.
  • Rearrange your furniture. The ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight can fade fabric and leather, just like it damages your skin, depriving your furniture of its gorgeous look. Use window blinds or sheers on windows to minimize the sun rays.
  • Massage your furniture. That’s right, start from the bottom of the arms and back and push the stuffing up, giving it a full look. This works air back into the synthetic fibers and keeps it nice and cushy.

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