Things to pay attention to when shopping for the perfect piece of furniture

“What color do I need?…..should I go with fabric?…..what style do I need?……will this even fit?….do I have enough money?!!”………

We have all been there before. Picking out a new piece of furniture can be a very stressful time, especially when there are so many factors to take into consideration. Take your time and don’t make a hasty decision, this will save you from hating your furniture for years to come. In order to help you find the right piece of furniture, we have compiled a list of factors you need to think about before you go shopping. Each recommendation will help you find that perfect item you will treasure for years.

  • Space is key: How much space do you have to work with? This is the first question you need to ask yourself. It’s simple…regardless of what you want, if you don’t have the space, then don’t even consider it!  The shape and size of your room will help you determine what to look for. For instance, if you’re looking for a living room sectional and don’t have a lot of room to work with, consider a loveseat over a sofa.
  • Measurements: You want to bring your furniture in your house, right?. Many people find the perfect piece, buy it, get it home and oops it doesn’t fit through the door. Keep in mind that some sofas are simply too big to bring into your home. In order to get the piece into the room, it has to first fit through the door. Measure all your furniture pieces already in the home. This will give you a solid base of measurements to look for in a piece of furniture.  This will save you the stress on the way home about whether it will fit through the door.
  • What’s your lifestyle: What is your life like? Is it just you or are you a part of a large family? Will the piece you buy often have smaller children on it? Your lifestyle determines what type of piece you should buy. If you entertain guests regularly, consider a sturdy, comfortable couch. Buy pieces of furniture that will flow with your lifestyle and won’t leave you pulling your hair out every time you have guests over.
  • Budget: It’s simple. Don’t buy what you can’t afford. Always plan around your budget. You shouldn’t burden yourself with the added stress that accompanies paying off home décor you can’t afford. Quality furniture costs more, but will last longer. Cheap furniture, while easy on the budget, doesn’t last long and you may find yourself buying furniture again in several years. Determine how long you want your home décor to last and shop for items that fit that time range, and most importantly your budget.

Relax Yourself by Reclining

People need to relax. More importantly YOU need to relax. It is very important to your survival that the amount of stress you put on yourself be lowered and the amount of time you spend relaxing be increased.

One of the single best pieces of furniture to relax in is the almighty recliner.  A recliner is a piece of furniture, such as a large armchair or sofa, that can be adjusted into a reclining position by lowering the back of the piece and raising the footrest. A reclining chair can adjust to different levels from a slight incline, to lying almost flat.

But what type of recliner is right for you?

Stressless Recliners

Stressless recliners are perfect for a family with a fashionable home who want to maintain the home’s sleek style while still having a piece of furniture they can relax in and enjoy the day. Stressless Recliners come in two separate pieces: the reclining chair and a matching footstool to elevate your feet. The chair typically reclines to about 45 degrees and can come in either a high or low back. These recliners come in a whole range of fabrics and colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for your stylish home.

Massage Recliners

What they lack in style, they gain in extreme comfort.  Massage recliners are the ideal item for treatment of tired legs and backs. They come with a variety of massage types and many different reclining positions.  Your legs are cared for too as they include mechanisms to massage your feet, calves, and upper leg.  Typically, they are operated manually but sometimes offer pre-programmed massages for specific parts of your body.

Swivel Recliners

Swivel recliners are probably the most prevalent recliners today since they provide maximum comfort. The swivel base of the recliner allows it to turn in a 360-degree motion, allowing you to see all sides of the room without having to stand up. It reclines using a small lever, and has both a chair and an ottoman with a base that contains the swivel mechanism.  Pull the lever, lean back, kick your feet up and give yourself the much needed relaxation to recharge your batteries for the next day’s activities.

Sofa Recliners

Not to be left out, sofas can be made to recline as well. Many sofas are manufactured with reclining mechanisms of their own, giving your family or guests ultimate comfort in any occasion. Reclining sofas have backs that recline in at least two places and have a footrest which comes up as the back reclines. These can come in a variety of sizes and styles, giving them the ability to fit any kind of décor.

Avoid Common Design Follies

When it comes to designing the look of your home, we focus too much on what we SHOULD do with the design scheme of the interior.  Instead, we NEED to pay more attention to what should NOT be done when decorating.  These are the most frequent mistakes that are made when designing, and the ways to avoid them before they destroy your decor.

Avoiding Color

Don’t be afraid to experiment when painting your walls. Use colors that thoroughly express your tastes and personality instead of slapping on a coat of beige to “make the room look bigger.” If you are reluctant to paint your rooms in bright colors, just try the accent effect where you only make one or two of the walls stand out while keeping the others more conservative.

Weak Windows

Window treatments are an easy, cost-efficient way to really put a good touch on a room, but many times, the curtain frame is hung too low or the curtains do not fit the window.  This either makes the ceiling look low or the curtains appear cheap. The best range to hang your curtains is six inches to one foot above the window molding. This allows more light into the room and it makes ceilings look taller.  Also, curtains should hang from the curtain rod to the floor.

