3 Most Important Accessories to Get More Comfy at Home

Investing in modern accessories can enhance the comfort of any living space. Here are three of the most important things that can transform a house into a home.

Quality Sofa

A quality sofa is an essential piece of living room furniture that will help to increase relaxation and allow homeowners to unwind after a long day at work. The material and design are the two most important factors that determine the price of the sofa.

Modern Rugs

Modern rugs not only enhance the beauty of the floor but also make the room more lively and elegant. They create a layer of comfort that is unsurpassed by any other flooring material.

Kitchen Cabinets

Because kitchen cabinets are essential components in organizing the cooking area, their functionality is key to increasing comfort in the home. Choose cabinets that provide ample storage and ease for the cook and cleaner of the house. Pick a calming color palette.

These three essential accessories can add immense value and comfort to the home.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Mattress

There are a variety of mattress options, each with its own firmness level, material composition, and conforming toppers. Ensuring comfort and good sleep involves careful research and shopping.

Shop within a Budget

Add-ons and accessories can really add up. Before wandering through stores or browsing websites, determine a spending cap to avoid overspending. After deciding the price limit, it’s possible to narrow the selection to the products that fit within this price range.

Determine Physical Needs

Back support preferences usually play a large part in determining the best mattress option. For example, someone with back pain might be happier with a firm spring-based bed. Some people opt for a memory foam product that helps reduce pressure points, which can be a source of pain.

Test Before Buying

After setting a budget and narrowing the selection to fit physical needs, savvy consumers visit stores to try various beds. The best way to test a mattress is to lie on it in a typical sleeping position for several minutes. Relaxing in this position will give a little insight into what a full night’s sleep will feel like.

Following these three tips will help shoppers zero in on the best mattress for their bedroom, budget, and physical demands.

Easy Ways to Transform Your Bedroom into a Calming Oasis

Ideally, bedrooms are the place you can go to escape the struggles of daily life—but creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere can take some planning. With these designer secrets, it’s easy to create a bedroom oasis that’ll feel like another world. 

Revamping Bedroom Furniture

A bedroom makeover doesn’t have to require investing hundreds of dollars into a new set of bedroom furniture, though finding one or two smaller pieces can often help. If you’d rather highlight your existing furniture, painting the headboard or upgrading to new linens easily transforms a bed. And slipcovers aren’t just for sofas; they give night tables, dressers, and other bedroom furniture much-needed facelifts. 

Color Scheme

Neutrals seem boring, but some of the most serene bedrooms use muted color schemes, leaving plenty of room for smaller pops of color in curtains, throw pillows, and accessories. An additional benefit of muted color schemes is that they make it simple to change things up down the road. 


With too many accessories, a bedroom feels cluttered; with too few, the room feels generic. A few key pieces to consider:

Mirrors enhance lighting and make small bedrooms feel larger.

– Light fixtures showcase personal style.

– Photographs and artwork add personality and color.

– Books add class when stacked on bed tables or dressers.

All it takes is a few minor changes to turn your bedroom into an oasis—and who couldn’t use an excuse to spend more time in bed?


Thanksgiving, Christmas, the holiday season is in full swing and we’re sure the festivities will be never ending. If you are planning to have family and friends enjoying the holidays in your home check out our cabinet selection for a decorative upgrade in no time. The season calls for a lot of time spent in the kitchen so check out these options from our selection below.

Our elite cinnamon option adds a warm sugar touch to neutral countertops and appliances. Dovetailed drawers provide a beautiful touch to a semi-modern collection.

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The elite merlot design is a deep and rich tone that will spice up any kitchen. The collection comes fully assembled and can be great for stainless steel appliances.

CLS Factory Direct kitchen Columbus Ohio

Our landmark birch natural set is a traditional approach to kitchen décor. If it’s time for an upgrade and you are used to simplicity this is the choice for you.

CLS Factory Direct elite kitchen designs Columbus Ohio

If you have been looking to upgrade or remodel and are unsure where to start. Stop by CLS Factory Direct of Columbus, Ohio today and meet with an expert!

Fall Into Savings!

Fall has come upon us and we are excited for the season. Here at CLS Factory Direct we have all of the styles and colors you need to make your home a seasonal oasis. Spice up your décor this fall with a few of these items from CLS Factory Direct or stop by to check out our selection. Here are a few great finds for taking your space from dull to lively this autumn at a feasible price!

  • Try our Paulie DuraBlend sofa now on sale for $389.99! Its pumpkin spice color adds a festive tone to any indoor space.
  • Entertain much? Our rustic accented wine rack by Ashley is the perfect find. Now only $189.99 this durable rack will add a touch of casual antique vibe to your home.
  •  Our Darcy salsa ottoman is great for kicking up your feet with a cozy cup of coffee. On sale now for $220. You are sure to enjoy relaxing with this contemporary style piece.


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For more call or stop by our Columbus, OH location today!


Get On The Furniture Trend!

If you have been thinking about re-decorating your home or maybe just a particular room, but don’t know where to begin, take a look at what is trending in furniture. This can assist in defining your style and set you apart from the crowd. With so much to pick from, so many colors to choose it is always great to have a guide to help steer you in the right direction. Here are a few trends that will give you a head start on next year’s style and surely keep you in the mood to stay at home to entertain.

