Things to Consider when Purchasing a Recliner Sofa

The recliner sofa is one of best pieces of furniture that you can buy for your home. Since a recliner sofa is huge, you need to make sure that you have a bigger space to accommodate its size.

Providing you a good space to relax while you read, watch a TV program or movie as well as to have a good stretch is the recliner sofa. Its main purpose is to extend a place of comfort and convenience for the user to have a respite. This piece of furniture can be placed in any area of your home like the living room, patio or even in the bedroom.

Available in different designs and styles, most recliner sofas have footrests, headrests and armrests. The contemporary design of this kind of sofa has been given a new touch though by furniture manufacturers.

Before you buy your recliner sofa, you need to review the following checklist so you can buy the suitable recliner for you.

Your objective for purchasing this furniture, as this will establish the type of recliner sofa that is suitable for you.

The room where it will be situated. Measure the area so you can be sure that your new recliner will fit in the room. This data will give you a clear picture of your preference.

Categorize the characteristics that you are looking for. Some features of recliner sofas include a leg rest and a comfortable retractable headrest. There are also a few that fall under the category of therapeutic recliner sofas as they are equipped with vibrators where you can have a body massage. Others also include heating and push-backs systems.

Check online furniture sites or physical stores. Evaluate the prices and features of the recliner sofas that they offer and compare which of these items fulfill your requirements as well as your budget.

Study the construction of the recliner. Will it be able to support considerable sizes and weights? Those made from oak, pine, steel or plastic are durable. Choose the well-built recliner to assure that it will last you longer.

Examine the fabric. The fabric used as well as its construction will give you an inkling if the recliner is sturdy or not. Make sure that the fabric is firmly sewn, as this is your assurance that it is durable. A firmly sewn fabric is suitable if there are pets and children in your home. Choose a fabric that is likewise easy to clean.

Choose a recliner sofa that will blend with your room theme. For instance, if the room has a contemporary theme then it follows that the furniture must also have the same style.

Ask the store on the warranty and the replacements of its parts and covers.

Before finally ordering the sofa, you need to test it yourself. Hence, if you plan to buy it online, set an appointment to visit the store and see it physically. Sit, lie down or curl on the recliner sofa for at least 7 – 10 minutes to know if it is really comfortable.

Remember, recliner sofas are not that cheap so it is important that you buy one that offers you comfort as well as one that is durable.

Guidelines on Reupholstering Your Dining Room Chair

Equally deserving of your attention and loving care are your dining room chairs. Without its presence, your dining room will not be complete.

The dining room is not merely a space where we eat. It is also a space where we get to have funny and enjoyable conversations while partaking in the sumptuous meal. However, this can be affected if we hear our chairs squeaking in the middle of our conversation. Worst is if someone falls off from the chair because of its wobbly legs. There is also the inconvenience of the worn out upholstery that hurts our bottom. These issues can be prevented if we keep a regular maintenance routine on our dining chairs.

Wobbly legs are dangerous so you must check if there are any screws that need to be tightened. Check if your chair needed to be repainted or refinished. These may be easy jobs but reupholstering your chair is quite an easy task, too. Being able to reupholster your dining chairs by yourself can save you from bringing it to the shop.

Following are the guidelines you need to follow when reupholstering your dining chairs.

• Choose a fabric that is suitable for your chair. Take into account the preferences and lifestyle of the persons who will use it. Avoid beige, navy and olive green fabric colors as they will only make your small dining room to look smaller and darker. Opt to have different patterns and colors to give your room a fresher look. To create balance, choose the same color with that of your curtains.

• Prepare your other tools: staple gun, scissors, screwdriver and staples.

Now, let us start with the reupholstering process.

• Examine if the chair’s frame can still be used. Look for any chips or broken wood on its back seat and legs.

• Get rid of the foam using the screw.

• Do away with the tough backing material of the seat. The tough backing for most chairs is cardboard that is attached to the foam.

• Slice the older upholstered fabric material from the cushioned seat. Make sure that you remove it completely to avoid making it look hefty.

• Position the foam on the new fabric. Make use of a tailor’s chalk to draw the pattern. Give an allowance of 4 inches on the fabric material prior to cutting the pattern. Take the sliced fabric away and place it on a dirt free table. The unpatterned side must be on the top.

