Make Use of Colors through Your Furniture and Furnishings to Spice up Your Living Room

Playing an important role in our lives are colors, as it affects our emotions and moods. This can be noticed in the colors that we choose for our clothes, shoes and accessories. Likewise, the colors that are present in our homes also have an impact in its atmosphere. The wrong choice of color can create various reactions to the members of the home as well as to your visitors.

Every color has its meaning. It can change the outlook of a person and can trigger misunderstandings, too. Its effect is so great that colors for your home must be carefully chosen to instill good feelings.

The color blue signifies coolness and peacefulness. Blue can lighten up your emotions, which is a plus factor to attaining good health. Blue slows down blood pressure, heart and respiration rates. Productivity can be achieved with the color blue. It brings forth encouraging emotions like calming, balance and serenity.

Associated with being alive and happy is the color yellow that also symbolizes sunshine. Yellow will give your room a cheerful and optimistic look. This color also alleviates one’s outlook as well as improves attention. If this color is present in the living room, it can stimulate good communication and foster health and wellness. It brings forth encouraging emotions like peacefulness, calmness, contentment and joy. The use of too much yellow, though, can trigger irritation.

Nature is best expressed with the color green that exudes a soothing feeling. Green signifies birth and is cool and pleasurable to the eyes. It was also said that it can enhance one’s eyesight. Green is a nice color to have in your living room furniture. For couples who wanted to have a baby, have some green in your bedroom. It is also associated with having income. Green cultivates peace, harmony, fertility and calmness.

Red sets passionate and intense emotions. Do not use too much red, however, in the bedroom. Although, it is a loving color, it can also trigger tension and heated arguments. Red furniture in the office extends feelings of power and determination. Use a faint red for your dining room’s accent wall to have an inviting and comfy ambiance. Romance, power, passion and energy are the optimistic sensations extended by the color red.

The color orange is ideal to be used in business. Did you not notice that the orange color is usually used to indicate price cut-offs? A cozy corner will even more look cozier with an orange color theme. Have a sofa or chair in orange upholstery. Orange stimulates feelings of excitement, happiness and liveliness.

Representing purity, cleanliness, openness, clarity and peace is the color white. It is a neutral color; hence, any furnishings or decorations can blend with your white furniture. A small room will look bigger if its walls are painted in white. Some say it is not good to have white walls in the bedroom, as it emits a feeling of infertility.

Another neutral color that is good to use in the home is brown, which signifies abundance. Earth, soil and trees are symbolized by the color brown. Feelings of complacency, intimacy, sociability are exuded if you have brown-colored furniture in your home. Positive emotions of brown are gentleness, compassion and stylishness.

Mysterious is the impression that the color black creates. It must be used appropriately in the home so as not to create impressions of hostility and arrogance. It is best to use it as accentuation to your decorations like in framed photos. A combination of black, white and deep blue establishes a rustic look in your home. Professionalism and dedication are the positive emotions set by the color black.

Purple is always associated with royalty like blue. This induces healing. A kid’s playroom with purple-colored furniture will make them to be more creative, imaginative and improve their concentration. Emotions brought forth by purple are ingenuity, inventiveness, open-mindedness and healing. It is also a good color for the bedroom, as it induces sleep.

Spice up your living room by choosing your colors well. Ensure that the colors of your furniture blend well with the color of your walls and furnishings.

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