Five Important Things in your Dining Room Bar

Planning to have a dining room bar is not that expensive as you might think it is. It can actually be somewhat cost-effective. There are essential elements that must be considered. First is the theme, the bar furniture and the items that you will use. If the bar is only intended for the family and a number of friends, then here are the needed items that you need to buy.

Glassware is very essential. You can have the regular glasses so you do not need to spend a big amount of money. Although the suitable glassware is better so you get the feeling that you are really in a bar. There are different glasses used in a bar. To mix drinks, get the 7 ounces glasses. To serve wine, you will need champagne and wine glasses. Shot glasses are also needed in a bar and not to forget mug for serving beer.

Ice Bucket and Tongs must not be missed. These two are essentially when serving drinks. Choose the insulated ice bucket to keep the ice frozen; don’t bother with the cheap ones. A large size ice bucket is practical to have if you love to entertain friends. And the tongs, of course, for the ice; do not use your bare hands!

Jigger is essential in mixing drinks. It measures the amount of liquor to be served. Professional bartenders use jiggers to mix drinks; therefore you need it as well. A 1 ½ jigger and a ¾ oz jigger is enough for your dining room bar. There are two types of jiggers: glass and stainless steel. Stainless steel jiggers are better as they give good results when mixing drinks. The glass jiggers have a bigger capacity though.

Drink Shaker is used for cocktails to make them taste better. There is the Boston and Cobbler type of shakers. Consisting of a 500 ml and a 900 ml glass canister is the Boston shaker while the Cobbler shaker has the flask, cap with a built-in strainer and the lid. You can have both or just one of these shakers. But remember that with the Boston shaker, you need to purchase a separate strainer as it does not have one.

Bar Spoon is used to mix cocktails and to measure the ingredients that are needed for the drink. It can also be used to squeeze other ingredients. Bar spoons are stainless steel and is about 10 inches long. They are also used to measure one teaspoon of alcohol or drink essence.

Other items that you need for your dining room bar are corkscrew plus additional corks, a can and bottle opener, a sharp knife to cut fruits and garnishes. You also will need a blender in the home bar.

The presence of these essential items plus the fitting furniture for your dining room bar will make your dream bar come true. The family will get to have a different dining with the presence of a dining bar as it adds spice in the family’s dinner.

Bedroom Furniture as Storage

The most practical thing to do if you lack space in your bedroom is to have furniture that can serve two purposes. Having this kind of furniture will not in any way affect the ambiance of your room. In fact, it will keep your room neat and organized.

A spic and span bedroom will be your pride. Yes, your bedroom is your own space and maybe you will say that no one will see it anyway but you. But wouldn’t you be proud to show off your room to your friend if it looks neat and smart? Now, you’re thinking…..It’s about time to put order in the bedroom.

Here are some tips which might help you accomplish this task of organization in your bedroom.

Get hold of furniture that provides storage. This is not surprising as modern furniture producers have modified traditional furniture and have made them more practical. To name a few,

The Armoire or Wardrobe. Aside from being the main keeper of your clothes, armoire has been designed to accessorize your room. Belts, hats, ties, scarves, etc. can be hanged by having wall clips and hooks on its side walls. Jewelries, purses and even shoes can also be kept inside it.

The Vanity Rack or Shelf. Apart from our clothes and accessories, we also have keepsakes and memoirs in our bedroom. Instead of just putting them on the floor (one on top of the other), the presence of a vanity shelf will make them more organized. Layered storage shelves, wooden chest, dressers, and ornamental baskets and boxes can hold these bits and pieces. Cosmetics and other vanity stuff can also be kept in these shelves which have been given a chic appeal.

Beds with Under Caddy or Drawers. This is not new as they have been around for years. A new way to do this if you have a bed frame is to buy under-bed storage boxes. These are normally made of plastic with clip-down lids. Storage boxes are large, leveled and with small wheels for easy access and maneuvering.

