Three Tips for choosing Your Kitchen Cabinets!

If you are thinking about updating and upgrading your kitchens look, the right cabinetry can go a long way. With so many choices to choose from it may be hard to hone in on a final decision. Here at CLS Factory Direct we partner with WOLF, the largest supplier of bathroom and kitchen cabinetry in the U.S.A. By mixing classic features with your own personal touch your kitchen is sure to transform into a space you will love to cook, entertain and enjoy life in even more. Here are a few tips for choosing your perfect cabinet!

Cabinetry CLS From Factory Direct Columbus Ohio

  1. Style- From a country style cabinet door to something more sleek and modern, the door is a primary key to overall balance. Focus on the detailing of your cabinetry from material and texture to its mount and overlay. Go with what best suits your personal style.
  2. Size and Mount – Overlay or underlay? Small or larger sized cabinets? There are so many options to choose from that require your attention. Many homeowners tend to go with an overlay where doors lay fittingly over cabinet casing but if you are interested in unique changes and touches try something new.
  3. Hardware – Many of our cabinet choices have a variety of hardware differences. The hardware of your cabinetry can really make a huge impact on the final look of your kitchen. From a more classic or sleek feel to something more common or country – the choice is yours. Things like knobs and pulls are easy to change out and you may even be able to choose a more decorative set of hardware if that is what you fancy.

If you are looking to replace or remodel your kitchens cabinetry give CLS Direct of Columbus Ohio a call today at (614) 436-0357 to schedule a quote.