Modernize Your Bedroom with the Contemporary Platform Bed

The need for more functional furniture is a necessity in these modern times. Answering the need for functionality is the contemporary platform bed.

Since it has been out in the market, contemporary platform beds have adorned most modern bedrooms. They have become popular because of their durability and versatility.

An essential element in any bedroom, beds have evolved from their simple style and designs to more ornate ones. Depending on the preference of the user, a bed can have intricate or lavish decorations, with or without a headboard, king, queen or twin size and of a different material. Furniture designers have also brought their creativity to come up with more varied bed styles. With the so many designs and types of beds, the contemporary platform beds have gotten much attention because of its adaptability apart from being useful.

Categorized as modern furniture, platform beds grab the attention of anyone. Owing to its modish design, it can augment the look of your bedroom and its flexibility can easily blend with your other furniture, fixtures and decorations.

Functionality is seen all over because of its direct, exemplary lines and simple structure. The mattress is supported by independently crafted boards compared to the regular beds that have box coils. It gives your bedroom an air of elegance not only because of its modern look but also because of the intricate wood work. The ordinary designed platform beds are characterized by several wooden or metal boards, thin plywood and a lofty flat surface.

The contemporary platform bed can give your bedroom an Asian or European theme. Easy to match with other furniture, platform beds have good comfort levels assuring you of a good long night sleep.

Serenity is best portrayed and achieved with a contemporary platform bed, which is a welcome treat for someone who had worked all day.

It creates an illusion of extra spaces; hence, making a small bedroom to look bigger.
Its mattress has compact cushions giving you adequate support and stability in your sleep. Adding a memory foam mattress can further augment its being useful.

A few contemporary platform beds have built-in drawers under it to provide storage space — a nice place to keep your linen, bed sheets, pillow cases, curtains, etc.

You can find contemporary platform beds in the usual rectangular shape and the new round shape. Even some of those that have a round shape were equipped with underneath drawers. Some have built-in nightstands, too.

Head boards may be present and can either be broad, tall or both. Some have tufting in leather. Others are made to be more luxurious with small crystals in between the tufting. Still a few contemporary platform beds have a Japanese style or a walk-on platform with nightstands.

The price varies depending on the style and design but most of them are within your means. Contemporary platform beds are easy to find although you can find the biggest selection from online furniture stores.

With the functionality it offers, the price you will have to pay is nothing with the service and worth it will give you back.

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