Bedside Tables that has Drawers. This furniture is a sure help to keep odds and ends. You can also keep a book which you usually read before going to sleep; for instance, the Bible or any book that contains food for thought.
Bedside Cabinets can be installed to the wall to create more space. Your bedside lamp can be placed above this furniture and will fill your bedroomwith light which eventually creates an impression of a spacious bedroom.

For A Small Bedroom, here is what you can do.

Have cabinets with sliding doors to have more spaces between your bed and the cabinet.

Get a sofa bed as a replacement for the ordinary bed. Sofa beds are new additions in the world of contemporary furniture. It appeals to the young generation and is not that expensive. This furniture also comes in twins beds but is quite costly than the ordinary sofa bed.

Modern furniture manufacturers have answered your problem of having more space in your bedroom and putting order in it. They certainly have put your concern as one of their priorities in improving furniture for consumers. A myriad of selections is available for you to choose from. You only need to go around or use your fingers and take a look at online furniture shops.

Achieving a tranquil, clean and orderly bedroom is not something you can imagine. It is real; thanks to modern furniture. With most homes offering minimal space, the practicality of having bedroom furniture doubling as storage is undeniably a welcome treat.

A Peek into a Woman’s Bedroom

Men and women are different in a lot of ways. This is also the same when it comes to their choice of bedroom furniture. Let us take a peek into a woman’s bedroom and find out the difference in their choices.

When we talk of the bedroom, there is always one thing that will come into one’s mind – and that is the bed. The bed spells the totality of a room since it is its main feature. The bed is not just used for sleeping or snoozing but is also used to snuggle with a book or to just lie down while deep in one’s thoughts.

A woman’s bed must be neat and chic and most of all comfortable and sturdy. They would love a bed that would follow the contour of their body and at the same time can give the support that their body needs. This is a must for women because their bodies mature faster than that of the men’s. Women would love a supple mattress that can tolerate their body weight to reduce the lower back pains and also the difficulty in getting up.

Women would love to have a headboard, table and chair. Women need a headboard so they can keep bits and pieces which they regularly use like an ointment or something which they use just before sleeping. Side tables are used for table lamps, their reading glasses, books, magazines, a glass of water or milk, etc. And women need chairs so they have something to sit on when they put on their stockings.

A woman would want to have a vanity dresser with mirror. Putting on make-up will be difficult without a dresser plus a mirror. If it has a vanity table, all the more will it be of a big assistance when fixing oneself. Belts, scarves, purses, bags, accessories as well as clothes can be kept in the dresser.

A woman would appreciate the presence of a love seat. Placed under a window, it serves a warm area for reading or just deep in her thoughts. Throw pillows in different colors and sizes placed on the couch will complete the comfy appeal of the room.

A desk placed in a corner of the bedroom would be a welcome treat for a young woman where she can put her computer, notepads, pens, etc. This can be accompanied by having some baskets, file cabinet and comfy seats like a sofa or a bean bag chair. Women in this age group would normally invite her friends to stay for the night for some chit-chat or have some activities that they love to do together. It is best to have furniture that can be easily maneuvered so they can move it whenever they have to practice or do some dancing.

Other bedroom ornaments which can be added in a young woman’s bedroom are photographs, postcards and posters displayed on the walls of the bedroom. Further enhance these posters by putting them on decorative frames.

Most women prefer their bed linens, spreads, blankets, curtains, draperies, etc. to have different colors that will blend with the wall color of the bedroom and the other furniture. Silk or cotton fabrics will be greatly appreciated.

They would love a bedroom with area rugs with varied colors and sizes.

Faint lamps, aromatherapy oil burners with candles, or scented candles will surely be present in a woman’s bedroom. The presence of these stuff bespeak of a woman’s romantic inclination.

Houseplants or flowers keep them close to nature as well as it brings out the caring side of their femininity.

As a whole, a woman’s bedroom must contain a touch of gentleness. Their bedroom must show exquisite and beautiful furniture and fixtures and at the same time cleanliness and orderliness.

