Furniture for a Small Patio

It is indeed nice to have a big patio but people who live in small homes should not be disheartened for having a little area for their patio. Having a small patio does not limit you to make it nice and presentable. If you are thinking of furniture, there is nothing to worry, as modern types of patio fitment can be bought from online stores.

But before you browse thru the Internet or head on to your local store, you need to do some vital steps first.

Measure the area of your patio. Assign the spots where you want the furniture located as well as the other fixtures such as plants, etc. It would be wise to mark the specific areas and identify the kind of fitment you want to put there. For example, put an “x” and indicate if it is a small sofa or a bar set. By doing this, you will see if there are still enough walking space.

Table and chairs are a must-have in your patio. Since your space is small, opt to have a bar set instead of table and chairs. Tables are normally big, which can take much area. A bar set also comes with stools. Apart from that, the bar can also be your serving table. It also has compartments or shelves where you can keep your napkins, glasses and food supply.

Since a bar set only has two stools, which is not enough if you have more than two people in your patio, you can solve this by getting additional bar stools. Modern bar stools have been designed to give more comfort. Some are designed with back, arm and foot rest. They can also be rotated up to 360 degrees allowing the person to face the other people in the patio without hurting his neck.

However, if you prefer a table than a bar set, get a rectangular table and placed it against the wall. This is a good choice for a small, narrow patio. To allow more seating capacity, get benches.

You can also have foldable tables and chairs. These types of furniture are good alternatives for a small patio. They are easier to set up and can be stored in your garage when not in use.

You can also opt to have small tables and some chairs. Group them together to create a nook, which can be used by two or more people. It can also be your personal nook.

Should you want to have magazines, opt to get a magazine stand instead, as this will not take so much space. To make your patio homier, have hanging plants instead of those in big pots.

Always bear in mind that the size is not an issue in decorating your patio. You only need to be more creative and practical in choosing your furniture to make it inviting, cozier and pleasant. Planning is important so you will not end up wasting your money.

The Best Material for Patio Furniture

Patio furniture  must be given equal attention just like your other fixtures and fitment. The design and style may well be attuned to the theme of your home. The patio also serves as our entertaining area where you meet with acquaintances or hold parties. Hence, you need to make sure that the furniture materials are sturdy.

The common materials used for patio furniture are wood, wicker or rattan, metal and plastic or PVC.

Wooden patio furniture is a popular choice because of its endurance. They can stand any temperature changes and gives the patio a touch of élan. They are a best choice if you usually host parties, as this can carry heavy weights. However, if the best kind of wood is used for patio furniture, expect it to be expensive.

The good thing with wicker and rattan patio furniture is that they are easy to move. They are not heavy but are strong. They also cost less and are good options to hard wood. Likewise, rattan and wicker are easy to clean. They are good outdoor furniture, as they can stand any climate changes. To make it look new and fresh, have it repainted or re-varnished just like wood.

Patio furniture made from metal can be made from either iron, steel or aluminum. These materials received special treatments so they can resist scrapings and rust. Patio furniture made from iron and steel are best choices for outdoor use due to its weight. You had better choose this material if it rains a lot in your country. Metal patio furniture is practical for its maintenance is simple and effortless.

Metal materials are divided into 3 categories: aluminum, wrought iron and tubular metal.

Wrought iron is the most expensive. It provides style and elegance. It is similarly durable. To maintain furniture made from wrought iron, you need to re-coat it every year.

Aluminum metal is the preference for businesses like public pool, resorts, restaurants, hotels, etc. Lighter than wrought iron, it can be transported from one area to another and is durable. Maintenance cost is less unlike other materials.

Tubular is the cheapest of all metal furniture. You can find them in most discount shops. Tubular is likewise sturdy but not as sturdy as aluminum and wrought iron. Maintenance is easy and is long-lasting, too. Its downside, however, is it twists and breaks easily. Since it is light in weight, the wind can blow it away.

Patio furniture made from plastic or PVC is the most economical. Bargain furniture stores normal sell these types of fitment. Maintaining plastic furniture is simple for it only needs dusting. You can even wash it with water. Weather conditions will not be a problem with plastic or PVC. Alternatively, strong winds can blow it away like tubular metal. Another downside of plastic is that big-sized people cannot sit on it as they easily crack. Children’s safety is also at stake with plastic materials.

Always remember to look for durable materials when buying furniture even for your patio. This saves you from buying a new one. Do not grab it for the reason of being low-priced. Put safety on top of your requirements.