• Place the foam on top of the fabric material with the foam’s underside turned on your direction.

• Fold down the fabric on one surface of the foam and have it stapled.

• Firmly drag the fabric above the cushioned seat and staple all of its surfaces.

• Make some pleats or creases on the fabric before stapling it to the foam if the seats are curved.

• Take the cardboard that you have taken away and staple it back.

• Place the reupholstered foam back onto the frame of the chair. Fasten it using its screws.

Reupholster your dining room chairs if they are still worth keeping and saving. Nevertheless, if it can no longer be saved as it is falling to pieces; better buy a new one instead of wasting your time and money in reupholstering or saving your chair. You can find contemporary dining room chairs that are very affordable and that will suit your current dining room furniture.

Easy Tips to Help You Compare Online Furniture Stores

More and more people are turning on the internet to shop for furniture because of their busy lifestyles. This is mainly because shopping online is more convenient and offers more advantages.

With online shopping, one can enjoy the comfort of his home and check on the online shop on his own time. Internet shops are open 24 hours so the shopper need not worry of closing time. You can even shop while at work or anywhere. You need not hop in from one store to another to check the available products as well as the stocks.

Shopping online similarly permits the consumer to get more returns for his money. It is easy to check on the prices and compare it from other online furniture shops. You can easily check what stores offer discounts and the best deals unlike with physical stores. Online shopping is not time-consuming, too.

Another big advantage of online furniture stores is they have plenty of stocks. Their products are not concentrated on just living room, bedroom or dining room furniture. They also have furniture for your patio, deck, office and other fixtures such as lighting accoutrements. Local furniture stores would normally have a few choices for sectional sofas while an online furniture store has several choices.

Local furniture shops charge you for the delivery of your items. This is not so with online stores, as most of them offer free delivery. You also can get a good deal such as paying for the furniture for 12 months via credit card with zero interest.

Although the number of online shoppers is growing in number, there are still a few who are negative about doing their purchases via the internet. One of their reasons is why should they buy an item that they cannot see and feel. Buying small items may not be a big deal for these people but buying big items such as furniture is a big issue. Purchasing furniture online is the same as buying a small item. It is a totally safe undertaking that is inexpensive and a more practical method of buying home or office furniture.

To compare online furniture stores, remember these following tips:

Check and compare the prices to know which furniture store offers the biggest discounts. However, you need to go for quality rather than the price. Sometimes, the cheaper products are made of low quality materials and standards.

Check and compare warranties. Read the warranty information page of the internet store. One year warranty is usually offered for defects in the materials used and workmanship is offered by honest and decent furniture manufacturers.

Check and compare return policies. A 30-day policy is usually offered by online furniture stores to allow the buyer to return the items. You need to keep in mind, though, that the furniture must look good as new.

Get hooked to shop your furniture online and you will find it easier, relaxing and cheaper. Likewise, you do not need to squeeze yourself in a mall to shop.

Decorating Your Living Room with Black Leather Furniture

Some people do not want to have the color black in their room, as they associate it with death and evil. On the other hand, a few relate it to power and elegance.

The color black suggests negative emotions, which is associated with power, style, formality, mystery, evil and death. It can also signify force and power as well as death and grief. However, if used for items such as gowns, cars, tie, suits, dress, hats or other dress accessories, black can have a different connotation. It can represent grace, style, formal and high-status.

The choice of having black leather furniture gives you two benefits: 1) it is durable and easy to maintain, and 2) it has the ability to hide stains and blemishes. The difficulty though lies in the decorating proper. Blending black with white or chrome is nice; however, some homeowners may not like it, as it may present a cold and hospital atmosphere.

Opting to choose black leather furniture in your room would need a keen eye to create balance. Establishing the proper equilibrium in the living room entails that your furniture and your other furnishings match each other to make your room striking and impressive.

Here are some tips if you plan to have black furniture in your living room:

• Opt to have your coffee table, corner or end table and other furniture in wood. The clinical sharpness of black can be softened by wood. It likewise gives warmth to the room’s ambiance. Choose laminated floors or have them in a light color.

• Opt to use lighter colors for your walls. Light colors are ideal for walls with black leather furniture, as they soften the effects of the color black. You can use pale yellow, peach, light turquoise, light green or light mauve or any light colors that you prefer for your walls. Avoid using white or cream though.