Floating Rugs

A rug should either be large enough to provide a surface for all of the furniture to rest on or the right size for the furniture to perfectly frame it.  Rugs that are too small for a room end up creating an island that really breaks up the design and the scheme of the furniture.

Accessory Overload

Accessories should be nothing more than small additions.  They are not meant to control their settings.  Crowding your tables with frames, candles, and vases is overkill. Instead display your accessories so that your favorite pieces receive the most attention from visitors.  You can even keep these items in a rotation so that you can always add something new to the room.

Poor-Fitting Furniture

There should be three feet, if not more, separating larger pieces like sofas from the rest of the furniture so that people can easily pass through the room.  On top of that, try not to fill big spaces with little pieces since it really disturbs the flow of your décor.

When defending yourself against design follies, visit CLS Direct and shop our enormous selection of furniture so that you can have the ultimate decor for your home!

Using Bright Colors to Spice Up Your Home.

Say goodbye to the days of pale sea blues and aqua’s. Strong intense blues like peacock, teal, and royal are making their ways into homes across America.  However, the color of choice of this very bright season is turquoise.  Moods are known to be stimulated by bright colors and can be greatly affected by them. Blues are known for providing tranquility and freshness, giving any room a sense of well being. Bright blues will just emphasize those feelings making your room a place everyone will want to be.

We tend to lean to the safe side when purchasing larger ticket items, like a sofa or dining table, from CLS Direct. This means browns and beiges will most likely be the color of your furniture purchases. These neutral colors can be given some spirit by accenting them with bright colors. A turquoise throw pillow or lamp will add style and energy to the room.

Bright colored accent pieces can also be easy on your budget and be easily replaced in the changing seasons. You probably will not want bright turquoise colored throw pillows during Christmas time, so going bright on small accent pieces can give you the luxury of changing the style of your room easily and make it affordable.

Visit CLS Direct to shop our vast selection of affordable, durable and beautiful furniture.

Your Dining Room Does Not Have to Match!

Your dining room does not have to match!

The days of matching dining rooms are finished! Today’s furniture buyers want their dining rooms to reflect their families’ personalities by mixing and matching different pieces to create a only one of a kind dining experience. All the dining room furniture you buy CLS Direct should be something you love that is a reflection of your home and personality.

The table, the centerpiece of any eating experience, is the first thing you need to consider when combining different styles of furniture for your dining room. Because of this, the rest of the design will play off of this focal point. Tables with lighter finishes and glass or stone tops lend a casual feel while darker finishes tend to be used for formal settings. If you plan on using the dining room for every meal, a glass top table is also easy to clean and maintain.

Next, consider the chairs. Even in a formal dining room setting the chairs don’t have to be the same. Wood, upholstered, leather, and even metal are just a few of the different styles of chairs you can choose from.  And even when mixed and matched, these varying choices can add a style all of their own to any dining room. Mix and match back styles, use different styles for the side and arm chairs, apply coordinating fabrics to add some excitement to your seating. Side chairs can also be placed throughout the dining room for a unique look.

Finally, the serving pieces can be constructed from different materials than your table and chairs. Painted sideboards, china cabinets, and buffet tables will give them an eccentric one-of-a-kind look and add an interesting style to your dining room. Finish the table off with a centerpiece that matches the color or style of your curtains and there you have it–a dining room that is a reflection of you.

Where’s The Remote?

There is no doubt that you’ve heard this frustrated cry coming from the vicinity of your television before. With tons of new and exciting electronic devices being made available to you on a daily basis, keeping all of it organized can prove to be overwhelming.  Finding the proper entertainment center through CLS Direct is the key to solving this problem.

When looking for an entertainment center, the first and most important detail you need to consider is the size of TV that the entertainment center is designed to hold. Entertainment centers are designed to fit around the TV. If the center you plan on purchasing can hold up to 64″ TV’s and you only have a 32″ TV, this will leave too big of a gap on both sides and take away from the look of your living room. Your entertainment center will look huge and your TV will be look small. It is best to purchase both your TV and entertainment center around the same time, however,  this is not always an option so buy the TV first and then shop for an entertainment center to go around it. Here are some other tips to consider:

  • DVD players, DVD’s, CD players, CD’s, Blue Ray players, stereos, TiVo, tuners, and yes – even VCR’s are just some of the many media pieces you will acquire over a long period of time. Make sure your entertainment center has lots of storage space for current and future items.
  • Glass cabinet doors work best for electronic components because you can control them with a remote while keeping the doors closed. They will also stay protected if you have children or pets.
  • DVD and CD collections should go behind solid doors. This will keep them out of site and keep the beauty of the room intact.

Setting Up an Entertainment Center

Your dreams are about to come true!

Standing lofty against your living room wall is the entertainment center you’ve been dreaming your whole life about. But now the fear sets in. You look to the left and see a bundle of electronic equipment that you must now, somehow, put together in order for your dreams to become complete.

But have no fear. If you follow the next few simple steps, you will be able to put together a great entertainment system that will blow your friends away.

