How About A Stay-cation?

Have you been dreaming of going on vacation this summer, getting to a place where relaxation is everywhere and the vibes are calm? With busyness and constant family tasks in the forefront it may not be the summer where you can just get up and go. But wait, revamping up some of your home décor and creating a light and airy space in the home can give you just the sense of relaxation you’ll need. Selecting cool palettes of blue or going light and airy with whites and ivories can make even the busiest person feel at peace in their space. Pops of light neutrals can also be the perfect accent to your cool new décor. Here are some of our top suggestions!


  1. Our Daystar sea foam sofa and loveseat is the perfect addition for a unique and light palette. Add in some major white and deep browns for a getaway feel.
  2. The Bostwick Shoals three piece bedroom set is the perfect cottage style that can give any room a beach resort type feel. Set the atmosphere with beige accents and your choice of blues or soft grays.
  3. Go for a beach brunch feel and create the perfect at home nook with this Whitesburg Round Dining room set. The neutral pallet allows for play on soft colors that will revitalize your dining room décor instantly.

Here at CLS Factory Direct we have so many unique choices for you to choose from. Feel free to stop by and talk to one of our specialists about creating the perfect space to get away right inside the walls of your own home. Stop by our Columbus, Ohio location today.

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