How to Keep your Kitchen Clean

Which room in the house is difficult to clean? Ask any housewife this question and they will all say – the kitchen. Indeed, it is; it is not only the filth and soot but as well as the fats that have accumulated from cooking. It is a MUST to keep this room clean because it is where you arrange and organize meals. An unhygienic kitchen can lead to meal poisoning and other diseases caused by microorganisms. Listed below are just a handful of easy ways to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen.

Disinfectant Wipes

The use of chlorine bleach in the kitchen is one of the best methods to destroy microorganisms and prevent microbes. However, the smell of bleach is exasperating aside from it being disastrous damaging your garments. This is the reason why sanitizer wipes are a very good option. They can clean almost any exterior in the kitchen along with tables, stoves, counter tops and any other furniture aside from being pretty handy.

A Neat and Smelling Fresh Sink

Quite strong, well-built and modern, stainless steel kitchen sink is the most preferred these days. However, even if your sink is made of stainless steel, you should have realized that it may still look soiled even when it is tidy. The use of a soft fabric and white vinegar is among the simplest tactics to eliminate all those obstinate fluid spots. Simply put a few drops of vinegar on a fabric and wipe the unsightly water spots. A dosage of vinegar into the drain will maintain it from smelling good and fresh.

Clean the Microwave via Steam Cleaning

Using wax paper to line the underneath and covering your meals with a paper wipe can aid in keeping your microwave clean. Boil a mixture of a tablespoon of white vinegar with 1 cup water in a microwavable bowl for five minutes; leave it for 15 minutes to remove baked on meals.

Reduce Kitchen Litter

A kitchen is a difficult area to clean with all the furniture, small appliances and cooking food utensils. By putting everything in their proper places after every use will make the kitchen in order and will not require much tidying. A kitchen island with fitted shelves and drawers will solve your storage problems.

Keeping your Stove Tidy by Loosening the Fats

The range will always result in a greasy mess regardless of how careful you are in cooking. A spray screen is a good way to keep extra smear within the skillet and sputtering on the range. Baking soda is as good as an abrasive cleaner in washing off hard stains and yet will not scrape the stove’s surface. Heat the oven to remove hardened foods on the surface and wipe them off with a little oven cleaner.

Add Contemporary Style to your Bedroom with a Platform Bed

Feeling like your bedroom is a little on the outdated side? CLS Factory Direct will remedy that for you. Platform beds are always being added to our wealth of options for bedroom furniture. Platform beds sport appealing designs with simple lines and gentle curves. They are practical, affordable, and long-lasting! That’s getting the best value for your money.

Buy new, trendy platform beds that will help make your bedroom an uncluttered space and nearer to the serene haven you want to get back to at the end of the day. Decorating with tasteful furniture is now simpler and easy.

Painting it Environmental Green

Do you love the environment? Do you love spending time in the great outdoors? If yes, you should consider giving your décor an eco-friendly boost.  In today’s society, we are constantly made aware of mother earth’s deteriorating condition.  Taking care of the environment is essential for all industries and products.  For those of you looking to create an environmentally friendly home, here’s a list of home-beautifying trends and products in accordance with the bourgeoning ‘green’ movement.


Reclaimed wood is one of the most popular trends in green design.  The reshaping of recycled wood falls under the Japanese art form, Wabi-Sabi, an art devoted to finding beauty in imperfection.  This new spin on an old design philosophy presents both contemporary and traditional items that are sure to brighten any space.

Paint it “Green”

The green movement no longer only applies to the construction of furniture.  Now, the green movement extends from your floor to the ceiling, literally.  New chemical-free paints – which contain no volatile organic compounds – make spicing up your interior an eco-friendly exercise.  Today, chemical-free interior paint has expanded from only a few shades to the entire spectrum of the rainbow and beyond.  You can paint your rooms and feel good about your effort to reduce the damage inflicted on mother nature.

LED is a Y-E-S

While compact fluorescent lighting is a better choice for the environment than the old incandescent bulb, it gives off a drab, bluish glow.  Fluorescent bulbs used to be the only environmentally sound choice, but now a brighter option is in the making.  New LED bulbs, made in the same shape and size as incandescent bulbs, will soon hit the market.  They give off a brighter, more natural light than incandescent lights while offering much more durability than the older models.

Keeping Up With Furniture Lingo

With styles changing almost daily, it’s hard to keep up with current furniture lingo thrown at you while shopping for furniture. Whether it’s traditional, contemporary, modern, cottage, or chic, these terms can encompass a broad range of styles that might leave you scratching your head. In the next few weeks I will review the most commonly used terms to discuss styles, and what exactly they mean. This week we will look at traditional styles, and what it truly means to be a traditional looking piece of furniture.

Time honored, European, Colonial…these are just a few of the words you might hear when shopping for a traditionally styled piece. The main characteristic all these terms have in common is they have a look dating hundreds of years back. These pieces will be reminiscent of furniture you might find in a royal mansion in Spain, or a President in Colonial times.

If a piece has an European feel, it most likely means the wood will have a curvilinear design and commonly will be constructed our of dark woods. Sofas and chairs will have an arched back giving them a more formal look and feel.

American styled pieces will have a look that was represented in the Colonial times. Painted finishes coupled with spindles – and finial – are very typical in this instance. However, they will be adapted to fit modern day uses.

Tropical looks combined with British styles are what makes up the British Colonial and West Indies fashion. These pieces are most likely constructed with wicker, rattan, and other lighter woods but completed with deep dark finishes. The lines and edges of these items will be much cleaner and simpler when compared to the curvy lines of the European brand of style.