Harmonizing Colors in your Living Room

Most living room are filled with colors. You see it on the walls, the paintings, photos, the wall paper, vases, jars, figurines and not to forget the furniture. However, this will be nicer if these colors do not contradict each other.

Learning how to harmonize colors in your living room can give a deeper effect in the room.

You can use your favorite color as your main shade. There is no need to change your furniture if they are still good. You can just add colors through your furnishings and decorations so long as they match the main color of the room.

Nevertheless, the first step is to have a theme so you can pinpoint the exact colors that you need.

The use of green and brown are your best choice. Have brown walls and furniture in light brown or vice versa. Add some greens by bringing in house plants that are good for your health, removes odor, cleans the air and add life in your living room. With a selection like this, you get to have your nature theme real aside from an environment –friendly atmosphere. Pick plants that do not need much care especially if you do not have much time to take care of them. The color green also helps you to alleviate stress and anxiety. It relaxes your eyes and muscles.

Another color combination you can have for a nature- themed living room is blue and green. Have your walls in sea blue to give a refreshing appeal then green for the plants. This blend gives off tranquility, which is ideal for someone who wants to forget the noise and tension brought by work or school.

Small living rooms must have colors that are of a lighter shade to create an impression of hugeness. Lighter shades are not difficult to blend with other hues. Go for yellow and tangerine to make your room livelier.

Brown can be mixed with orange, tangerine and red aside from green. This blend of colors is good to have during autumn. The colors gray and black can be used for your decorations while tan, cream and mocha can be used for your walls.

Create a bit of disparity to have a bolder look in your living room so long as you do not carry it too far. Combining dark purple and light red with lavender suggest a comforting and warm atmosphere. Use olive green or light yellow for accentuations. Blend dark shades of green with deep yellow and a few blends of cream shades to build serenity and calmness.

Remember to use only a maximum of 3 hues when harmonizing colors in your living room.

You can use the different shades of a particular color if you want. Apply the other hues with your rug, throw pillows or curtains.

Even if you have traditional furniture, you can mix it up with modern ones and blend their colors to come up with a brighter and happier living room theme.

Give time to study the color combinations before you apply it in your living room. This saves you not only on expenses but time as well. Most of all, choose colors that speak about you.

Colors bring life to a room; hence, make sure that the colors you will choose will effectively bring this out.

Furniture Ideas for a Small Dining Room

The challenge in having a small dining room is how to choose and position your furniture. Depending on how you look at it and deal with it, this challenge can actually be easy.

Here are the furniture pieces that will work well in a small dining area.

The first thing that you need to remember is how to maximize your space to make it open and airy so as not to create a tight feeling.
Get the most out of your dining room space

More and more people prefer to live in smaller houses, condos, townhomes or apartments because of the high costs of real estate. However, living in these small spaces pose the challenge of furnishing the rooms. One of the rooms in these small abodes that need some space is the dining room. Nevertheless, a small dining room does not mean that it cannot be made appealing. The solution is how to take advantage of the available space that you have. A good plan and good choice of furniture can in fact make your small dining room to look big and stylish.

Making your space look bigger

You can adapt a few tricks used by interior designers to achieve this.

Make way for easy entrance into your dining room to establish a more open look. Use lighter and smaller drapes instead of the heavy and big ones. Have a mirror on your wall to mirror light and to make an impression of having more space.

Remove confusion in the dining room

To make it look bigger, keep your dining room orderly. Remove unnecessary items in the room. If you want to display some items, choose those that are your favorites and only those that are really eye-catching. Have a wall type cabinet so it will not occupy floor space. Minimize your displays. Have ornamental baskets or boxes where you can store some stuff.

Choose the appropriate dining room table

Picking the appropriate table will rely on the shape and size of your dining room. It is recommended to have a long narrow table for a small dining space. Choose a table that has a single base instead of the 4-legged table. This will allow you to have more room for extra chairs particularly if you have some guests. Square tables entail more space; hence, avoid buying them.

