Adding Sophistication to your Bedroom

It is really difficult to decide on a style for your bedroom. Should you go minimalist or do a country decor style and go totally overboard with flower prints and antique furniture? One thing is for sure though, you might want to think about metal beds  to have great style with ultimate comfort. They will match any look you want in your bedroom, and are both modern in design or can be custom made for a period look as well.

Research has shown, that where you sleep makes a huge difference to your state of mind when you wake up. If you sleep in a dingy room on a super uncomfortable bed you will wake up with aches and pains which you carry around with you the whole day. You are not well rested and therefore cannot function properly at work.

Research has also shown that if your bedroom or the place where you sleep is tranquil and your bed is comfortable, then you will awake feeling well rested and ready to tackle the day.

Today there are a myriad of designs for bed frames of this type. You can choose high posts with brass knobs, for thin bars with leaves woven across. There are also beds that come with canopies which will allow us to drape netting or curtains around them. They come in all shapes and sizes and no matter how tiny or how big your room is, you will never have to worry about bed sizes – anything from single to king are available in stores.

Another plus is that they are very lightweight, but extremely sturdy and durable. Beds manufactured from metal will give you many years of comfort and will last a life time. Because they are easily assembled and disassemble, they can be moved around the house if you want to change rooms. Metal beds surely needs your consideration before you do anything to your bedroom.

How to Choose the Best Sofa Bed

A sofa bed  is a piece of furniture that you will welcome to be a part of your home. Made to serve two purposes, it can be placed in your living room without any worry of storage. As the name implies, it can be seated on and can be changed into a bed without difficulty. Having such furniture will provide your guest a place to sleep in the night.

However, you need to evaluate the characteristics of a good sofa bed.

First on your list is the comfort. The sleeper couch must be able to give the person sleeping on it a restful sleep. Sofa beds with thick mattresses are a good choice. When buying, ask the sales person on the material used for the mattress. It is not enough for it to be just thick, the fabric also matters. A breadth of 4 inches plus good quality circle back coils gives more relief. Check on the cushions as well.

Second to your list is the size. It must be just right for the room you intend to place it to. There should still be some space left for walking. The size will naturally depend on the dimension of the room.

Third is the material or fabric. Like any other couches, sleeper sofas come in varied assortments. Those that are made of linen are considered to be the most resilient. It is because linen can withstand the unfolding and folding of the couch.

When it comes to color, those that are in dark hues can survive stains and spills. If you prefer the lighter hues, ask the sales agent if it had been treated as this helps for its ability to resist spills and blemishes.

Fourth, it must be easy to maneuver. Since it has dual functions, pulling out the bed part must be trouble-free; the same way when it will be returned back to its being a sofa.

Your motive and objective on purchasing a sofa bed must be evaluated carefully as this will determine your needs. It is essential that you sit and lie on it to check how it feels on your back prior to paying for the sleeper sofa. Not to forget is that, it must complement the other furniture in the room.

Natural Wood versus Lacquer Dining Room Furniture

Furniture has evolved from traditional to the modern types of furniture. traditional furniture  has been known for using natural wood while modern furniture has incorporated other materials such as lacquer, fiber glass and plastic although wood is still being used. I have listed down some points to give you an idea on the advantages of both natural wood and lacquer dining room furniture.

The Positive Aspects of Real Wood

Furniture made of real wood always has the real wood furniture seal which is a proof that it is genuine. This can be seen in both furniture made of hardwood or softwood.

The first thing that you will notice with real wood furniture is the way it has been done. Made with skillful hands, you will see the intricacies that have been carefully and patiently carved regardless if the wood is soft or hard. Furniture made of hard wood, however, are quite expensive especially if they have creative carvings.

Natural wood is easy to sustain. All you need to do is to have a standard cleaning schedule to lengthen the life span of your furniture. Dust, grime and other liquids such as water, oil, etc. must be wiped up instantly.

Although most of the natural wooden furniture is expensive, you can still find wooden Italian modern furniture at a very reasonable price.

The Positive Aspects of Lacquer

Ordinarily utilized as a special finish for wood, lacquer hides the hue and mark of wood. Lacquered furniture is enveloped with polyurethane matter that gives the furniture its glossy or matte finish. Nevertheless, the glossy finish is still preferred by most. The tint and shade of the wood will decide on the type of finishing to be utilized, though.

Lacquer, similarly, safeguards the holes or breaks that are found in wood as well as giving a bit of freedom for the wood to breathe in the exposed area.

