Uncovered: Mattress Myths

When shopping for a new mattress there are many things you should take into consideration. While there are many reasons you should choose your mattress, there are many commonly discussed points you should not hold tight to when choosing your mattress. It is said that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so why not choose a mattress that fits you. Here are some common mattress myths that don’t hold true.matresssleep

  1. Buying a firm mattress is better – Though firm support can be great for back health a firm mattress may not be the best choice for everyone. Depending on a person’s health and back/sleep support needs the decision between soft, firm or medium should be left to the person using the mattress. Try testing out each one before making your decision.
  2. The higher the price, the better – As customers tend to think in many cases the more expensive the item the better it must be, this isn’t always true. Try looking at the materials used, reviews on the product, and how it suits you before breaking the bank. Many times consumers make the mistake of paying for a commonly advertised brand or for a particular name without constructing proper research. Take your time and save some money while you’re at it.
  3. You must purchase all parts to the mattress set- In many cases mattresses are the only necessary change needed for a bed set or upgrade. If you have a foundation or box spring that is still in great condition don’t feel the pressure to toss it along with your mattress. In some cases mattress manufacturers do require purchase of all parts of a set to cover your warranty so be sure to check with your sales persons if the information isn’t properly displayed.
  4. Sales people have the best idea – Though a salesperson does know a lot about what is selling frequently or is highly notable again we encourage you to make the best choice for your body. Choose a mattress that is refreshing and encourages your body to rest, repair and rejuvenate rather than toss and turn.

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