Furniture for a Small Patio

It is indeed nice to have a big patio but people who live in small homes should not be disheartened for having a little area for their patio. Having a small patio does not limit you to make it nice and presentable. If you are thinking of furniture, there is nothing to worry, as modern types of patio fitment can be bought from online stores.

But before you browse thru the Internet or head on to your local store, you need to do some vital steps first.

Measure the area of your patio. Assign the spots where you want the furniture located as well as the other fixtures such as plants, etc. It would be wise to mark the specific areas and identify the kind of fitment you want to put there. For example, put an “x” and indicate if it is a small sofa or a bar set. By doing this, you will see if there are still enough walking space.

Table and chairs are a must-have in your patio. Since your space is small, opt to have a bar set instead of table and chairs. Tables are normally big, which can take much area. A bar set also comes with stools. Apart from that, the bar can also be your serving table. It also has compartments or shelves where you can keep your napkins, glasses and food supply.

Since a bar set only has two stools, which is not enough if you have more than two people in your patio, you can solve this by getting additional bar stools. Modern bar stools have been designed to give more comfort. Some are designed with back, arm and foot rest. They can also be rotated up to 360 degrees allowing the person to face the other people in the patio without hurting his neck.

However, if you prefer a table than a bar set, get a rectangular table and placed it against the wall. This is a good choice for a small, narrow patio. To allow more seating capacity, get benches.

You can also have foldable tables and chairs. These types of furniture are good alternatives for a small patio. They are easier to set up and can be stored in your garage when not in use.

You can also opt to have small tables and some chairs. Group them together to create a nook, which can be used by two or more people. It can also be your personal nook.

Should you want to have magazines, opt to get a magazine stand instead, as this will not take so much space. To make your patio homier, have hanging plants instead of those in big pots.

Always bear in mind that the size is not an issue in decorating your patio. You only need to be more creative and practical in choosing your furniture to make it inviting, cozier and pleasant. Planning is important so you will not end up wasting your money.

Choosing Between Big and Small TV Stands

Watching TV is probably the most favorite pastime of most people. We turn on our TV sets upon waking up to listen to the news or upon arriving from work or school. Apart from our TV set, modern technology has also introduced other electronic devices.

The size is one of the most significant factors to think of when buying TV stands followed by the materials used. Viewing will be more enjoyable if you have a good stand that supports your unit well and complements the rest of your living room furniture.

There are two sizes of TV stands – big and small. Let us check their differences.

Big TV Stands

A big living room is ideal for a big TV stand as well as a large unit. This will support the weight of your unit appropriately. It also provides ample storage like shelves, drawers so other entertainment devices may be placed like your DVD/CD player, music player, or audio systems. You can even have storage space for your remotes, shelves for DVDs, books and magazines.

Advantages a big TV stand

• It is spacious
• offers more storage spaces for your other accessories; thus giving order in your living room
• gives the viewers the thrill in watching a movie or program, as the screen is seen clearly and fully for the vastness of the space
• creates an idea of the homeowner’s classy taste for furniture

Small TV stands

Small TV stands do not need a big space yet can house your unit and other electronic devices.

Advantages of small TV stands

• ideal for those living in small spaces such as townhouse, condos or apartment.
• easy to set up
• most have wheels, thereby allowing you to transport it to other areas of your home
• ideal if you want a small TV set in the kitchen or in the bedroom
• provides more shelves for your other bits and pieces

Knowing the advantages of both stands, however, is not enough.
You need to know your requirements and this will depend on the size of your TV set and the number of entertainment gadgets that you have. When buying a stand for your set, you must not only think of your entertainment gadgets but also something that can accommodate other bits and pieces in the living room.

Even a small space can have a moderately-sized TV stand to put order in the living room. This will save you from buying another bookshelf or cabinet for your other stuff, as the stand can keep these items.
You also need to check the height, which should be neither too high nor too low so watching a program or movie will be at eye level.

