Home Care Tips for your Furniture

Regardless of what material was used for your furniture, proper cleaning will help them to stay longer. Therefore, you need to follow a specific cleaning schedule and plan.

Furniture care tips

Safeguard your furniture from damage

Furniture is made from various materials such as wood, glass, plastics, metals, fiberglass and upholstery (leather or fabric). Since most furniture is a combination of these materials, it is essential to consider the types of materials used before you start on a maintenance scheme. Let us take the case of a coffee table that mixes wood and glass or metal and glass materials. The type of wood used for wooden furniture is likewise varied. Some are finished while some are unfinished. Others may have a veneer or lacquer finish while other wooden furniture finish includes some elements such as stain, paint, resin and non-wood laminates.

This clearly shows that incorporating safety guidelines is not the only thing that matters. Cleaning methods will always depend on the materials used. This involves knowing the proper cleaning tool and product fitted for the particular material. It is also imperative to check on the components of the cleaning product you are buying to ensure that it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can cause the deterioration of your furniture.

Incorporate dusting and vacuuming in your cleaning technique

Schedule your dusting once in a week. Dust and dirt build up happens quickly. If these were left unattended, they get stuck onto the surfaces and crevices of the furniture making them harder to remove. A soft cloth or fabric would be ideal to use but change the cloth when it gets so dirty. Do not use a dirty cloth to clean another piece of furniture, as you will only make it dirtier.

Upholstered furniture like leather or fiber must be vacuumed on a weekly basis. The vacuum is a good cleaning equipment to reach the dirt and dust that has accumulated between the crevices, sides and corners of your furniture. Take extra care not to harm the material by using the soft brush attachment of the vacuum. Give extra attention to the curves of the furniture as well as the areas behind and under the cushions.

Turn over the cushions on a weekly basis, which can be done right after you have vacuumed them. This will beef up any wobbly cushions and pillows. Turning over the cushions and pillows will make them look even, comfortable and always looking fresh and new.

Wax your wooden furniture to keep their shine and luster. Use wood wax as much as possible. Make sure that you apply only a thin layer and let it dry before wiping it again with a clean cloth.

Use a table runner for your coffee and dining tables. You can also cover your bedside table with a table runner.

To safeguard your sofas and chairs from spills, you can cover it with a seat cover or blanket.

To avoid marks caused by cold or heat, use coasters or saucers for glasses, cups and mugs.

Always ensure that you use the appropriate cleaning product.

Modern furniture manufacturers have included cleaning manuals to assist customers in the proper method of maintaining their furniture. Thus, you only need to follow these strictly to keep your pieces of furniture longer and new.

Online Furniture Shopping gives you the Best Options

It cannot be denied that online stores have given customers more freedom of purchase. I say this because by just staying in your home, office or anywhere, you can window-shop without getting tired. It saves you from the hassle of meeting or bumping into a huge crowd. You can enjoy your cuppa or drinks, eat while shopping. Most of all, it is much easier to compare prices. What is even better with this technology is being able to buy big items like furniture.

Here are the reasons why online stores are your best option to buy furniture.

Prices are inexpensive compared to your local stores. Low operating expenses give the retailer to sell the items at a much lower rate than those sold at the malls or physical stores.

You get to have a variety of choices in one store. It is only from online furniture stores that you can find every fitment that you need for your home starting from your garden or patio all the way to your bedroom or guest room. They also offer office furniture; and you get all of these in one store. Furniture are offered in a myriad of styles and designs.

They lists down all the important details about the furniture that include its features, the material, sizes, available color and the price. Customer service is easy to reach for proper coordination and other queries.

They offer you convenience while shopping. You get different choices and can compare the prices without leaving your home or office.

However, buying online can also be risky especially for big items. Furniture is one of the items that are now being sold via the Web. To be able to get the right furniture that you want, you need to do a little “Sherlock Holmes” job.

First on your list is to verify the online furniture store’s integrity.

How? Check with your relatives or friends. They may have a trusted online store already. These people are your best source of information. Read customer’s comments or review. Happy and unhappy customers are very vocal about their experience. Participate in forums. This gives you the opportunity to interact with people, hear their views and ideas prior to your purchase.

Second is to find out if the online furniture store is trustworthy. This is somehow related with integrity because it cannot be a reliable store if customers cannot trust it. Trust refers to the information that is written on the web. Product descriptions, the pictures and prices must be the same as it is upon placing an order. There should be no hidden costs. Pictures must exactly match the real furniture when delivered.