• Have throw pillows in two varied hues. You can have a set that has the same color tone as your walls while another set in a darker tone. The use of monochromatic colors in room decorating will create harmony when combined with the colors that are present in your living room. It will similarly set up a good blend with your furniture and its surroundings to attain a well-balanced atmosphere. If you choose light green for your walls, then have a light green throw pillow on one end of your sofa and a dark green throw pillow on the other end.

• Choose accessories that combine the three colors present in your living room. For example, if you have the colors black, light green and dark green, your accessories must have these colors, too. Let us say you opt to have rugs, wall frame or photos, jars, vases or figurines; make sure that the 3 colors mentioned above are present in these accessories. Spread the accessories in every corner of the living room. Do not concentrate them in just one area. If you want to have candles in your room, choose the lighter and darker shades to create harmony.

• Opt to have some metals. This can be reflected on your lighting fixtures. A polished nickel table or stand lamp is a good choice.

Decorating your living room in black leather furniture will not give you a drab or rigid-looking room. Your living room can present a mysterious elegance that will be the envy of your friends and guests when it is combined with the proper colors and accessories.

How to Put Living Room Furniture and Accent Walls Together

The use of accent walls is a fashionable way of designing your living room. Accent walls add more life to your room as well as making it look more sophisticated.

With an accent wall, it is necessary that you place your furniture appropriately, too. To make your living room look more modern, make your accent wall and furniture work well to create balance.

Choosing where to have your accent wall will rely on the kind of theme that you want for your living room. Nevertheless, it would be wise to have it in the direction where it would be seen immediately upon entering the room. It must get the interest of the person immediately.

Position the accent wall in the area where it will get more attention if you have more than two entrances in your living room. A fireplace is a common choice for accent wall; you can also assign a big window as your accent wall. Other choices to have on your accent wall are paintings or other works of art or big furniture.

Nevertheless, when you have an accent wall, it is important that you put your furniture and the accent wall appropriately.

To have symmetry, position your sofa according to their sizes. So, you start by putting the big size in the middle followed by the next size and so on. Position them in such a way that conversation will look more intimate.

Avoid pushing your furniture on the walls. Observe a small space between the walls and the furniture to prevent it from looking stiff. You can have a table behind the sofa and decorate it with photos or other mementos.

If you have other chairs in your living room, group them together depending on their sizes, colors and shapes. They can be positioned near the sofa. You can also put them together in a semi-circular shape to create another conversation area in the room. This is a good idea to have particularly for big gatherings.

Distribute the other pieces of a sectional sofa instead of the usual mode of putting them together. This will give you ample seating fitments in some areas of your living room giving it a more refreshing look. If you have more than what you need in your living room, then assign them in the other rooms of your home.

Have a linear-patterned area rug that directs to the accent wall. A rug with different colors would be a nice one; however, ensure that the colors you choose will blend in with the rest of the furniture and accent wall.

Having an accent wall gives you a good option to create various furniture set-ups in your living room. Experiment in the manner you position your furniture so long as they do not distract the attention on your accent wall. You can have minimal decorations if your accent wall is riveting enough to satisfy the onlooker’s sight. Position your furniture strategically to enthrall your guests’ attention both on your accent wall and furniture pieces.

The Use of Different Lights in Your Living Room can make it Look More Appealing

We had been accustomed to using the traditional lighting fixtures that we have grown up with. However, if you check interior home decorating magazines as well as websites, you will see that subdued lighting has replaced this traditional lighting set-up.

To set the mood in your living room, you need to incorporate various illuminating techniques to make it more inviting and relaxing.

The Different Types of Lights for your Living Room

Natural lights refer to the light given off by the sun. It is free and is good in disinfecting the living room. Therefore, you need to let sunshine in your room whenever possible. If you have thick or dark-colored curtains, gather them on each side of your window to allow sunlight inside the room. This is especially good after the winter to avoid mildew and molds to grow on the window sills. Use skylight to augment the amount of sunlight into your living room. However, if the room gets more than sufficient sunlight, you do not need to have additional lights.

