Give your Living Room a Fresher Appeal through Plants

One of the many ways to have a fresher appeal in the living room is through plants. We know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen but apart from that, they add beauty in the total ambiance of a room.

Most homeowners would love to have plants in their homes; however, not everyone is bestowed to have a green thumb. Thus, some just content themselves to have artificial plants, as these only need little maintenance. But even if you are not gifted with the knack of taking care of plants, you can still have these fresh greens inside your living room.

There may be plants that need a lot of attention and caring; nevertheless, there are some that do not need much caring. Here are some of the houseplants you can have in your living room:

• Dump Cane (latin name: Dieffenbachia maculata). This plant has wide leaves with green and white patterns. Moderate light and average humidity is enough to make it grow. It does not need so much fuss in caring.

• Chinese Evergreen (latin name: Aglaonema commutatum). Damp soil and less light is all it needs. Repotting is not needed for it grows better if the roots are confined in a specific spot.

• Cast-Iron Plant (latin name: Aspidistra elatior). It can survive in intense heat, less light, dry air and less watering.

• Bird’s Nest Fern (latin name: Asplenium nidus). This houseplant will grow in moist surroundings with less light.

• Corn plant (latin name) Dracaena fragrans ‘Massangeana’). Water this plant when the soil is dry and do not put too much fertilizer.

• Devil’s Ivy (latin name: Epipremnum aureum). Place it where it can receive sunlight.

You can still have plants inside your living room although it does not get enough sunshine. Just position the plants near the window that face the east side, as this is where the sun shines. The southwest or south side of the room is another area where you can position the plants; however, place it 3 – 5 feet afar from the windows. The north side is another spot where plants can be placed if there is a window, though.

The presence of plants in the living room refreshes and disinfects the room. Plants take in carbon dioxide, therefore, germs and they inhale bacteria that are in the air.

Plants also help create an environment friendly setting in your living room. Home decorating does not depend on the furniture, fixtures and paint color. You also need to put some decorations like plants, painting, etc.

Although a few plant expertise will help you to take care of houseplants, there are varieties, which can be had even if you do not have it. You can also have plants even if you have a very busy schedule. Dullness is, likewise, eliminated if you have plants. It also adds to a cheery atmosphere, which can be contagious.

Nevertheless, do not put too many plants so your living room will not look like a greenhouse. Make sure that you put the plants strategically inside your living room.