Third is uniformity, which pertains to all the claims such as no delivery costs, rebates, discounts, free charge on returns, warranty, etc.

All of these three items can be confirmed through customers’ reviews and forums.

On your end, you also need to do your part to make your shopping a happy experience. Measure the area where you want to place your new furniture. Remember to list down your preferences like color, material, texture, size, etc.

Modern Bedroom Furniture Provides Storage

Some people are gifted to having the skill in keeping things in order while some are not. One such area in the home that is messed up is the bedroom. Depending on the owner, the bedroom can be spic and span or cluttered. This messy look will not happen if you have the proper furniture. Offering more functionality is modern and contemporary bedroom furniture to make your sanctuary clean and presentable.

Modern beds are equipped with underneath drawers where you can store more stuff like bed linens, blankets, duvets, pillowcases, curtains, drapes, rugs, etc. Putting these items inside the underneath drawers will be much easier than keeping them in one corner of your clothes cabinet. Group them according to their use. Put the regularly used items in one drawer and put the less likely used items in the other drawer. These can be items that are used for a period of two weeks or a month.

You can also find modern beds with headboards that have built-in shelves. Books, alarm clock and other personal items can be kept inside the shelves.

Some beds are also equipped with headlamps or built-in side tables. There are also modern beds with fitted compartment nightstands that blend with its design.

Modern wardrobe cabinets have shelves and drawers. With this set up, your accessories can be separated from your clothes. It will also be easier to look for them especially if you are in a hurry.

Dressers have built-in mirrors and small compartments. The latter provide you storage for your make-up, brush and combs, clips, jewelries, perfume and other small dress items.

On the other hand, if you do not want to change your bedroom furniture, you can still put order in your bedroom by following these tips:

Buy plastic storage boxes making sure they fit under your bed. Better get those with wheels so you can easily pull them out.

Mount wall type cabinets for your books, magazines and other stuff.

Install shelves inside your cabinet. Have some hooks to hang your bags, scarves, belts and hats. You can also have hooks assigned for your fancy necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Keep the precious ones in a jewelry box or make one and put it inside one of the shelves. Assign one shelf for your perfume, colognes and make-up.

If your dresser does not have a mirror or do not have enough space to accommodate another piece of furniture, mount a mirror at the inside back of your cabinet or on your wall near the dresser.

If you have an old bench that is still in good condition, refurbish it by installing cabinets with doors under it. Repaint it in a color that will match your bedroom furniture and theme. Keep your shoes inside the cabinet and place it beside the windows. To make it cozy, have it cushioned and put a few throw pillows.

If you have a desk or table in your bedroom, you can install shelves or cabinets under it to keep more items. Get a desk organizer to keep your writing items in place.
The chair can also be equipped with a shelf for more storage.

Keeping your bedroom in order need not entail a big amount of money. Prices of contemporary furniture are not that expensive, you only need to be more resourceful. The internet offers you a lot of choices. If acquiring a new set of modern bedroom furniture does not fit your budget, you only need to be resourceful to make it spic and span.

Designing a Studio Type Apartment

Men and women who are unattached always opt to have their own place; hence, they normally seek for a place where they can call it their own once they are financially able. Studio type apartments are the common dwelling places suitable for these types of individuals apart from being within their resources. Depending on their budget, one can get a space that offers a bigger or a smaller floor area.

It is a known fact, however, that studio apartments have small floor areas. This can limit your choice of furniture. To deal with this small floor area, here are some tips to maximize it as well as on how to get the appropriate furniture for your apartment.

Arranging your furniture

Studio apartments offer a diminutive square shape area where you have a small area for your bed, living area, kitchen cum dining area and a tiny bathroom. Some have closed areas that separate the bedroom from the living and kitchen/dining area. Others, on the other hand, have open areas except for the bathroom and you will have to design it yourself. If your studio apartment offers open areas, then the first thing that you need to have are room dividers. This is particularly important if you want your bedroom to be private.

To divide the areas properly, you need to measure its total dimension and assign the dimensions for your bedroom, living room and kitchen. Depending on your requirements, you can have a bigger space for your bedroom followed by the living area and lastly the kitchen/dining area.

