Choosing Between Big and Small TV Stands

Watching TV is probably the most favorite pastime of most people. We turn on our TV sets upon waking up to listen to the news or upon arriving from work or school. Apart from our TV set, modern technology has also introduced other electronic devices.

The size is one of the most significant factors to think of when buying TV stands followed by the materials used. Viewing will be more enjoyable if you have a good stand that supports your unit well and complements the rest of your living room furniture.

There are two sizes of TV stands – big and small. Let us check their differences.

Big TV Stands

A big living room is ideal for a big TV stand as well as a large unit. This will support the weight of your unit appropriately. It also provides ample storage like shelves, drawers so other entertainment devices may be placed like your DVD/CD player, music player, or audio systems. You can even have storage space for your remotes, shelves for DVDs, books and magazines.

Advantages a big TV stand

• It is spacious
• offers more storage spaces for your other accessories; thus giving order in your living room
• gives the viewers the thrill in watching a movie or program, as the screen is seen clearly and fully for the vastness of the space
• creates an idea of the homeowner’s classy taste for furniture

Small TV stands

Small TV stands do not need a big space yet can house your unit and other electronic devices.

Advantages of small TV stands

• ideal for those living in small spaces such as townhouse, condos or apartment.
• easy to set up
• most have wheels, thereby allowing you to transport it to other areas of your home
• ideal if you want a small TV set in the kitchen or in the bedroom
• provides more shelves for your other bits and pieces

Knowing the advantages of both stands, however, is not enough.
You need to know your requirements and this will depend on the size of your TV set and the number of entertainment gadgets that you have. When buying a stand for your set, you must not only think of your entertainment gadgets but also something that can accommodate other bits and pieces in the living room.

Even a small space can have a moderately-sized TV stand to put order in the living room. This will save you from buying another bookshelf or cabinet for your other stuff, as the stand can keep these items.
You also need to check the height, which should be neither too high nor too low so watching a program or movie will be at eye level.

Additionally, it should complement your other furniture as well as your living room theme. TV stands are now created using different materials. We have the glass TV stands for a more contemporary appeal and the traditional wood TV stands are still very much in fashion. Some make use of metal and steel. Whatever you choose, always make sure that it is capable of supporting your entertainment gadgets, is reasonably priced, durable and long lasting.

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