Hollows and scrapes caused by staining from hot cups placed on top are also prevented by lacquer by stopping the penetration of liquid into the wood. You still need to wipe it up, of course.

Lacquer furniture cannot be easily damaged by water, mild acids, oils, diluted alcohol, soap, ice and weather changes and barely loses its color.

To clean your lacquer furniture, spurt a soft cloth with a few amount of polish and use this to wipe your furniture.

Modern or traditional furniture offers a huge variety of choices. Select one that will blend with your dining room style as well as your lifestyle. The material used is a matter of choice, so whether you go for the traditional Italian,modern Italian furniture – only you can decide on this. The bottom line is you were able to buy the furniture that you wanted for your dining room.

Kids Room: Thinking about Bunk Beds

When I was a kid, I really wanted a bunk bed, but I never received one. It wasn’t until college that my bunk bed dream was finally realized.


Bunk beds save space in a room by stacking one bed on top of another. This creates a vertical space and significantly opens up a smaller room. You may even be able to consolidate two bedrooms into a single room and create a whole new room for toys, an office or a living area.


Every kid loves the idea of sleeping on the top bunk. Bunk beds are just awesome. The problem is that someone has to sleep on the bottom. It is usually smart let the oldest sleep on the top bunk and tell the younger child that he can have the top bunk when he is older. If this doesn’t solve the dispute, then you can always create a schedule where they can switch bunks every few days or every week.


Many people spend hours debating about a bunk bed. Every parent has fears about their child falling from the top bunk of the bed and crashing to the floor with a thud. The good news is that bunk bed makers have thought about this over the years and put in place certain safety parameters to keep them from rolling over and off the edge. It’s still nerve-wracking, but they are relatively safe.


Take your time in choosing a bunk bed, and let your kids get involved as well. Let them pick out the ones that they like best, but make sure it goes with the décor and feel of the room. Themed bunk beds are cool unless everything else in the room is completely different. A superhero bunk bed sounds great until you put it in a room decorated with Transformers.

Use Various Colors in the Living Room Furniture to Bring Harmony at Home

Synchronization of the colors of your living room furniture  is one way to put zest at home. Doing so will pave the way for the family members to release their tension brought about by work and school.

Bear in mind that the living room is actually a family room. It is the haven for the family members to do their things together like enjoy a movie, watch a television show, listen to music, play some board games or just sit, relax and talk. It is in this room where everyone wanted to feel comfortable and warm. Most of the time, we just wanted to snuggle in our favorite nook in the living room and join in the laughter and exchange stories or unburden the day’s stress. Therefore, complementing the colors of your living room walls and furniture is a must to make it more conducive for relaxation.

Bluish hues and a white accentuation will be nice for a nature theme. This creates an atmosphere of calmness and peacefulness. You can also emphasize the living room with darker and softer hues of blue.

Tangerine can make a living room dazzling. Green contemporary furniture will blend well with blue-colored walls. A combination of pastel colors such as coral pink and light-colored lavender can likewise add to the amazing aura of the family room.

For an autumn appeal, the earth shades will be a good choice. Combine various velvety colored shades like tinge of brown, dark or rich, to create a welcoming and friendly ambiance. Tawny red, gray and black and autumn orange are good choices to accent the walls.

If the earthen tones do not go with your personality, then choose livelier colors such as green as it signifies life much the same way as spring. Complement it with softer shades of purple contemporary sofa and yellow throw pillows.

If you want to establish a bit of difference in the living room and create a restful setting, try using lavender with a deep purple tone or a soft shade of red. To create drama, use vivid yellow and dimmer tones of green while a peaceful setting can be established by using the creamy shades. Accent colors which you can also use are sage green, olive or soft yellow.

Online furniture stores offer a myriad of furniture selections not only with regards to styles, designs but as well as with the color. To top it all, it is within your means and is very chic and up-to-date.

The secret in bringing harmony at home is to have a theme in the room and set the furniture design, style, and color to it. This will completely contribute to the family’s relaxing and bonding moments.

Light/Dark Brown Colored Living Room Furniture

Having brown colored furniture in the living room indicates usability. It plays a significant part in the room as it connects the other elements that are inside the living room area. The brown hue attracts visitors to feel comfortable and to be at ease.

Naturally, you need to know the various shades of brown. Tan or beige is its lighter shades whereas umber or walnut is its darker shades. There is another shade that is in the middle of these two called coffee brown or khaki.