Choose the appropriate dining room chairs

Pick the armless chairs. Although they may be a bit uncomfortable for some, they will not use up additional space. They will also be easier to fit in around the table allowing you to add more chairs.

Have a buffet hutch in your dining room

The presence of a buffet hutch will make your room orderly. You can keep your dining items such as table napkins, tablecloths, silver ware, china and other stuff. You can also use it as your serving table to have more space on your dining table.

Make use of foldable furniture pieces or extendable tables

Foldable furniture pieces are perfect for small dining areas. They can be stored easily in the pantry or closet and can be pulled out effortlessly. You can also purchase a small foldable dining table. These types of furniture are ideal to have especially when the need arise without making your dining area look full. Dining tables that can be extended save you on space and you only need to extend it when you need it.

A little planning and imagination will definitely help you to make your small dining room big, clean and fresh.

What makes a Recliner Sofa different from a Sofa Bed

The need for a recliner sofa or a sofa bed will rely on your needs. It is without doubt that both types of sofas are useful; however, there are some differences between the two.

While the recliner sofa provides you comfort to lessen the strains on your back; the sofa bed, on the other hand, provides you a seating furniture and bed in one. Hence, it is essential that you evaluate your needs prior to purchasing any of them.

The purpose of a recliner sofa

Helping you to relax while you settle down in your living room is the recliner sofa. This is ideal for people who had a busy day in the office, in school or even at home. You can bring yourself to a half-prone position with your feet resting on the footrest.

Contributing to giving you a convenient position are its armrests.
Choose recliner sofas made of leather to guarantee its sturdiness and durability. Apart from that, leather is easy to maintain. Although it may be quite expensive, you get your money’s worth in the end.

You can also have a recliner sofa in your office to alleviate your fatigue. It is especially good for people with backaches.

Nevertheless, you need to have a large area for a recliner sofa since it occupies some space. A couple of inches must be allotted at the front so you can fully extend the footrest to stretch your tired legs. Positioning yourself onto it on a half-prone position will require a bit of space, too, so you can fully stretch its back.

The presence of a recliner sofa in your living room will not affect the appeal of the room. The leather ones would even add to the elegant look of your living room.

Watching your favorite TV program or a movie will similarly be more relaxing and enjoyable while seated on a recliner sofa.

The purpose of a sofa bed

This furniture offers you functionality as you can sit and sleep on it. The sofa bed allows you to let your guest get entertained and enjoy its softness during the day. It can be their bed at nighttime, in the event that he or she is to stay for the night. What is good about this type of sofa is it can be placed in the living room, bedroom or guest room. Your teenager can even have it instead of the usual bed especially if the room is small.

Available in a variety of designs, styles and colors, sofa beds are a big innovation from the sofa that we know. Your guests will not even know that it is a sofa and bed in one. This piece of furniture is ideal for a household who does not have a guest room. It is also perfect to have in the home especially if your teenager invites her friends to sleepover.

When buying your sofa bed, ensure that you get to pick one that has sturdy and easy to clean materials. One such fabric that assures you of durability is linen, as it can withstand the folding and unfolding of the sofa bed. Get one that has a 4-inch mattress so the wood or coil will not be felt on the back. Make sure that it will not sag immediately. Dark-colored fabrics are good choices so stains will not be too visible. A stain resistant fabric is also a good option.

Sofa beds also need some space when opened up; hence, make sure you have enough space in the living room if it will be placed in this room.

Whether you need a recliner sofa or sofa bed, make sure that it blends well with the rest of your furniture.

Factors to Consider on Buying a Sofa

Very common furniture in any living room is the sofa. However, buying a sofa must not be based on how it looks. There are certain factors that you need to consider. It must offer comfort-ability not only to your family but also to your guests. Hence, it is essential to make sure that it gives the convenience you require.

Following are the essential factors you need to consider on buying a sofa.

The reason for buying a sofa. This includes the area where you want it to be placed. How do you plan to use it? Will it be used by the family only such as when you and your family want to be entertained, to relax or for reading purposes? Or do you intend to use it exclusively during parties? Or for both?