Positioning furniture in your rooms

If you assigned the smallest space for your kitchen/dining area, then it would be appropriate to get a kitchen counter. This furniture offers you working space as well as dinner space. Choose a kitchen counter with plenty of storage spaces such as cabinets and drawers to store your kitchen ware and grocery items. Have built-in shelves to additionally maximize the space. Bar stools are appropriate for a kitchen counter and depending on the length of the counter, you can have a maximum of three stools. Choose stools that can be rotated and have backrests for additional comfort.

A sofa bed would be a good idea to have for your living area. You can buy a sectional sofa bed that is not too huge. Aside from providing seating, you can also make use of it when you have some guests who will be staying for the night. Coffee tables come in various designs and styles. You can get one that can be folded or have one that has cabinets, drawers or shelving nooks. You can even find some coffee tables that also serve as a bar table. To save on space, get a wall type entertainment cabinet. It should be something that has adequate shelving for your other media gadgets and other stuff.

If a bigger space is allotted for your bedroom, then you can get the twin-sized bed. Most beds are made to be functional by manufacturers. They are equipped with underneath drawers. Those with headboards provide shelves. Get a wardrobe that has a mirror, drawers and shelving to organize your personal belongings. If it is still not enough, then add wall mounted cabinets.

Proper selection of furniture will make designing your studio type apartment an easy task.

Dining Room Furniture: Choosing between Natural Wood versus Lacquer

There are two choices of wood that are available for wooden dining room furniture. These are natural wood and lacquer. People often argue about natural wood and lacquer. They cannot figure out which of these two wooden materials is better, as the advantages and disadvantages of both types are dependent on the user. Nevertheless, it is significant to note their differences to come up with a better decision.

To help you decide which of the two is good for you, I have listed some prominent characteristics of natural wood and lacquer.

Natural wood is not called natural for nothing. By the name itself, you get the assurance that it is one hundred percent all wood. It indicates that it did not make use of plywood or particle board. You can identify if it is an all wood piece of furniture by checking if the wood particles are visible. Natural wood is also weightier than other kinds of wooden furniture.

The Advantages of Natural Wood Dining Furniture

• It is guaranteed to last you a lifetime and can even be heirlooms.
• It has the ability to re-establish itself from injuries like stains, dents, scrapes, and marks caused by water and other liquids.

• Grave damages can be easily repaired, which is cheaper than refurbishing lacquer furniture
• It is tough and well-built.
• It features hand-crafted carvings.

However, it is also has its drawbacks.

• It is vulnerable to scores and cracks, which are usually caused by weather changes. Extreme temperature makes natural wood to expand and condense. Furniture manufacturers use the “floating case system” to thwart it from collapsing, also known as the bracket method. This system makes use of screws to firmly keep the wood in its place. This can be prevented by not exposing natural wood furniture to direct sunlight.
• To level out marks and scratches, you need to bring it to a furniture shop to be repaired.

The Advantages of Lacquer Dining Room Furniture

Lacquer furniture makes use of varnish, a distinct difference from natural wood. Plywood or particle board is used for its surface, too.

• It is lustrous making it more striking than other wooden furniture.
• It is more stable and leveled out.
• It can endure any weather changes.

• It does not easily break; get scratches or scores.
• It is available in various colors.
• Substrates are used for lacquer furniture like plywood or fiberboards. You can even be lucky to get lacquer furniture made of rosewood, a very unusual type of wood.
• It is lighter in weight and is cheaper than natural wood.
• Excellent quality lacquer dining room furniture is made of sturdy legs, posts and doors.

Its drawbacks

• It is inclined to slits and shredding.
• Repairing lacquer furniture is expensive.

When buying dining room furniture, it is vital that you put into account its functionality as well as its adaptability to the users. With children around the home, sturdier furniture is needed like natural wood. If you have less time for maintenance, then lacquer is a good choice because of its stain-resistant characteristics.

Blending the Colors of your Furniture and Walls in your Bedroom

We are not aware of the big effect of colors in our lives. For this reason, it is necessary to choose colors wisely particularly in our bedroom. Although this room is not usually seen by our guests, it is imperative that we take extra caution in selecting the colors appropriately as it is the first room that we see in the morning and in the evening.

The bedroom offers solace in every emotion that we have that is why it is also called our private nook. It offers us consolation when we feel so low. It is a witness to our deep sentiments. Most of all, it is where we rest, thus it must provide us the atmosphere that is conducive to resting and sleeping. The proper choice of colors for your bedroom walls and furniture is an important factor to achieve the theme and peacefulness that you want in this room. All of the hues that you will choose must be coordinated to foster serenity and quietude.

