U.S. Leader and Entrepreneur’s Association 2010 Outstanding Leadership Award

CLS Factory Direct is proud to announce that owner Chris Sauter received the 2010 Outstanding Leadership Recognition award.


WASHINGTON D.C., December 15, 2010 — Chris Sauter has been selected for the 2010 Outstanding Leadership Recognition Award by the U.S. Leaders and Entrepreneur’s Association (USLEA).

The USLEA Award Program recognizes highly regarded individuals and companies throughout the country that we believe have demonstrated leadership and admirable drive in 2009. Each year, the USLEA identifies companies and individuals that have confirmed autonomy and leadership skills such as courage, determination, a will to succeed, and have earned respect through aptitude, competence, and fair and honest dealings with coworkers, customers and business relationships. Recipients of these awards lead by example, and enhance the positive image of entrepreneurs, self-reliant individuals, and small businesses which will once again prove to be the moving engine that will allow recovery from the tough economic times.

The USLEA locates outstanding leaders in various fields, with help from third-parties and through its own extensive research, and recognizes them with these distinctive awards. The USLEA understands what leaders and entrepreneurs signify for the country, and it is their determination and drive that we are most in need of.

About U.S. Leaders and Entrepreneur’s Association (USLEA)

U.S. Leaders and Entrepreneur’s Association (USLEA) is a New York, N.Y. based organization funded by individuals across America who wish to share a voice for small businesses and thriving individuals that are taking risks and making individual efforts to find success through hard work and honest dealings. The purpose of USLEA is to promote small business, to provide tools, share a voice for legislation towards small business in the country, and encourage thriving individuals who deserve recognition to continue their efforts to be successful.

Our mission is to support leaders and entrepreneurs across America.

SOURCE: U.S. Leaders and Entrepreneur’s Association

How to keep your Dining Room Spic and Span

The following tips will give you a lot of help if you have been bogged on how to keep your dining room spic and span.

Do away with the mess or clutter. Before anything else, you need to eliminate items which are not intended in the dining room. If there are some items that you still need like bills, put them in a container and label it for easy access.

Play down decorations. Do not put a lot of decorative things as these invite dust. If you want to put them, group them and only display those that are good for certain occasions. Keep those that will not be used in a box and label them as well.

Dusting must be done on a regular basis. When dusting, make sure that you use the appropriate product for items made of wood, glass, brass, etc. Do not forget to dust ceilings, walls and corners. Furniture must be dusted from all angles. You also need to dust the ceiling fan if you happen to have one, but make use of a ladder. Do include cobwebs in your cleaning.

Dust windows and change the curtains. Windows get very dusty so it must likewise be washed. You need to change your curtains as well. Have a schedule in cleaning the windows and changing your curtains.

Clean the dining table and chairs after every meal. If this is done after every meal, dust will not pile up. This will also prevent any insects or unwanted flies to hover in the dining room. Seat and table covers must be changed and washed habitually. Empty china cabinet, buffet, drawers and shelves to clean them inside and out.

Vacuum or sweep the floor to end with your cleaning. When everything has been tidied, be sure to vacuum or sweep the floor. If there are any stains, mop or wash the floor. Again, use the correct cleaning material.

If the above are done habitually, you will find cleaning much easier and your furniture will not age quickly. Aside from that, you will not be helpless seeing your CLS DIRECT dining room furniture with a whole lot of mess. Invite the other members of the family to practice orderliness, too.

Tips on making your Bedroom Furniture always look Fresh and New

Furniture buying involves a lot of patience, understanding, time and more importantly cash. One thing for sure, you would want it to stay for a long time. The secret to keep your bedroom’s modern furniture longer is in the superiority and the manner of maintaining it.

Good quality fixtures may need a big amount; however, you will realize that it will pay off. Good quality furniture usually is very durable that you can even hand it down to the next age group.

A yearly examination of your bedroom furnishings will keep them in good condition and will make them to stay longer. Loose bolts, screws or brackets must be tightened as well as handles of drawers. Secure loose boards by using wood glue to put them back where they belong to.

Cleanliness must be observed to make them always looking fresh and new. However, bedroom furniture made from wood must be conditioned so as not to make it too dry. Dust and filth will easily make the finish of your furniture dull and dry so dust them once in a week. The weather in your area will decide how many times you need to condition your furniture.

Check the labels for harmful chemicals as these will lead to the depreciation of your furniture finish. A soft cloth is all you need to clean wooden furnishings. You can also make use of a dash of furniture shine. A mixture of mild soap and tepid water can be used for deep cleansing but ensure to dry the wood totally and that water will not be infused in.

Blemishes can be prevented by using a mattress topper. This will make it unsoiled and at the same time more comfy. Children must not be permitted to treat your mattress like a trampoline and do not stand on it. Sitting on the border of the mattress for lengthy hours will give perpetual serrations on the area. Your mattress will stay for quite a long time than its expected life span if you turn it over every 3 to 4 months.

Big TV stand versus Small TV stand

Are you wondering what size of TV stand is appropriate for your home? Well, here are some important information in choosing the appropriate TV stand for your home.

