Fall In Love With Your Home!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching try adding some sentimental value to your living quarters by adorning your home with fresh new furniture. Whether you are planning on spending your romantic evening at home or elsewhere, it is always a pleasure to have a comfortable space to enjoy life’s happenings. Check out these items we’ve prepared that will make for a wonderful evening not only this February but for the days to come.

CLS Factory Direct Columbus OhioGet Close with a Loveseat – Add a comfortable loveseat to your living room or den space! Since it requires you and your loved ones to enjoy movies and more in closer proximity, I’s sure you will love this as an added bonus to quality time. Sit back and relax with this beautiful leather Mahogany Loveseat.


CLS Factory Direct Columbus OhioGo Red – It is said that light red is a color that represents love, passion and sensitivity. Try adding a pop of red to brown and neutral themes with this subtle salsa sectional! This color is one that is unisex and tastefully suited for everyone in the home.



CLS Factory Direct Columbus OhioGrab some chocolate! – What better time to update your bedding and get cozy this February? We swoon over this stitched chocolate Queen Comforter set that’s hand quilted and made with 100% cotton. What’s not to love?




For more of the products and pieces we offer here at CLS Factory Direct in Columbus, Ohio feel free to stop by our warehouse at any time for current deals and specials!