Geometric home accents CLS Factory Direct Columbus OhioGeometric – Geometry and futuristic vibes can add a cool touch to modern and simple spaces. Our Daitaro sculpture set is one that will add a fun touch to classic space.


Artisan feel – A more artisan feel is one that will bring and relaxed and inviting energy into the home. Opt for pieces that look handmade or woven like our Wilkes Rug!

Floral – It is to no surprise that retro prints like floral are making a modern comeback. They can add a pop of color and livelihood into any space while creating a balance between softness and masculine tones. Check out our Kylee spa accent chair.floral chair CLS Factory Direct Columbus OH

If you’d like to upgrade or accent your home  stop by CLS Direct of Columbus, Ohio today. Be sure to ask our sales professionals about  current deals, specials and new stock items. Proudly serving Central Ohio!

How About A Stay-cation?

Have you been dreaming of going on vacation this summer, getting to a place where relaxation is everywhere and the vibes are calm? With busyness and constant family tasks in the forefront it may not be the summer where you can just get up and go. But wait, revamping up some of your home décor and creating a light and airy space in the home can give you just the sense of relaxation you’ll need. Selecting cool palettes of blue or going light and airy with whites and ivories can make even the busiest person feel at peace in their space. Pops of light neutrals can also be the perfect accent to your cool new décor. Here are some of our top suggestions!


  1. Our Daystar sea foam sofa and loveseat is the perfect addition for a unique and light palette. Add in some major white and deep browns for a getaway feel.
  2. The Bostwick Shoals three piece bedroom set is the perfect cottage style that can give any room a beach resort type feel. Set the atmosphere with beige accents and your choice of blues or soft grays.
  3. Go for a beach brunch feel and create the perfect at home nook with this Whitesburg Round Dining room set. The neutral pallet allows for play on soft colors that will revitalize your dining room décor instantly.

Here at CLS Factory Direct we have so many unique choices for you to choose from. Feel free to stop by and talk to one of our specialists about creating the perfect space to get away right inside the walls of your own home. Stop by our Columbus, Ohio location today.

The Perfect Home for Entertaining

Whether you are hosting a party for the NBA finals or preparing for a fourth of July showdown at your home the furniture you have says it all. Here at CLS Direct we believe home is a place for friends and family. As the summer emerges here are a few items you can add to your list for creating a living room or den area that’s worthy of entertaining.

CLS Furniture Entertainment best furniture

  1. Reclining Sofa – It’s one thing to make sure you’re comfortable, but to have a place for your guests to kick back and relax says a lot about your hosting style. Try adding a reclining sectional to your space to make room for several people to relax and hang out.
  2. Dine Right – Whether you’re formally sitting to chow down or serving dips and finger foods a great table set up is a must. With the right dining group you can have just enough space to sit around the table and chat or serve a plethora of foods close enough to where the party is happening.
  3. Tasteful TV – If you’re hosting a sports party or movie night it is always convenient to have your equipment in one place. Wall systems and entertainment centers are perfect for mounting your TV to a reasonable level while serving as a platform for speakers or added décor. Make this the center of your living room and your guests are sure to stay awhile.

If you are looking to spruce up your living quarters and don’t know where to begin, stop by CLS of Columbus Ohio today for professional guidance. We offer a variety of designs and textiles to meet your specific needs.

Summer Must Haves from CLS Direct!


If you are gearing up for some summer fun, entertainment and enjoyment why not create an oasis at home that you will love? Entertaining guests and cooling off in the comfort of your own home is a priceless way to beat the heat while having fun. So, here are a few items that will not only boost the appeal around your home but will make your home a summer hot spot for family and friends.

CLS Factory Direct Columbus Ohio

  1. This cool colored Gale Recliner is perfect for relaxing while watching sports or reading a good book, in style of course.
  2. The Hannin sofa and loveseat is the perfect set for hanging our with family or entertaining friends. Its cool blue color adds a sense of relaxation and a beachy feel to any living room.
  3. Our Naomi Left Pier entertainment system is a great way to accent your home while creating a space for the core of entertainment. Place music speakers or a widescreen TV on its shelves to create a selected space for all of your entertainment needs.


For more suggestions on furniture and summer accents feel free to stop by CLS Direct of Columbus, OH today!

Spring into Action, Upgrade Your Home!

If you are looking to make your home a bit more refreshing and vibrant for the sunny months ahead look no further. Here at CLS Factory Direct we have many fresh, new options that will add an instant boost to your home décor. If you have already been sweating a change in scenery for your indoor living quarters here are a few ways you can make your home a bit more inviting this season.

CLS Direct Columbus Ohio

  1. Add warm colors – Go for pops of orange, yellow or red with neutral or dark shades to bring warmth and happy moods to your space. Try changing out accent chairs or sofas for a bold look.
  2. Go for white – White brings about feelings and thoughts of freshness while giving off the vibe of a more open, airy room. Try adding white accessories like lamps and rugs or even bedding.
  3. Ditch your old mattress – If you know it’s time for a good spring cleaning and you’ve been holding off on replacing your mattress let’s focus on those springs! With a variety of mattress options CLS Direct can assure you the comfort you dream of starts with a new mattress.

For all of your furniture needs call CLS Direct of Columbus, OH today at (614) 436-0357