A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Accent Chairs

Accent furniture provides a great opportunity to upgrade a room by showing off some personality. Color, texture, size, and style are just a few of the elements that can be explored when seeking the perfect accent seating. Follow this guide to narrow down choices and find a stylish chair that will effortlessly flow with an existing color palette or composition.

Take Measurements

Before beginning the search, existing furniture in the space should be measured by length, width, and seat height (if applicable). An ultra-soft, new Darcy chair will be useless if it’s too low for the coffee table or towers over the chaise lounge. Measuring furniture beforehand will help eliminate seating that isn’t the right fit for the room’s purpose or aesthetic and will help homeowners get it right the first time.

Consider Functionality

Ensuring that guests enjoy maximum comfort can be a breeze if functionality is considered during the purchase decision. To get started, determine if the room that’s being decorated or the chair in question will be heavy-use or light-use. If the seating will be occupied on a daily basis for extended periods of time, search for comfy fabrics that offer a plush look and feel and can withstand frequent usage. However, if a new chair is invited into the party to just add a little something extra, comfort doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker.

Identify Style Preferences and Theme

A yellow accent chair representing bedroom furniture store CLS Direct wholesale cost furniture in Columbus, OH
Accent chairs are a great way to add color and livelihood to any room in a Columbus home. For rooms that already have a cozy feel, stylish accents offer great contrast. Although color palettes don’t necessarily have to be strictly followed—especially if one has eclectic taste—maintaining a balanced integration of varying hues will ensure that new introductions won’t disagree with the theme or look a little out of place.

Whether you’d like to snuggle up and get comfortable or simply enjoy the décor, CLS Direct offers furniture and cabinets at wholesale cost so you can give your space a facelift within your budget. Shop online to discover more about our products so you can find the right pieces for your next project.