Select colors that are soothing, peaceful and cheering. You can also establish warmth and pleasantness in the bedroom by choosing colors that exudes these emotions.

Blending the colors of your bedroom walls and furnitureappropriately can give your bedroom the required effervescence and sparkle that will start your day right.

Cooler shades are good choices, as they establish excellent results. However, you need to minimize their use in order not to lessen the warmth and compassion in your bedroom.

You can also use different colors in your bedroom so long as they blend well. Combining monochromatic shades with brighter colors can give more radiance to your room. The bright shades of yellow or peach can be mixed with the faint tones of green. For instance, pink or raspberry bed linens and pillows can be mixed with monochromatic shades.

Match cool colors with the same hues or mix them with friendly tones. For example, choose warm tones for your linens, duvets, pillow cases, throws to achieve this appeal. Another option is to have a rug in a prominent and friendly color.

Another way to add color in your bedroom is to have a table runner in a varied tone for your side table so long as it blends with your walls.

There are two ways where you can apply colors in your bedroom – either you change your wall color or your furniture. It may probably be expensive to change the whole furniture but you can still do it by repainting them or just opt to change the colors of your wall.

Contemporary furniture offers you more choices when it comes to the colors of furniture. Aside from having straightforward lines and captivating styles and designs, colors are aplenty giving your room the appeal that you want for it.

Using varied colors in your bedroom will definitely smarten it up. It will prepare you to start the day right and to have the required energy and enthusiasm to meet every day’s challenges. Altering the colors in your bedroom is not only inspiring and motivating but is similarly a stimulating and elating task.

Make your Living Room Fresh with House Plants

Aside from furniture, houseplants do not only beautify your home for they also clean the air.

Good additions to your living room are houseplants as they beautify and add color to your room’s theme. They also bring nature inside your home. They likewise contribute on giving a healthy place for you and your family.

Following are some of the most common plants that are ideal for the home.

The peace lilies bring in a dramatic effect to your living room with its dark green leaves and white blooms. These houseplants can discourage the growth of molds up to 60% in your home. They can also absorb poisonous steam inside your living room. They can eliminate allergy symptoms, too. These plants grow at medium heights of sunlight. It needs water when its soil is fairly dry and spray on the leaves to encourage its growth.

The use of indoor ventilation system takes the air moisture that can lead to dry and eventually itchy skin. To solve this problem, have Boston Ferns. Ideal for living rooms with dry air, they act as a humidifier, as it brings back humidity in your home. Its leaves are like swords that wraps on the sides of the pot. The apple green leaves bring the touch of spring inside your living room throughout the year. Bright and indirect light and a moderately moist soil is enough for this plant to grow.

One of the best houseplants that combat air pollution is the Spider Plant. It is so powerful that it can eliminate about 90% of air toxins in your home in 2 days. It takes in formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and mold spores. This plant is characterized by lengthy spiky green flora that is in numerous color variants. It needs to be watered every two weeks and requires indirect sunlight. Its buds grow on the end of its long stems that ooze out from the main plant.

English Ivies are also good houseplants. They can flourish on a small lattice or have them on a hanging basket. They are good answers to allergies and eliminate 60% of mold within 6 hours of being placed in the room. Place them near the window where there is sufficient bright light making sure they get it indirectly. Ensure that you wet the soil evenly.

Adjudged by NASA to be good eliminators of formaldehyde from the air is the Heart Leaf Philodendron. It has leaves that are shaped as a heart, thus it was also known as the “Sweetheart plant”. The soil must be kept wet frequently and can thrive in any lighting conditions. Too much water can make its roots to decay.

For homeowners who do not have a green thumb, the Mother-In-Law’s-Tongue is the best choice. They grow even with less care. Busy housewives can also opt to have this in their living room. Like the other houseplants mentioned above, they are also good air purifiers. Its leaves are strong and shaped like swords. Any type of lighting conditions is fine for this plant but must be watered thoroughly once in a week.

Start putting a bit of nature in your living room and omit its unnecessary smells.

Add Life to your Living Room with a Coffee Table

Adding decorations and other furnishings in your living would be an easy task if you are good in mixing colors and furniture. This is the reason why some big houses hire the services of an interior designer to put these in the proper angle. Any ordinary homeowner will just buy bits and pieces if he thinks that these will be good for his home.

