How to Put Living Room Furniture and Accent Walls Together

The use of accent walls is a fashionable way of designing your living room. Accent walls add more life to your room as well as making it look more sophisticated.

With an accent wall, it is necessary that you place your furniture appropriately, too. To make your living room look more modern, make your accent wall and furniture work well to create balance.

Choosing where to have your accent wall will rely on the kind of theme that you want for your living room. Nevertheless, it would be wise to have it in the direction where it would be seen immediately upon entering the room. It must get the interest of the person immediately.

Position the accent wall in the area where it will get more attention if you have more than two entrances in your living room. A fireplace is a common choice for accent wall; you can also assign a big window as your accent wall. Other choices to have on your accent wall are paintings or other works of art or big furniture.

Nevertheless, when you have an accent wall, it is important that you put your furniture and the accent wall appropriately.

To have symmetry, position your sofa according to their sizes. So, you start by putting the big size in the middle followed by the next size and so on. Position them in such a way that conversation will look more intimate.

Avoid pushing your furniture on the walls. Observe a small space between the walls and the furniture to prevent it from looking stiff. You can have a table behind the sofa and decorate it with photos or other mementos.

If you have other chairs in your living room, group them together depending on their sizes, colors and shapes. They can be positioned near the sofa. You can also put them together in a semi-circular shape to create another conversation area in the room. This is a good idea to have particularly for big gatherings.

Distribute the other pieces of a sectional sofa instead of the usual mode of putting them together. This will give you ample seating fitments in some areas of your living room giving it a more refreshing look. If you have more than what you need in your living room, then assign them in the other rooms of your home.

Have a linear-patterned area rug that directs to the accent wall. A rug with different colors would be a nice one; however, ensure that the colors you choose will blend in with the rest of the furniture and accent wall.

Having an accent wall gives you a good option to create various furniture set-ups in your living room. Experiment in the manner you position your furniture so long as they do not distract the attention on your accent wall. You can have minimal decorations if your accent wall is riveting enough to satisfy the onlooker’s sight. Position your furniture strategically to enthrall your guests’ attention both on your accent wall and furniture pieces.

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