Recessed lights are known to have played an important role in decorating the home. Americans call them can lights or high hats while Canadians call them pot lights. Installed onto cup-shaped gaps on the ceiling or on the walls, these give off balanced illumination in the entire room. Its descending radiance is similar to a big narrowed spotlight. The main switch is used to turn them off. Recessed lights are available in low, muted, accent and back lights.

Task lights, as the name suggests, are used to certain areas of the living room. Designed to give illumination in specific areas, they likewise give off specific effects. You can mount task lights in a corner of the room. A table lamp can be used as a task light assigned in the reading corner of the room.

Table and stand lamps are also useful lighting fixtures for the living room. Available in a variety of styles and designs, lamps come in different sizes, too. Lamps with light-hues or with white-based shades will give more radiance while lamps with dark-hues or gloomy-based shades have a diffused effect.

You can use incandescent or fluorescent bulbs as your overhead lights although the latter is better than the former, as it is less expensive and stays longer. They are also recyclable. Some homeowners do not want to use fluorescent lights because of their unappealing illumination; however, lighting manufacturers have made some improvements in these lighting fixtures. Overhead lights are also practical to use particularly in these financial crisis. However, you always have to blend your choices with your other illuminating accoutrements.

The use of different lights in your living room can make it look more appealing. You do not even have to buy a new set of furniture, as the lights can upgrade the look of your room. It is absolutely a cheaper method of refurbishing your living room atmosphere. Online furniture stores and interior home decorating sites will be able to furnish you with the types of lights to use in your home.

Eating in the Living Room: How to Save Your Furniture from Damage

One of the most used rooms in the home is the living room. This serves not only as an entertainment area but also a gathering place for the family and guests. Attached to the living room functions are clutter and mess that can be brought about by certain items like books, magazines, board games and not to forget food crumbs and spills. Why such mess? It is because we are used to having some snacks while watching TV or playing games and likewise serve food to our guests.

The question is how to eat in the living room without ruining your furniture. This is easily done if careful planning and safety measures are observed.

If you do not have a coffee table yet, then it is about time that you go buy one for your living room. This will prevent any spills as cups and glasses can be placed on its top instead of on the floor or holding on to them all throughout the conversation. Always include glass coasters or saucers for cups so as to avoid having marks on your coffee table. You can also cover your coffee table with a table runner. Contemporary coffee tables are made more functional that they offer more than enough storage spaces for other items aside from providing a space when serving food.

Cover your living room sofas with slipcovers. Your sofa will be protected from leaks or spills as well as stains if you cover it with this essential piece of material. It can also safeguard your sofa from your pets’ hair and claws. Slipcovers also protect your sofa from the temperature and different weights it has to bear that leads to its wear and tear. You can buy slipcovers from furniture stores either in single pieces or a whole piece depending on the number of sofas that you have. Available in various materials and colors, you can easily find one that will match your living room furniture and furnishings. They are also easy to maintain, as they can be machine-washed.

Have an area rug and assign a particular color for any activity. Designate a different color of area rug under your coffee table as the eating area and another for play area and so on.

You can also have a new set of contemporary sofa if your budget will allow it. Contemporary furniture offers a sectional sofa with a veneer ledge on the end of the sofa and another veneer ledge connecting two sofa seats where drinks, food or other items can be placed for added convenience. Some feature an extended platform on the bottom side of the armrest where a cup or glass can be placed, too.

Since the living room is also known as the keeper of the family’s personality, buying furniture for this part of the home must be given special attention. It is important that the family and your guests will feel welcome and comfortable staying in this room, which is emphasized by comfortable and serviceable furniture. The above measures will protect your living room furniture from getting ruined while eating and drinking and at the same time will not limit your having fun, being entertained and relaxing.

Tips on Buying Your New Bedroom Set Online

Planning to buy a new bedroom set can be made easier if you do it online rather than going from one store to another. Online buying will make it faster to compare the prices offered as well as the availability of stocks.

Online shopping offers plenty of products and several furniture companies have joined the fad of selling their products via internet. If you intend to buy a new bedroom set, the Web would certainly be most helpful, as you are presented with a wide array of choices, a complete product description and the price. If you want to check if the same item is sold on another furniture site, you can easily do it by clicking your mouse. You are also freed from bugging sales person who follows you while you make your choice and trying to wring your brain to arrive at a decision.

