Setting Up an Entertainment Center

Your dreams are about to come true!

Standing lofty against your living room wall is the entertainment center you’ve been dreaming your whole life about. But now the fear sets in. You look to the left and see a bundle of electronic equipment that you must now, somehow, put together in order for your dreams to become complete.

But have no fear. If you follow the next few simple steps, you will be able to put together a great entertainment system that will blow your friends away.

  1. Place the television in the middle of the entertainment center. Connect your Blue-ray, DVD or VHS player to the television using HD or HDMI cables.
  2. Connect the home theater receiver to the A/V (audio/video) output on the television. If the television does not have an A/V Out, then connect it to the DVD or Blu-ray player. It is best to use either RCA or fiber optic cables for this.
  3. Center the channel speaker below or directly above the television.
  4. Place the two front speakers on each side of the channel speaker.
  5. For maximum impact, the channel speaker and two front speakers should be placed equidistant from the listening area in an arched arrangement. They should also be at the same height, ideally at ear-level for the listeners.
  6. Put the two rear surround sound speakers on each side of the listening area behind the listening area. These can be placed above or below the seated listener.
  7. Finally, place the subwoofer around the room and experiment to find the best location. Turn on a movie or music and move the subwoofer to various spots in order to find the best sound.

You and your friends and family will soon enjoy the ear-splitting, seat-jarring surround sound from your new home theater set up!

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