Resolve the shape of sofa that you need. This will rely on your reasons for buying the furniture. If your reason for buying is for loosening up, a voluminous sofa is a good option. Sofas with arms and are a few inches lower than the back are great for both informal and formal occasions and gatherings.

Curvilinear-shaped camelback sofas with shallow seating and a firm back are perfect for formal and traditional occasions. Contemporary sectional sofas, which are available in various sizes and shapes, are ideal for any home theme, as it exudes peacefulness.

The size of your living room. This will determine the size of sofa that you need. Before buying a sofa, get the dimension of your living room to know the appropriate sofa size. It must not occupy the whole space. Make sure that you allotted some walking area. Big living rooms can do with sectional sofas while a tight back sofa is ideal for a small area.

The sofa’s material and fabric. Sofas made of silk fabric are not recommended for everyday use. They must be used infrequently. Perfect for daily use are sofas made of microfiber materials. Apart from that, microfiber sofas are easy to maintain. Wearing out is not easily seen on couches made of patterned fabric than those made of smooth fabrics. Those made of leather are sturdier and hard-wearing. Leather couches are available in various colors these days.

Your sofa must blend with your living room color and furnishings. Patterned and bright-colored throw pillows can make sofas in neutral shades livelier. Alternatively, patterned fabrics hides small stains.

The sofa quality. An excellent quality sofa is profound, which means that it has solid wood in its frame. The frame must include its legs. Cushion can keep up its shape even with regular use. It has a solid back and frame does not protrude.

Your resources. Make sure that you have allotted a certain amount to purchase your sofa. Regular sofas sell for $700 to 3,500. If you find this expensive, you can wait for the furniture stores to have clearance sales. Price cuts reach up to 50%.

The most significant thing, however, is to buy a sofa that is made of quality materials. Buying cheap sofas can only make you to spend more, as they damage easily.

Tips on Buying a Chaise

Chaise lounges are nice to have in any home. They offer plush seating furniture because of their overloaded cushions and lavish upholstery. Their presence adds to the warmth and welcoming feeling of your room. It is also an attention-getter and shows off a bit of your individuality.

Chaise lounges can be placed in the living room, bedroom or patio. A restful reading corner will be complete with the presence of a chaise lounge.

This furniture adds livability in a room and can set the mood of your home whether you choose the traditional ones with muted colored or the contemporary ones with an assorted blend of colorful materials.

Following are some tips to help you on buying a chaise lounge for your home.

1. Read magazines on interior design or online furniture stores. They will be able to help you check on the latest styles and designs on modern chaise lounges. Whatever home theme you have, you definitely will get some ideas and tips on how to get the chaise lounge that will complement the theme of your home.

2. Evaluate where you want to position the chaise lounge then get the dimension of that area. Since this furniture is available in a myriad of sizes, it is essential that you have a space that can accommodate the chair.

3. Write down the colors, materials, and fabrics of the furniture in the room. It would be wise if you can get a swatch of the fabrics (you can cut a small piece underneath them). For the wall color, you can pain a small piece of paper. Otherwise, take a picture of your living room, bedroom or patio.

4. Visit the physical stores of the online furniture shop or visit your local store. Remember to bring the swatches, pictures and paint color with you. Make certain to check the chaise lounge. Examine if it functions well. Check its comfort-ability and evaluate if it will blend with the rest of your room furniture.

5. Evaluate the kind of material or fabric that suits you. Chaise lounges are made of varying fabrics like suede, leather, cotton, faux fur, and canvass. Select one that will blend with your home theme as well as one that is appropriate for your needs. Leather is a good choice if you have children or pets around.

6. To improve the back support and comfort of your chaise lounge, have some throw pillows. Pick those that have the same shade of color. You can also choose those that have a bolder shade. A throw pillow that will match or highlight the color of the chaise will further add to its look.

You can have a romantic atmosphere in a corner with an upholstered traditional chaise lounge. A lush-looking chaise can make the room look elegant and classy.

Having a chaise lounge in the bedroom will not steal the role of your bed in the room. It will be an added adornment, as a tickle in your overall decoration. You can have it instead of the usual sofa and while away your time to do some reflection or read a book prior to going to bed. Chaise lounges are not meant for sleeping but are clearly for relaxation purposes.