Dimension, naturally refers to the TV size plus the devices that will be kept. Check the height; ask for the measurement. It must not be too elevated or too little.

Style or design must blend in with the other furniture and decoration of the room. Remember that the purpose of buying a TV stand is to put order in the living room and to lessen clutter.

The material used can be made of metal, pressed board, wood, pressed board and glass or steel. Ensure that it will be able to hold the things you will put on top and inside of it.

Small TV Stand

The problem of having a big area will be solved with the small television stand. Although the furniture is small, it can still accommodate the unit as well as other entertainment gadgets that you have.

Here are some reasons why you need to purchase a small TV stand:

• Assembling a small TV stand is easier to set up
• It is suitable for apartments, townhomes or condos. Because of the small size of the stand, the TV can be placed in the kitchen or can inhabit a minimal area in any room
• It can easily be transported from the living room to the bedroom or any other room as it is built with roller wheels.

Big TV Stand

Being large, it definitely will require more space. This kind of TV stand can accommodate your entertainment paraphernalia and gadgets but also your books or other decorative items.

The reasons why you need to purchase a big TV stand are the following:

• You get more shelves for all your entertainment stuff including displays and books

• Since a large TV stand require a bigger size television, the viewers get to have a clearer and bigger picture

• It conveys that the woman of the home has superior taste

On top of these all, do not forget that what is important is that the stand is durable and will not be too harsh on your pocket.

Seven Things to Put on your Coffee Table

Accessories, materials, colors, and uses, etc. – when people need help with anything related to a coffee table, this blog is the place to look. To help you, gentle reader and coffee table owner, I have now generated a list of seven things that will jazz up your coffee table and therefore your room.

Coffee Table Accessory Number 1 – Reading Material

The tried and true accessory of a classic or contemporary coffee table. Like peanut butter and jelly, books/magazines/newspapers and the coffee table will forever go together. There is no separating the two because there is no two.

Coffee Table Accessory Number 2 – A Scrabble Board

Nothing says success! quite like a Scrabble Board. Impress your guests. Play Scrabble with them. This works extremely well in conjunction with both #1 and #3.

Coffee Table Accessory Number 3 – A Bottle Flor De Cana

Nicaraguan Rum, slow-aged since 1890; the bottles are highly ornate, and they look good on just about any coffee table. Actually, they look good just about anywhere.

Coffee Table Accessory Number 4 – One Single Flower in a Vase

I suggest an orchid. I suggest that in lieu of a vase you use an empty bottle of Flor De Cana. This adds a completely new dimension of sex appeal to your coffee table, and henceforth your living room, and thus, ultimately you.

Coffee Table Accessory Number 5 – Coasters

Another useful little item, especially for the glass coffee tables, is the coaster. A must-have for obsessive compulsives and other people who can’t stand unsightly water rings and coffee stains.

Coffee Table Accessory Number 6 – A Vintage Cigar Box

Make sure you get a wooden box with Spanish writing engraved on the side. It’s guaranteed to look super swanky on your coffee table. Also, you can hide things in it.

Coffee Table Accessory Number 7 – DVDs of Movies So Bad They’re Good

Because you know what the first thing your guest will say when they plop themselves down on your sofa and notices Killer Clowns From Outer Space on your coffee table? “You like this movie?!?” They’ll say. And you’ll say, “Who doesn’t?”

So there it is: seven things that will make your marvelous coffee table even more marvelous. You can mix and match. You can use just one. You can bring other great accessories into the mix. Really, there’s no limit when it comes to accessorizing your coffee table.

My main advice: accessories should reflect who you really are. And if you really can’t think of anything that reflects your true character, just use any one of my seven items and your coffee table, and living room, will look stellar.

What is the Perfect Dining Room Table Size?

When thinking of decorating or upgrading your dining room furniture, one thing that will need proper consideration is the size of dining room table to use. Logically, you cannot use a tiny dining room table in a massive dining room and you cannot use a huge dining table in a small space as it will not fit in any way. However, there is always some flexibility.

Small Dining Room Tables

The surest way to make a small room give the illusion of more open space is by using fitting furniture. As such, when looking for dining room tables for small spaces, ensure the furniture is well scaled down to make the space seem larger. Just think small with your family size in mind. If you have a large family, and the space is very small, you might want to opt for a simple design of the dining room table that will not occupy lots of the space.

Large Dining room Tables

Today, many home owners are going for massive dining room tables, and with all due respect, these tables look amazing in a large dining room. However, just ensure that you are buying them for the right reasons. For one, you shouldn’t just buy a table to fill up space as this will cost you unnecessarily. Consider the number of people who will be sitting on that table and the kinds of meals which you expect to serve.

Adjustable Dining Room Tables

For many homeowners, dining room tables are either too large for one need or too small for another need. Many people are left to wonder whether there is a table that is perfect for all needs. Sure, there is one such table; an adjustable dining room table can be both large and small as per the needs.

The market has many dining room tables that are adjustable which come accompanied by a leaf or more which can be attached at the centre of the table. As such, if you need a large dining table you will simply slide the leaves in place and vice versa.