Guidelines on Reupholstering Your Dining Room Chair

Equally deserving of your attention and loving care are your dining room chairs. Without its presence, your dining room will not be complete.

The dining room is not merely a space where we eat. It is also a space where we get to have funny and enjoyable conversations while partaking in the sumptuous meal. However, this can be affected if we hear our chairs squeaking in the middle of our conversation. Worst is if someone falls off from the chair because of its wobbly legs. There is also the inconvenience of the worn out upholstery that hurts our bottom. These issues can be prevented if we keep a regular maintenance routine on our dining chairs.

Wobbly legs are dangerous so you must check if there are any screws that need to be tightened. Check if your chair needed to be repainted or refinished. These may be easy jobs but reupholstering your chair is quite an easy task, too. Being able to reupholster your dining chairs by yourself can save you from bringing it to the shop.

Following are the guidelines you need to follow when reupholstering your dining chairs.

• Choose a fabric that is suitable for your chair. Take into account the preferences and lifestyle of the persons who will use it. Avoid beige, navy and olive green fabric colors as they will only make your small dining room to look smaller and darker. Opt to have different patterns and colors to give your room a fresher look. To create balance, choose the same color with that of your curtains.

• Prepare your other tools: staple gun, scissors, screwdriver and staples.

Now, let us start with the reupholstering process.

• Examine if the chair’s frame can still be used. Look for any chips or broken wood on its back seat and legs.

• Get rid of the foam using the screw.

• Do away with the tough backing material of the seat. The tough backing for most chairs is cardboard that is attached to the foam.

• Slice the older upholstered fabric material from the cushioned seat. Make sure that you remove it completely to avoid making it look hefty.

• Position the foam on the new fabric. Make use of a tailor’s chalk to draw the pattern. Give an allowance of 4 inches on the fabric material prior to cutting the pattern. Take the sliced fabric away and place it on a dirt free table. The unpatterned side must be on the top.

• Place the foam on top of the fabric material with the foam’s underside turned on your direction.

• Fold down the fabric on one surface of the foam and have it stapled.

• Firmly drag the fabric above the cushioned seat and staple all of its surfaces.

• Make some pleats or creases on the fabric before stapling it to the foam if the seats are curved.

• Take the cardboard that you have taken away and staple it back.

• Place the reupholstered foam back onto the frame of the chair. Fasten it using its screws.

Reupholster your dining room chairs if they are still worth keeping and saving. Nevertheless, if it can no longer be saved as it is falling to pieces; better buy a new one instead of wasting your time and money in reupholstering or saving your chair. You can find contemporary dining room chairs that are very affordable and that will suit your current dining room furniture.

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