Select a chaise lounge for its usefulness. An additional seating will benefit any room in the home as well as add a convivial atmosphere in it. A chaise lounge that has an inimitable style can give your room a striking appeal to contribute an interesting mood in the home.

Cleaning the mess out of your Dining Room

One of the rules that must be observed in the dining room is to make it clean. A messy dining room can only mean that it is not a safe place to eat.

The dining room does not only serve as a place for eating. There are times when we use it for paperwork that we brought home from the office. When our children need some assistance for their homework, we let them use the table so we can help them while cooking. It also becomes a meeting table for the family and for guests. With all these activities, the dining room is left with so many items that are not intended to be there. We see books, papers, paper clips, stapler, staple wires, pens, etc. that were left lying on the table or on the floor. Even bags, caps, coats are left on the back of the dining chairs. These things pile up until they create a mess out of your dining room.

What makes the dining room unclean is when we let things stand on the table as well as other items hanging on the chairs. There are also the spills and stains that are left on the table and on the floor.

Can you imagine how dirty and muddled your dining room will be if tidying is done every two weeks or once a month?

A regular routine or schedule will help you from the headaches and stress in cleaning and seeing your disheveled dining room.
Tidying your dining room

Clear up all the clutter. Have a rule in your dining room to remove all items that are not meant to be there. For instance, books, papers, pens, magazines that were used for doing homework and office work must be taken away as soon as they are finish with it. You can also have canisters for pens, a magazine rack or baskets where such items can be placed.

Store your dining ware by group. Hence, glasses go together in one cabinet, dinner plates, serving plates, bowls in another and so on. Cutlery must be separated accordingly; do not mix them.

Have a bookshelf and assign one shelf for your cooking books. Other books can be placed on the other shelves.

Spills and stains must be tidied immediately. Do not let them stand even for a second so as not to leave any marks on your furniture. You run the risk of damaging and spoiling your furniture if you will not wipe them instantly. Apart from that, insects are so fast that they can readily climb onto the table and chairs to pick up the pieces of leftover food. This can lead to germs and bacteria to proliferate not only in your dining room but also all over your home. Dining table must be wiped before and after eating. It must also be wiped after any activity such as doing office or homework.

Include the windows in your cleaning. Do this at least once a week or every fortnight and change curtains once a month. Curtains also accumulate dust adding to the bacteria that can roam around the dining area.

Sweep the floor every day. Better yet do it after every meal to make sure that there are no crumbs on the floor. Vacuum your furniture to remove any food particles that had fallen on it. Go through the corners to eliminate all dirt.

Keep all cleaning materials in a shelf. A good place to store them is the shelf under the sink. Group them accordingly.

Cleaning the mess in your dining room will be an easy task if your follow a schedule and making some house rules.

Encourage every member of the family to observe cleanliness and orderliness and to help in the cleaning of the room. A clean and nice-smelling dining room can be maintained if everybody in the household will help to make it spic and span.

Combining Modern and Traditional Furniture

Contrary to what others believe, mixing modern and traditional furniture is easy task. Having them both can give your home an exclusive appeal.

Traditional furniture, which can sometimes be called as conventional or antique, carries with it history and tradition that is beyond price. Handed down by our grandparents, traditional furniture does not only provide elegance. It also gives a sense of wonder, admiration and some secrecy. This furniture has stayed for years serving our ancestors, which makes them even more valuable. Proper care and maintenance has made them to stay the same way they used to before.

On the other hand, modern furniture was made to help us carry on with the busy and demanding tasks that we face today. Thus, they are made with new styles and designs, offer functionality and made of various materials other than wood.

Mixing modern and traditional furniture

In your living room

Mixing two types of furniture in one room is possible provided you blend them well together. Setting the symmetry is essential. It will be improper to put traditional and modern furniture beside each other. You need to assign a central element. You can select to have a modern sectional sofa and get traditional seats. Have a modern coffee table and a traditional corner table. Get conventional shelves and display your antique collections such as jars and vases. You naturally have the modern types of entertainment media for which you need a contemporary TV stand or entertainment unit.

