How to go About Selecting the Fabric of Your Sofa

Sofas are created using different types of fabrics. Just seeing these selections can make you feel dizzy and too excited that you may find it hard to choose what fabric would fit your home. Therefore, a bit of knowledge would help you in your selection.

Let us first list all the factors that you need to include in your selection.

1. The type of sofa that you want.
2. The area where you want it situated
3. The frequency of usage
4. The presence of children or pets in your home
5. The built and weights of family members

Now let us go to the different sofa fabrics.

The most common fabric used is leather. Genuine leather sofas are expensive but they are dependable when it comes to durability. They are also elegant, classy and can mix well with any home theme and type of furniture. However, it is not advised if you have pets around. Your pet will destroy your leather sofa for gnawing and scraping it. Note that this type of fabric is easy to clean.

Faux leather is a little inexpensive compared to genuine leather. Get this type of leather sofa if you have pets around as it is resilient.

A sofa made of microfiber is another good choice with pets inside your home. Its closely woven fibers resist pet’s hair from getting stuck into the sofa. It is likewise easy to clean. If you plan to buy a sofa bed, chaise or recliner, choose those that are made of microfiber.

Rayon Blends does not lose color and defies mildews. A few manufacturers combine rayon with other materials such as cotton, wool or silk for a better texture. When rayon blends are combined with other fabrics, it becomes stronger, softer and more comfortable. However, it cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, as it will lead to its early damage.

Similar to woolen fabrics is acrylic. Soft and long-lasting, it defies blemishes, fading, and wrinkling. It is also one of the economical types of sofa fabrics.

Lavish, stylish and sturdier than other types of fabrics is chenille. It is soft and is a better choice for your living room for added comfort-ability.

Sophisticated and elegant is the silk fabric although it is not ideal to be used frequently. Use it on special events only. If you intend to have a sofa in your bedroom, a silk fabric sofa would be more appropriate.

Linen, cotton, jute and wool are the other fabrics used for sofa. They have low resistance to stain and blemishes, thus extra attention is needed. If appropriate maintenance is not given, they will age earlier.

You can always consult the furniture store where you plan to purchase your sofa. Most of these stores train their staff with regards these matters. The mode of maintenance must also be given to you. Check the sides of the sofa for any maintenance guide. Furniture manufacturers include a tag at the back or under the sofa, where you will be informed as to what kind of cleaning product to use. Your comfort is one feature you should not miss when buying a sofa.

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