  1. Place the television in the middle of the entertainment center. Connect your Blue-ray, DVD or VHS player to the television using HD or HDMI cables.
  2. Connect the home theater receiver to the A/V (audio/video) output on the television. If the television does not have an A/V Out, then connect it to the DVD or Blu-ray player. It is best to use either RCA or fiber optic cables for this.
  3. Center the channel speaker below or directly above the television.
  4. Place the two front speakers on each side of the channel speaker.
  5. For maximum impact, the channel speaker and two front speakers should be placed equidistant from the listening area in an arched arrangement. They should also be at the same height, ideally at ear-level for the listeners.
  6. Put the two rear surround sound speakers on each side of the listening area behind the listening area. These can be placed above or below the seated listener.
  7. Finally, place the subwoofer around the room and experiment to find the best location. Turn on a movie or music and move the subwoofer to various spots in order to find the best sound.

You and your friends and family will soon enjoy the ear-splitting, seat-jarring surround sound from your new home theater set up!

Setting Up a Home Office

In today’s economy, more and more people are finding it easier to run businesses from the comforts of their own homes.  The results of this growing trend mean people are setting aside areas of their home as their office and most importantly now have to buy office furniture.

Whether you are buying a new desk or chair, knowing what to look for can be the difference between enjoyable working area or a painful one.   Follow this guideline for buying office furniture and set up your perfect office today!

  1. First, always measure the area you are going to set up as your office before you go out to buy. Knowing these measurements will help you decide what furniture you can purchase for your home office.
  2. Comfort and functionality always trumps looks. You are going to be spending hours at this desk so make sure it is the right height and size for you. Larger desks does not always mean better. Find something you can sit at comfortably.
  3. Think about the materials the desk is constructed out of. Always look for durability. Metal desk are known to hold up longer than wood desks. This is great especially if you have young kids. Wood desks can sometimes be more executive looking, but can get banged up and chipped. Also metal desks are much more easy to clean.
  4. Set a budget. Knowing your limit will help you decide what you can and can’t afford. This budget will help you avoid impulse buying.
  5. Pick a chair that is comfortable, adjustable, and can roll easily on all different types of floor coverings.  The chair is the most important thing you are going to buy. You will be sitting in this chair for hours so do not skimp on this purchase. A little pain in your wallet will be far less than that great pain in your back.
  6. Finally, research. Go online and do some research to see what stores have what offers. This will save you a ton of time and allow you to make great purchases.

Keeping your Leather Furniture like NEW!

Leather furniture has been considered a sign of luxury and quality for a long time and it is finding its way into many homes. More families purchase leather furniture based on the simple fact that leather lasts longer and is more durable than fabric. When properly cared for, leather furniture can last up to two decades longer than upholstery. Many people who own leather furniture often wonder what are some things that they can do to keep their leather furniture looking brand new. We have the answers for you!

  • Read and follow your leather furniture’s care and cleaning instructions on the manufacturer’s label, which is often attached to the seat deck under the cushions or sewn to a cushion. Unsealed leather should be vacuumed regularly and wiped with a clean, damp cloth. Spills must be blotted immediately with a soft, dry cloth. Sealed leather furniture should be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. Afterwards, dry the leather with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Never use a cleaning solution not recommended by the manufacturer. Purchase leather care products to properly clean your leather and preserve your warranty protection.
  • Do not place your beautiful leather furniture in direct sunlight or within two feet of a heat source such as a fireplace, register or portable heater. Direct heat sources can cause your leather furniture to dry out, crack or stiffen. Cover windows with blinds or shades and rearrange your furniture regularly to prevent fading.

Accent your Living Room with End Tables

End tables are the perfect accent piece for finishing off the beautiful look of your living room!

Used for lamps, extra storage for remotes and magazines, and a place to put keys or even a cup, end tables serve many proposes but most of all add style to your room.

When deciding on what end table to buy from CLS Direct, the single most important factor you need to consider is the scale of furniture you will place it next too. Small tables with short legs will look awkward when located next to larger couches with lots of volume.  Your end tables need to be proportionate in size to the couches, sofas, and chairs by which they are placed.

End tables should measure about three inches above or below the arm of the piece they will be next too. This will allow them to be reachable when you are sitting. Nothing is more frustrating than going to place a drink down and having to either stand or reach way over the arm of the chair to set it down.

The design of the end tables should match the style of the room they are located in. That does not necessarily mean they should match the other furniture pieces exactly, but should overall match the design of the room. End tables are meant to stick out and be noticeable. Stay away from purchasing ones that have the same exact design of your couch they will be placed next too. Be creative.

Finally, the construction and materials they are created with should be both sturdy and durable. End tables are meant to get a lot of use and have things placed on them . Over a period of time the wear and tear can have a damaging effect to them so make sure they are well-built. Metal frames are the most sturdy but if you are looking for wood end tables, make sure they are made of real wood material. Tables made of press wood are more likely to get damaged if they get wet.