Before starting to buy your living room furniture, you will have to decide which tone of brown you want to buy. So how do you do it? Put a selection of brown color tones on your couch. From there, you will know what is agreeable to your vision.

There are some who do not want brown for their furniture whereas there are a few who likes this color. Following are some reasons why brown colored furniture in the living room is a good choice.

The brown color suggests warmth and objectivity. It can be easily matched with any color tone, be it light, bright or neutral.

Brown colored furniture imparts harmony. It keeps the equilibrium in the living room by balancing all the other ornaments. A lot of furniture is made of wood, which naturally defines it as brown in hue and with that has the capability to bring together the other fitments and fixtures in agreement.

Soothing is another atmosphere that the color brown conveys. Inviting, relaxing and calming – all of these are achieved by brown colored furniture. Hence, guests will feel homely once they step inside your living room.

Deciding on the color for your living room furniture is very important. Bear in mind that this is where the family gathers together to connect with each one and is also the place where guests are entertained. Since brown color can easily complement any other colors, it will not be difficult for you to choose your other accessories and decorations. However, there is one thing you need to remember – avoid combining brown to another brown less you want to lose your living room’s individuality.

How to have Accent Walls in your Living Room

Accent walls can give a lot of difference in your living room. They are called such in order to get the attention of anyone entering the room. Accent walls also offer you the opportunity to provide your living room a touch of class. Listed below are a few suggestions on how you can get the most from accent walls.

Are there any rules on accent walls?

The objective of accent walls is to grab the interest of the person; therefore, it must be placed in the direction of the sight of anyone entering your living room.
In a living room where there is a lot of entry, put the accent wall in an area where the eyes are normally focused. For example, having a large window or fireplace can invite anybody’s interest. So, this will be your accent wall. Other items that can be your accent wall are furniture, a painting or a sculpture.

How do you put together furniture and an accent wall?

  • A big sofa can act as your accent wall. Make it as your living room’s emphasis to build equilibrium. Next, arrange the other pieces of couch depending on their dimension. Each piece must be placed near the large couch to create a good area for conversation.
  • Put some space amid your furniture  and wall. Putting a sofa table will prevent the couch to be pushed against the wall. You can put decorative items on top of the sofa table such as family pictures, pieces of art and any other knick-knacks.
  • Group of chairs even must be put together regardless of their size. They can be placed near the couch or put them together for an additional conversation area.
  • Sectional sofas must not be grouped together as they can build inequality in your living room because of their hugeness. Assign them in the other areas of the home.
  • Put an area rug as an accessory and to direct the way to your living room. Have an area rug with different hues or combine those with the same hue.
  • Have a coffee table to complete the design of your living room. They are very useful especially if you are to serve food during the conversation. Choose the appropriate size, though.
  • Always try to rearrange your furniture to remove the boredom. Moving them in different position will give your living room a new style. Bear in mind that the living room must give us comfort and should not bore us. Hence, make use of your imagination to make it cozier.

Setting up Lights in the Bedroom

Setting up lights in the bedroom is important in order that we can get the comfort we want. Glaring lights will not help us achieve the ambiance that we want in our bedroom.

The lights and your bedroom furniture must be in harmony. Whatever your bedroom style is, your lights must also follow the same. Following are some tips on how to set up lights in your bedroom.

Make sure that there is an adequate amount of light in the bedroom. Mounted lights on the ceiling must not be aligned over your bed, as they will strain your eyes because of the direct illumination. This is especially true if you read or watch a TV show lying down on the bed.

If you love to read or watch TV while on bed, choose table lamps that can be angled. In this manner, you will not be able to bother your partner or spouse who is already in deep slumber. Likewise, the illumination will not blind your eyes.

Install lights that have varying sources and different wattage. With two table lamps on both sides of the bed, each of you will be able to accomplish things without disturbing the other.

Use lights that are subdued if you intend to have lighting above your head.

Installing correct lighting system in the bedroom is a must so you need to plan on this well. Dim lights must be observed in the bedroom. The light switch must also be installed in a manner that you can easily reach for it. That will make it easier for you to adjust the radiance as well as in turning the lights off.

Another thing that you need to observe is the equal allocation of brilliance in the whole room. Each angle of the bedroom must be well lit. The bedroom must have sufficient lighting so that you will get the correct quantity of lights in any part of the bedroom although the brightness is to be in sync with the furniture.

Heed some advice from the experts and you will be thrilled with the effect of lights in your bedroom.