A Peek into a Man’s Bedroom

We see more single men and women living on their own for their quest of independence. Not only do they long to do freely what they want but they also want their abode to speak of themselves. But keeping their homes in the manner they want it to be will always be different.

Single women may have their knack for decorating their home especially the bedroom. This does not follow, however, with men. It is enough to have a bed where they can lie on at nighttime. Rarely would you see a man’s bedroom all dressed up.

If your man is like this, maybe it is about time that you do a bit of redesigning his bedroom. To guide you with this, you need to know what appeals to him most.

Let us talk about the bed. Beds preferred by men are spacious; hence, a full-size like a queen-sized bed is preferable. Being large, it gives them the feeling of being important. A full size bed does not restrict their movements.

His bedroom must exude an air of masculinity not unless they are married, of course. They have to agree somewhere with the wife. The bedroom must be an extension of his personality and this must be shown in his bed. The bed, anyway, is the central item in the bedroom.

Men would love to have a platform bed. These beds are normally available in king size and queen size. They are muscular in appeal and have clear-cut designs and styles.

Other items can be placed for accentuation because it is similarly modest and inconspicuous. The definite and down-to-earth built of platform beds will capture anybody’s attention. It does not, however, totally steal or the interest of the onlooker to the other ornaments that contribute to the ambiance of the bedroom. Remember that single men do not want a room with many decorations. These beds are easy to set up. Linens need not be lavish, too.

There are also platform beds in leather. This shows that the man has a style and knows what he wants. It exudes independence without giving up masculinity. A leather platform bed signifies a confident, responsible and organized man, which is a sure way of winning the heart of her woman.

Materials that can be used for a man’s bed are wood and metal. Wooden bed made from mahogany or oak are sturdy and very chic. This also goes for the metal-framed bed.

Chest of drawers or bureau is a necessity in a man’s bedroom. It presence will make his bedroom neat and orderly. Other furniture pieces for your man’s bedroom are an alarm clock and a lamp. Since men love watching movies, news and sports, have a TV stand to place his TV and DVD player in his room.

A nice-looking bedroom will be anybody’s pride. Choosing the appropriate furniture spells the difference in making one’s bedroom look appealing and restful.

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