Spring into Action, Upgrade Your Home!

If you are looking to make your home a bit more refreshing and vibrant for the sunny months ahead look no further. Here at CLS Factory Direct we have many fresh, new options that will add an instant boost to your home décor. If you have already been sweating a change in scenery for your indoor living quarters here are a few ways you can make your home a bit more inviting this season.

CLS Direct Columbus Ohio

  1. Add warm colors – Go for pops of orange, yellow or red with neutral or dark shades to bring warmth and happy moods to your space. Try changing out accent chairs or sofas for a bold look.
  2. Go for white – White brings about feelings and thoughts of freshness while giving off the vibe of a more open, airy room. Try adding white accessories like lamps and rugs or even bedding.
  3. Ditch your old mattress – If you know it’s time for a good spring cleaning and you’ve been holding off on replacing your mattress let’s focus on those springs! With a variety of mattress options CLS Direct can assure you the comfort you dream of starts with a new mattress.

For all of your furniture needs call CLS Direct of Columbus, OH today at (614) 436-0357