In your dining room and kitchen

This part of the home can show off furniture that is more conventional. Antique dining tables are bigger; thus, they can accommodate a big number of people. They are particularly functional if you love hosting parties. It also affords your dining room to have an impressive appearance.

Your fine china, glassware and silver ware can be stored in an antique cabinet. Organize them in such a way that they will look like decorations. Pair your modern equipment with modern furniture such as having a small table with two chairs to make a cozy nook. If your kitchen or dining area is big, you can have a small bar or a kitchen counter. The latter is a good item when preparing food.

You need not forget the presence of a buffet though. If you have a traditional buffet, then go for some delicate and up-to-date decorations to put on top.

In your bedroom

Another area of the home where you can have plenty of traditional furniture is the bedroom. An antique bed and nightstand can be matched with modern chest, closet and dresser. You can also have a modern bedroom set and have antique lamps and chandeliers.

In your bathroom

Who says you cannot have traditional furniture in the bathroom? Go for traditional cabinets and shelves to match your modern tub and shower area. Ensure that your tiles match the dominant fitment in this room. You can also have modern lighting fixtures.

Using both traditional and modern furniture to decorate your home is a most welcome thing from the ordinary set-up of having a singular theme. Proper placement and coordination is all you need to do. If you want your antique furniture to be used as accents, then do so by providing modern furniture which are functional.

Nevertheless, always remember to take care of your furniture by observing proper maintenance rules. This will assure you of their long life and service.

Choosing the Right Ottoman

After a busy day, all we want is to sit down, rest our back, have a glass of lemonade and put our feet up. The last thing is perhaps the best part, where you can stretch your legs. Putting your feet up even when watching TV or reading a book seems to be more relaxing and it gives a nice feeling.

This is where the value of the ottoman comes in. Some people may use the coffee table or a chair. The first option can damage the coffee table especially if it has a glass top. The second option will block the view of whatever it is you are watching aside from blocking the way. On the other hand, an ottoman gives you the pleasure to stretch your legs by putting your feet on its top as well as being functional.

Armless and upholstered, ottomans can be in the form of a seat or a bench. Some are designed with a single base while others have decorative feet. There are those individuals who use it as a footstool. Since it is hollow inside, you can keep some of your stuff inside. It is a piece of furniture that is useful for a small home.

Ottomans can be made either in leather or in fabrics. They are also available in various colors and shapes.

When choosing your ottoman, make sure that its size matches the height of your sofa or chair where it will be paired. Your choice must depend on the support and comfort that it can give the user not just for its look. If buying will depend only on its appearance, what then is the essence of buying an ottoman?

You can select between a light or heavy ottoman. Some would prefer the lighter ones while others would opt for the heavier ones. Still others would prefer a bigger and wider design.

You can select the style, as they come in different varieties. Ottomans with a single base that are made of textured fabrics and rich colors are good options for warm and cozy rooms. Those with legs can blend well with any seating furniture although you may think of getting an ottoman that is unique.

Many prefer those made of leather, as they find it more durable and long-lasting. Newer designs are available for ottomans. Some modern ottomans are in full leather espresso with secret storage compartment and flip up end table. Some can also be used as a coffee table.

Designers have thought of ways to redesign this furniture to make it more compact and to occupy less space. You can buy it as a separate piece or together with the sofa. Most chaise lounge of today has ottomans in the set.

By the way, an ottoman is not only for the living room. It can be used in any room, like your bedroom or the patio. You can even find designs suitable for kids.

The shape, style, material and color of the ottoman will definitely create or add a different look in any room where you want it to use.

Selecting the Lighting Fixture for your Living Room

Any home will not be complete without lights. It is one of the essential elements in setting up one’s home. Let me look at the importance of lighting fixtures in the living room.

Versatile and flexible, the living room serves various purposes. It serves as the TV room, entertainment room for guests, reading area, a lounge where one can just sit and relax, have some snacks, playroom for cards, and a whole lot more of other activities. Each activity requires a certain kind of brightness and without it, the activity will not be fully enjoyed.