One of the furniture items that is commonly overlooked is the coffee table. It would be nice if it comes with the set, as you can be sure that it goes with the whole design. However, some sofa sets do not include a coffee table; hence, some forget to buy it or tend to buy it the next time leading to the wrong selection.

Buying a coffee table at the time you bought your sofa set would be ideal since you would know if it will blend with the whole set. Choosing to buy a whole set is also better. If this situation is not feasible because of other constraints like lack of budget, then make sure that you remember the color of your sofa, its materials as well as the other furnishings in the living room. Taking a picture of your room and bringing it with you during your purchase would also be a big help. Other than that, there are some features which you need to look into to make a good choice.

The size of the coffee table matters a lot. It should be half the size of your biggest sofa. Therefore, knowing the size of your largest couch is important as well as the size of your living room. There should be adequate space between the table and the sofa wherein 15 inches would be perfect. Picking a longer table is better than a smaller size to have more space.

The style is the second feature to check. It must suit your preference and blend with the theme of the living room. It must also blend with the furniture and the rest of your decorations.

In choosing the shape of the table, choose one that is more appropriate for the room size. If you were to ask me, I would prefer the rectangle and oval shapes rather than the round and square ones. The former offers more area, which is favorable when playing board games and for serving drinks and snacks. This, of course, will depend on your choice, too.

Go for tables that make use of durable materials although the presence of children and pets will have to be considered, too. Glass top coffee tables are more fashionable and contemporary but are not recommended with children and pets around. Traditional style of tables can blend even with a modern-themed room. You can also find some traditional coffee tables that were given a modern touch.

Select a coffee table that offers functionality. Contemporary designed coffee tables feature drawers, shelves, or an aperture that can fit a bottle of wine or your glass.

Check online furniture stores for more designs and styles of coffee tables. This saves you from hopping from one shop to another and you can do it in the confines of your home or office. Their customer service can be easily reached should you have any inquiries.

Your Guide on Buying a Dining Table

The dining table is the main character in a dining room. Having said so, choosing your table must be done with utmost care.

Versatility and functionality are the important aspects that you need to look for in a dining table. It should be something that can be used in any occasions. It should also be suitable for other activities other than eating such as gaming and working. Depending on your taste and theme of your room, it can be conventional, modern, contemporary or transitional.

Here are your guidelines:

If you are to buy your dining table, it is essential to measure your dining room, as your table will depend on its area as well as its shape. Figure out where you want to position your table. If there is a door going to your dining area, get its dimension, too, so you can be assured that the table can be brought inside without any hassles.

Always remember that you need to allocate some space between the dining wall and the table. This should be at least 30 – 36 inches so you have some space to move the chair back. Do not get a big dining table if your area is small. It would be good to have it but such space constraints are very inconvenient and you will end up hurting each other.

The shape of your dining table, as mentioned, will depend on the shape of your dining area. Dining tables are available in varied shapes.

Rectangle-shaped tables are suitable for large dining rooms and families. It is also suitable for a small dining area. These tables are ideal for big gatherings and can be used as a serving table for parties.

Square-shaped tables are for small families but are not recommended for a small space. This table promotes a more friendly and personal atmosphere.

Round-shaped tables are also fitting for big areas. It encourages more interaction as you get to see each other’s faces. To get a bigger seating capacity, opt to get a round-shaped table with one base instead of the 4-legged ones.

Oval-shaped tables are ideal for big spaces. Like the rectangular tables, it can seat more people. You can also find this shape of table with a single base for more seating occupancy.

The materials used for dining tables vary from real wood, lacquered, glass, acrylic or glass. You can have unfinished or finished wood. Finished wood have a shiny and silky touch. Dining tables made of real wood suits houses that have a country or rustic style. Glass table tops offer you two options – clear or tinted glass.

Choose a dining table that is suitable for your family’s needs as well as one that matches your dining room’s theme. It does not matter if you have some traditional furniture in your dining area, as you can mix them with modern furniture anyway.

You can also opt to get the more modern dining tables that feature extended leaves, which is available in all shapes of dining tables. This feature allows you extend the leaves when the need arises; thus, it saves you from getting another table to accommodate unexpected guests. Check the latest designs and styles of dining rooms. Online furniture stores offer you a myriad of selections.