Avoid Common Design Follies

When it comes to designing the look of your home, we focus too much on what we SHOULD do with the design scheme of the interior.  Instead, we NEED to pay more attention to what should NOT be done when decorating.  These are the most frequent mistakes that are made when designing, and the ways to avoid them before they destroy your decor.

Avoiding Color

Don’t be afraid to experiment when painting your walls. Use colors that thoroughly express your tastes and personality instead of slapping on a coat of beige to “make the room look bigger.” If you are reluctant to paint your rooms in bright colors, just try the accent effect where you only make one or two of the walls stand out while keeping the others more conservative.

Weak Windows

Window treatments are an easy, cost-efficient way to really put a good touch on a room, but many times, the curtain frame is hung too low or the curtains do not fit the window.  This either makes the ceiling look low or the curtains appear cheap. The best range to hang your curtains is six inches to one foot above the window molding. This allows more light into the room and it makes ceilings look taller.  Also, curtains should hang from the curtain rod to the floor.

Floating Rugs

A rug should either be large enough to provide a surface for all of the furniture to rest on or the right size for the furniture to perfectly frame it.  Rugs that are too small for a room end up creating an island that really breaks up the design and the scheme of the furniture.

Accessory Overload

Accessories should be nothing more than small additions.  They are not meant to control their settings.  Crowding your tables with frames, candles, and vases is overkill. Instead display your accessories so that your favorite pieces receive the most attention from visitors.  You can even keep these items in a rotation so that you can always add something new to the room.

Poor-Fitting Furniture

There should be three feet, if not more, separating larger pieces like sofas from the rest of the furniture so that people can easily pass through the room.  On top of that, try not to fill big spaces with little pieces since it really disturbs the flow of your décor.

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