Additionally, it should complement your other furniture as well as your living room theme. TV stands are now created using different materials. We have the glass TV stands for a more contemporary appeal and the traditional wood TV stands are still very much in fashion. Some make use of metal and steel. Whatever you choose, always make sure that it is capable of supporting your entertainment gadgets, is reasonably priced, durable and long lasting.

Living Room Furniture in a Brown Color

Choosing dark or light brown living room furniture is a good choice. Brown colors are welcoming making your guests to feel comfortable. This color implies usability, convenience and is brilliant to any room design.

There are three hues in the color brown. Also known as tan or beige are the lighter shades while umber or walnut are the darker shades. Somewhere between these two shades is coffee brown or khaki.

If you choose brown for your living room theme, you need to decide the shade you want. Will it be dark, medium or light? To carefully evaluate and make a good decision, have the various shades of brown, lay it on top of your sofa and check the color that is more agreeable to your sight.

Following are some hints on the reasons why brown furniture is perfect for your living room.

Furnishings in brown suggest friendliness. Because of its warmth and objectivity, choosing beige or umber to adorn your room is very practical and rational. It can be blended with any color shades – whether neutral or daring. It is appealing and fascinating compared to white. The latter fosters distance, as it suggests sterility and a hospital ambiance. Brown furniture not only suggests but also promotes friendship.

Unity or oneness is also expressed by the color brown. It creates harmony between your furniture, fixtures and accessories. Most living rooms are designed with natural brown woods that have the capability to put together the different elements of the room equally. The elements refer to the coffee table, TV stand or entertainment center, lighting accoutrements and the floors.

Relaxing is another characteristic of the color brown. Just the sight of it can bring calmness into your mind relax. Brown provides a feeling of gentleness and kindness that attracts people to seek its refuge.

Therefore, your guest or any member of the family will be drawn to relax in a brown recliner sofa. Sofas in beige or umber colors are suggestive of a calming and soothing seat that make one to rest on it. However, also check on the cushions. They must be just right – not too soft or too hard. Although hard sofas are soothing, they may look ancient.

If your living room is small, however, choose the lighter shades of brown to make it look bigger. On the other hand, choose dark shades of brown to make your living room look smaller if it is huge.

Colors that you can use to blend with brown are green for an environmental look. You can also use yellow, teal or aqua. Use these colors for your throw pillows, curtains or blinds, and other accessories. You can have a wall painting that has some blue in it.

Go over home decoration magazines or check the internet. The latter offers many suggestions, which you can apply. You do not need to stick in just one selection, you can mix and match them. Let your creativity come out to arrive at a more “you” style and design in your living room.

Give your Living Room a Fresher Appeal through Plants

One of the many ways to have a fresher appeal in the living room is through plants. We know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen but apart from that, they add beauty in the total ambiance of a room.

Most homeowners would love to have plants in their homes; however, not everyone is bestowed to have a green thumb. Thus, some just content themselves to have artificial plants, as these only need little maintenance. But even if you are not gifted with the knack of taking care of plants, you can still have these fresh greens inside your living room.

There may be plants that need a lot of attention and caring; nevertheless, there are some that do not need much caring. Here are some of the houseplants you can have in your living room:

• Dump Cane (latin name: Dieffenbachia maculata). This plant has wide leaves with green and white patterns. Moderate light and average humidity is enough to make it grow. It does not need so much fuss in caring.

• Chinese Evergreen (latin name: Aglaonema commutatum). Damp soil and less light is all it needs. Repotting is not needed for it grows better if the roots are confined in a specific spot.

• Cast-Iron Plant (latin name: Aspidistra elatior). It can survive in intense heat, less light, dry air and less watering.

• Bird’s Nest Fern (latin name: Asplenium nidus). This houseplant will grow in moist surroundings with less light.

• Corn plant (latin name) Dracaena fragrans ‘Massangeana’). Water this plant when the soil is dry and do not put too much fertilizer.

• Devil’s Ivy (latin name: Epipremnum aureum). Place it where it can receive sunlight.

