How to buy the right sofa for your home

Your living room is the place where many of your family’s most treasured memories will occur. Whether it is Christmas morning, your child’s first step, an annual sporting event, or a great party, your living room will always be the focal point of many memories that you hold dear. The centerpiece of this very important room is the sofa. It is on of the most important piece of furniture that you will ever own. When purchasing a new sofa for your home, it needs to be taken into account that this sofa needs to fits the lifestyle of your family, as well as be a continuous place where people can relax and enjoys each others company.

When buying a new sofa from CLS Direct, you need to understand the different types of sofas so that you can decide which one best suits your family.


STANDARD: The standard sofa is typically the most common of the sofa family. It generally seats about three adults and is a stationary piece of furniture.

SECTIONAL: For families who tend to host a lot of parties  or have a larger living room sectional sofas are usually the better choice. The larger sectionals usually come in a L or U shape and are perfect for having conversations.

SLEEPER: If you are prone to having many overnight guests for holidays are other events, then a sleeper sofa is a must have. Sleeper sofas has a built in bed frame that pulls out from underneath the seat cushions.

MOTION: Perfect for laying back and watching a ball game or movie with the family, motion sofas have built in recliners or rockers. This will give you a place to kick back and relax after long day.

LOVESEAT: The loveseat is much like its companion the sofa except for the fact that it is a bit smaller and can generally only seat about two adults. A loveseat is a perfect compliment to any sofa and can provide extra need seating space.

Now that you have an understanding of the different types of sofas that are available for purchase, stop in to CLS Direct and buy your new sofa TODAY!!

Design the layout of your living room properly

“Help, I can’t decide where to place my new furniture!”

It’s a problem that many of us have faced at one point in our life. You’ve just finished purchasing some beautiful living room furniture from CLS Factory Direct, but now have no idea how to lay out the room. Most of the time we spend countless hours moving furniture pieces around, like an endless puzzle, trying to figure out the layout we want.  But this doesn’t have to be the case. Follow these steps to find the living room layout you want while also saving your back.

  1. Get a piece of paper and draw a layout of your living room. Include all doors, windows, outlets, radiators, and air vents.
  2. Design and cut out miniatures of your items. Make sure all the pieces are named with the dimensions of each.
  3. Locate a focal point in the room. All your furniture pieces will revolve around this point. It can sometimes be a entertainment center, coffee table, artwork, fireplace, or even a mantle. Draw this focal point on the paper where it exists in the room.
  4. Move your cut out furniture pieces around on the paper to experiment with different layouts. Make sure your seating areas face each other and not the focal point. You want to encourage socializing. Place sofas and chairs at right angles around the focal point.
  5. Find a coffee table or trunk to place in the center of your seating arrangement for drinks or board games. This can also be used as a display area to place reading materials or pictures.
  6. Leave spaces in the corners between the seating for end tables or lamps. If you have an extra chair that fits this seating group, you can widen the arrangement and place the chair diagonally into the corner and skip the table.
  7. Finally, fill in any open places with any additional pieces of decor you still have. But remember, less is more. You don’t want to over crowd an area. So place accordingly.

And there you have it! Your living room is now set up for socializing as well as relaxing. By following these simple steps, you can have a living room that matches the looks of those in magazines!

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Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

You bring home your new sofa or dining room table and suddenly wonder “Why doesn’t my furniture look as good as it did in the store?”

Many of us find ourselves faced with this question and it can be one the most frustrating dilemmas for furniture consumers today. What can you do when the piece of furniture you have just spent countless hours shopping for has a completely different look in your home than it did in the store, magazine or photograph that inspired you?

The answer is honestly quite simple : ACCESSORIES!

Designers accessorize rooms to the max. When shopping for that ideal piece of furniture at CLS Direct, make sure you take into consideration the many accessories that can fit into your new room setting, such as:

  • Occasional Tables
  • Occasional Chairs
  • Curio Cabinets
  • Artwork
  • Picture Frames
  • Lamps
  • Rugs
  • Candles
  • Throw Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Decorate accessories
  • Place settings
  • Table centerpieces

When shopping for your new room, take a look at magazines, as well as the set up of the furniture inside of the store for ideas. Keep your mind open and be willing to try something new! Attention to details will eventually pay off and soon your new room will have the sparkle and shine that many designers strive for!

Flipping Your Mattress

How many times have you flipped your mattress in the past year? Once? Twice? Five times? 104 times? How about NONE.

Suprisingly, 1, 2, 5, and 104 times are the numbers that people assume we should flip our mattress in a given year. However, the number of times that a mattress should be flipped depends solely on the individual and their sleeping situation – mostly whether they are sleeping alone or with a partner.

The question that pops into most people’s heads when advised to flip their mattress is, “Why in the world should I even consider flipping a mattress?” The answer is simple, according to mattress manufactures: It will make the mattress last longer and prevent sagging, thus saving your back. A mattress that is flipped on a regular basis could last anywhere from 5-7 years longer than a mattress that hasn’t been flipped. Now, does this mean you should go on the far end of the spectrum and flip it twice a week for a grand total of 104 times a year? Back pain is more likely going to come from flipping your mattress that many times a year! The average you should flip your mattress is about once a month. This will prevent over-use in some spots.

Flipping your mattress is not the only thing you should be concerned with.  You also must make sure to turn it 180 degrees so that the whole mattress is being used and equally slept on. Permanent sags will eventually form if you do not flip or rotate your mattress. Most of the time these sags cannot be seen by the naked eye but they can lead to severe back pain. Sags tend to form in the middle of the mattress where two bodies meet. Pressure from both bodies can cause springs to loosen and not give the full support you need for proper rest.

So there you have it. Prevent back pain by flipping your mattress. And remember; always lift with your legs!

Buying Furniture that will LAST!

Having beautiful furniture does not have to be an illusion when it comes to families with young children. With the children running around and spilling food, keeping furniture in great shape is often thought of as an unattainable fantasy. However, this dream can quickly become a reality if the correct choices are made while shopping for furniture.

The type of cover that you choose for your furniture is very important. Many fabrics come with anti-stain features or treatments that will protect against spills and stains. Microfiber does wonders when it comes to repeling mositure, as well as coming in many colors and suede like finishes. Genuine leather is also an excellent choice because of its durability and strength. It is also quite easy to find a leather finish that comes in a naturally distressed look that will not show wear and tear. Another option is a sofa with a washable slipcover that will protect your investment.

It is guaranteed that your children will jump on your furniture, so make sure that durability is at the top of your list when considering which sofa to purchase. The construction of the sofa also plays a huge role in the life of your furniture. Living room pieces should have a strong frame, as well as high density cushions. Buying multiple furniture pieces can be very beneficial because it allows you the opportunity to rearrange your living room as your beautiful family changes.