Protecting against Hazards you can’t see

Preparing a nursery for your soon-to-be-newborn is a very special time for parents. You want the room to be completely safe; a beautiful living space for your new special treasure but free from any hazards. But how do you protect them from the hazards you can’t see? Here are some safe and healthy ways to create a living space for your little one.

Avoid hazards you can’t see

Keeping the room safe doesn’t just mean ensuring the edges of furniture pieces are rounded and protectors are in the plugs. You have to protect your little one from things that cannot be seen. This means staying away from synthetic materials that give off formaldehyde gas. Items like press board and plastics are the culprits in this case. Instead, choose furniture made out of natural wood that is not finished. It’s pretty much guaranteed that during your baby’s gumming stage, s/he will come in contact with the crib or other pieces of furniture. Be sure to stay away from painted or stained materials for their safety as well.

Keep it simple and clean

Today’s current fashion is a contemporary style. The modern-and-chic look is one of simplicity, where only a few items are used to bring life to the room. Use colors sparingly is the key here, and stay away from over-using pastels. Go with a calm color for the walls.  This will allow for wall murals or cozy rugs to stand out more, adding style to the room.

Safe walls for little hands

On the theme of non-toxic products, it’s important that the walls of the room are safe from any artificial materials. If you’re choosing wallpaper for the room, look to have it professionally installed with non-toxic wallpaper paste. If you choose to paint, zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) is your best bet here and can be customized to match almost any color you need.

Natural Baby Bedding

Toxins can also be found in bedding. Your baby’s skin will be in contact with nursery bedding for many hours each day. A baby’s skin is very sensitive in the early years, so it’s important to keep their skin safe from substances that cause irritation. Choose natural fabrics like cotton instead of synthetics. This also goes for crib bumpers, pillow inserts, covers and changing pads.

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