You can still have plants inside your living room although it does not get enough sunshine. Just position the plants near the window that face the east side, as this is where the sun shines. The southwest or south side of the room is another area where you can position the plants; however, place it 3 – 5 feet afar from the windows. The north side is another spot where plants can be placed if there is a window, though.

The presence of plants in the living room refreshes and disinfects the room. Plants take in carbon dioxide, therefore, germs and they inhale bacteria that are in the air.

Plants also help create an environment friendly setting in your living room. Home decorating does not depend on the furniture, fixtures and paint color. You also need to put some decorations like plants, painting, etc.

Although a few plant expertise will help you to take care of houseplants, there are varieties, which can be had even if you do not have it. You can also have plants even if you have a very busy schedule. Dullness is, likewise, eliminated if you have plants. It also adds to a cheery atmosphere, which can be contagious.

Nevertheless, do not put too many plants so your living room will not look like a greenhouse. Make sure that you put the plants strategically inside your living room.

Make Bedroom Furniture Last Longer

It takes money and time buying furniture for any room of our home. We spend weeks (some even spend months) looking for the ideal set of furniture that will blend in our home theme and will suit our tastes. Even as we spent so much time looking for the right furniture, we also would want it to last longer.

Here are what you can do to make bedroom furniture last longer.

Purchase excellent quality bedroom furniture

Purchasing excellent quality bedroom furniture is one of the best ways to make certain that it will last you longer. You may have to put up a big amount on its purchase, nevertheless, you will end up saving more compared to one that is cheap but the quality is substandard. These types of furniture will require you to replace them almost every year, thus you end up spending more. Good quality furniture does not have to be costly anyway. You can always check on furniture sales and close-outs where quality pieces are sold.

Do yearly maintenance on your bedroom furniture

Annual preservation checks are also needed for furniture not only with your car. Check the bolts, screws, brackets. Some may have loosened over time and need some tightening. Examine the drawer handles, too; they may need to be tightened or replaced with a new one. Check on loose boards and glue them back.

Condition wood bedroom furniture and keep it clean

To keep your bedroom furniture looking new and fresh throughout the years, keep it clean. If the furniture is made of wood, then you need to give it a good conditioning. Wood cracks when it dries and dust, dirt and grime can make its surface dull. Wood furniture needs weekly dusting. Depending on the amount of sunlight and heat it was exposed to, wood needs to be conditioned quite a few times in a year. Make sure you use a good commercial wood conditioner to avoid further damage.

Choose cleaning materials do not have any chemicals

Ensure that you use cleaning materials that do not contain harmful chemical when cleaning your bedroom furniture. These products can contribute to the deterioration of the furniture. They can create blemishes, particularly on wooden bedroom furniture. In general, a soft cloth must be used in cleaning wood furniture. To give it a good shine, put a small amount of furniture polish on the soft cloth. You can also give wood furniture a deep cleaning by using a mild soap and warm water. Always ensure that you dry the wood completely and do not allow the water to permeate.

Always keep the mattress new and fresh

Use a mattress topper to safeguard it from stains. It will make your mattress fresh and clean as well as make you more comfortable. As much as possible, do not stand on the mattress or let your children to jump on it. Avoid sitting on the edge of the mattress for a long time, as this will create permanent sunken areas. You can add life to your mattress by turning it over the mattress every 3 – 4 months.

If you follow the above tips, you can be assured that your bedroom will last longer.

Cleaning Leather Sofa Guidelines

Leather furniture is preferred by many for its durability and does not need much attention when cleaning. In spite of that, we still have to clean our leather sofa to make it look fresh, nice-looking and keep its luster.

Your leather sofa must be protected from heat, dust and sunlight, as these elements can contribute to its wear and tear. Exposure to too much heat and sunlight will cause the leather to dry that can lead to its breakage as well as lose its luster.

Following are some guidelines on cleaning your leather sofa.

Vacuum your leather sofa once a week and use the soft bristles of the vacuum. You must include the bottom part of the cushions and the gaps.