Some of the lighting fixtures that can be used in the living room are chandeliers, pendant lamps, table or floor lamps or a spotlight. These illuminating fixtures can be a simple accent, focus a central item or used for easy conversation.

When used properly and depending on your requirements, they can fill in the missing component in your living room. You need to remember though that a high ceiling is needed if you opt to have chandeliers.

On the other hand, you can select a lamp fixture flushed to your ceiling if you have a problem with the height of your ceiling. The market offers varied selections of flush mounted ceiling lights. You can choose from the simple oyster types to the elaborate ones with droplets and sparkles. These types of lighting accoutrements are also available in a myriad of shapes and colors and have dimmer switch.

Generally safe and good options for any size of living room are the table lamps. Available in various designs and measurements, they can fit in any area of your home. These are flexible and adaptable, too. They can light a room for specific tasks and similarly establish a specific mood. Commonly utilized to serve as room ornaments, some homeowners use a matching duo to squeeze in a sofa or a console. Others chose a different type for an informal look.

Another alternative are the floor lamps. They can replace item such as tables or consoles. They fill up empty spaces in the living room as well as save on space.

You can also install wall sconces if you want to set a mood in one particular area of the living room. For instance, to put focus on a painting or an elegantly designed mirror, you can install a wall sconce on its side. Remember, however, that you will still need your main lighting fixtures, as wall sconces are not intended to illumine the whole room. They only give focus to a certain piece of furniture or decoration.

Varied selections are available in the market for your home lighting needs. Select the appropriate lighting fixture for your living room to get the ambiance that you want to establish. If you have sections like a reading area in your living room, then get the proper light for the said nook. Combine the various lighting accoutrements but make sure that they serve the purpose that you expect from them.

Online Furniture Shopping: Tips for First-Time Buyers

Shopping online has offered us a lot of advantages. There is always an internet store whether you are buying a small or a big item.

One of the big items that is sold over the internet is furniture. Here are some pointers for first-time online furniture buyers:

The store’s integrity. Have a list of people who had purchased furniture from an online furniture store. Get recommendations from a relative, friend or co-officemate who has shopped furniture from an online store.

When you check on a site, you also need to check their customers’ reviews. You will know if the online furniture store is dependable from these reviews. An online furniture store with a 5-star rating only means that furniture quality and service is perfect. Check the ratio of well-satisfied customers to that of unsatisfied customers.

Participate in forums to get more ideas on online furniture buying.

Honest and true. Picture of furniture and description must not be deceiving. It should be the same if you visit the store. Some online furniture shops offer descriptions and photos that are made-up. To avoid this, check with their customer service or schedule an appointment to see the actual fitment prior to placing an order.

All claims that are listed on their site must be fulfilled. This concerns delivery time and charges, rebates, return policy, warranty, etc. Ensure that they follow the “return policy without charges”, which always applies when buying online.

The above list must not give you a change of heart. Shopping furniture from online stores is actually better. Go over these advantages to see why a number of homeowners prefer to buy furniture from online shops.

Their prices are cheaper compared to your local stores. Online furniture stores can afford to lower their prices because of low operating costs.

They offer a variety of choices. Furniture variety is a common denominator. Name the furniture that you need for your home and they have it, which is not usually seen in the local stores. They have everything that you need — whether you are looking for home or office furniture, decorations, accents, lighting fixtures, etc.

You get all the furniture details – from the material, style, color, finish, design, type, specifications and price. Furniture can be seen in all angles.

They are accessible. Talk to their customer service, which is open 24 hours via email, fax, or toll free number.

They are handy, as you just stay in your home or office to select the furniture that you want. You can even enjoy a cuppa or a glass of juice while selecting the furniture that you want.

However, do not forget to measure the area of your room where you intend to put the furniture. Doing so will give you the exact piece that you need as well as choosing one that will be more useful for you.

Shopping furniture online is as easy as 123. You may have the jitters but this will be assuaged when you finally find a credible online furniture store.