Nevertheless, how do you go about buying a new bedroom set online? Following are a few helpful tips to help you with your purchase.

Make an inventory of the items that you need and are suited to your lifestyle. Ask yourself some pertinent questions like:

• Do you have a big or small bedroom?
• Are you sharing your bed with someone? If not, what size of bed suits your sleeping style? Are you comfortable sleeping on a single or twin-sized bed?

• Do you need just a bed or a bed that is more functional serving you dual purposes – for sleeping and storage?
• Do you just want a bed with a separate nightstand?

• For a small bedroom, a bed that offers storage would be a better option. You can also get a small-sized furniture set. You can also find a bed that comes with lighted headboard and fitted nightstands.

• Do you have a lot of clothes, accessories and other personal paraphernalia?
• Do you bring your work home and finish them in your bedroom?
• Do you have a TV set and DVD player in your bedroom?

• Does your room have a particular theme? If so, then you need to get furniture that fits the theme of your bedroom. A wooden bed set would suit a rustic-themed bedroom. Choose furniture that will harmonize with the theme of your room to have better harmony.

• You can also choose a made-to-order bedroom set. This allows you to get the exact requirements that you need particularly the size, materials, design and the color. Custom built furniture also permits you to pick your choice of nightstand, dresser and other items for your bedroom.

Your answers to the above questions are your hints on buying a new bedroom set from online stores.

Likewise, buying your new bedroom set online will also give you the benefit of checking all of the discounts offered. Most online furniture stores announce their sales, discounts or seasonal offers as well as cut-price from selected items.

Delivery of these items is commonly free of charge. Nevertheless, look for an online furniture store that offers white glove delivery. This includes delivery, placement, set-up and clearing the mess they have created.

Some furniture stores online also offer free consultation with regards to designing your bedroom.

How to go About Selecting the Fabric of Your Sofa

Sofas are created using different types of fabrics. Just seeing these selections can make you feel dizzy and too excited that you may find it hard to choose what fabric would fit your home. Therefore, a bit of knowledge would help you in your selection.

Let us first list all the factors that you need to include in your selection.

1. The type of sofa that you want.
2. The area where you want it situated
3. The frequency of usage
4. The presence of children or pets in your home
5. The built and weights of family members

Now let us go to the different sofa fabrics.

The most common fabric used is leather. Genuine leather sofas are expensive but they are dependable when it comes to durability. They are also elegant, classy and can mix well with any home theme and type of furniture. However, it is not advised if you have pets around. Your pet will destroy your leather sofa for gnawing and scraping it. Note that this type of fabric is easy to clean.

Faux leather is a little inexpensive compared to genuine leather. Get this type of leather sofa if you have pets around as it is resilient.

A sofa made of microfiber is another good choice with pets inside your home. Its closely woven fibers resist pet’s hair from getting stuck into the sofa. It is likewise easy to clean. If you plan to buy a sofa bed, chaise or recliner, choose those that are made of microfiber.

Rayon Blends does not lose color and defies mildews. A few manufacturers combine rayon with other materials such as cotton, wool or silk for a better texture. When rayon blends are combined with other fabrics, it becomes stronger, softer and more comfortable. However, it cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, as it will lead to its early damage.

Similar to woolen fabrics is acrylic. Soft and long-lasting, it defies blemishes, fading, and wrinkling. It is also one of the economical types of sofa fabrics.

Lavish, stylish and sturdier than other types of fabrics is chenille. It is soft and is a better choice for your living room for added comfort-ability.

Sophisticated and elegant is the silk fabric although it is not ideal to be used frequently. Use it on special events only. If you intend to have a sofa in your bedroom, a silk fabric sofa would be more appropriate.

Linen, cotton, jute and wool are the other fabrics used for sofa. They have low resistance to stain and blemishes, thus extra attention is needed. If appropriate maintenance is not given, they will age earlier.

You can always consult the furniture store where you plan to purchase your sofa. Most of these stores train their staff with regards these matters. The mode of maintenance must also be given to you. Check the sides of the sofa for any maintenance guide. Furniture manufacturers include a tag at the back or under the sofa, where you will be informed as to what kind of cleaning product to use. Your comfort is one feature you should not miss when buying a sofa.