You can also use a moist cloth and put a little soap on it or mix a small amount of soap in lukewarm warm then make a foam. Use that to clean your leather sofa making sure that the cloth is squeezed of water.
Before rubbing it on the sofa, test it first on a small area at the back or bottom area of the furniture. Wait for a day and examine for any staining. If no damage is seen, then you can use the mixture to clean your sofa.

Any spills on your leather sofa must be wiped immediately. The liquid may percolate inside the sofa if it is not attended to right away. To get rid of spills, use a moist cloth and then a clean, dry and soft cloth to dry it.

For oil spills, use a dry cloth, dab it on the area, and use baby powder to remove excess oil.

Ink blots can be removed by using hair spray. Squirt a small amount of hair spray on the ink blot and dab it using a dry cloth. Continue doing this until the ink blots are fully eliminated.

For mildew, combine rubbing alcohol and a cup of water. Pour a small amount of the blend on the area and use a soft cloth to clean it.

Avoid using cleaning materials that are cheap. Cleaning materials may be a little expensive but you can be assured that they will not destroy your furniture.

In addition, check the furniture label, as cleaning instructions may be written on it. Some furniture also includes the cleaning materials you can use.

To keep the shine on the leather, apply a good quality leather conditioner twice a month.

The proper way of cleaning furniture can help to make it last longer than expected. So make a habit of maintaining your furniture on a regular basis. Besides, a regular cleaning is not that hard since the dust has not accumulated compared to intermittent cleaning.

Whatever material was used for your furniture, it still deserves to be cleaned and must be given the utmost care. Keeping a maintenance schedule for leather sofa and other furniture will assure you of its staying power.

Ten Useful Hints When Shopping for Furniture Online

Buying furniture need not give you so much stress. Turn to online furniture stores to make thing easier for you. You get more benefits such as traveling from one city to another and you get to have more options.

Here are 10 useful hints to follow when shopping from online furniture stores.

1. Click on different furniture online stores. Do not focus on the big stores or the popular ones. Check on small shops, too. Differentiate the design, feature and price of their product. There may be fitment that are of the same structure, features and quality sold in the small shops and sold less than the big stores.

2. Verify if the store provide made-to-order furniture. This provision will give you more flexibility as you do not need to worry on the size of your room. The problem with buying furniture that was already built is the size. Some rooms or homes have a small entrance or a big room and cannot find furniture suitable for it.

3. Check if the website has zoom tools where you can view the furniture’s material. Some sites offer this tool allowing you to examine closely the fibers and wood grains.

4. Verify if you can do an online follow-up on your order. This will provide an update on the delivery status of your furniture.

5. Examine their cancellation procedure. It is better if the online furniture shop has this feature since you will not have to wait or suffer their incompetency. However, you need to make sure that your credit card will only be debited once you received the furniture. It will be a big problem if they debit the amount without you having the furniture yet.

6. Check if they have a return policy on furniture that was damaged during the shipment. Some stores provide repair on furniture damaged during the delivery. They have a maintenance person that goes with the crew. If the damage is quite big, you must be able to return the fitment back to the store. Some stores require you to pay for the shipment fee this time. You may be lucky to find one that will not require you to do this.

7. Try calling customer service to verify if they are easy to deal with and can be contacted easily. Check their phone number, email or if you can chat with them.

8. Read customers’ reviews to evaluate if the online furniture shop is prompt with their service. Delivery of made-to-order furniture is about 8 – 16 weeks. This is important, as you do not want to wait too long for your order.

9. As much as possible, go for an online furniture shop that provides white-glove policy. Some furniture stores just delivery the product and leaves it on your doorstep. White-glove policy means the product is delivered and brought inside your home. The crew unwraps it, sets it up for you and gets all the mess that they have created.

10. Buy a small item first before buying a big item. By this transaction, you will know the credibility and professionalism of the store.

As I have mentioned, do not get stress buying your home furniture. There is an easier method to do it, where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee or a can of beer while checking on the furniture that you want. And that is to shop from online furniture stores.