Using Bright Colors to Spice Up Your Home.

Say goodbye to the days of pale sea blues and aqua’s. Strong intense blues like peacock, teal, and royal are making their ways into homes across America.  However, the color of choice of this very bright season is turquoise.  Moods are known to be stimulated by bright colors and can be greatly affected by them. Blues are known for providing tranquility and freshness, giving any room a sense of well being. Bright blues will just emphasize those feelings making your room a place everyone will want to be.

We tend to lean to the safe side when purchasing larger ticket items, like a sofa or dining table, from CLS Direct. This means browns and beiges will most likely be the color of your furniture purchases. These neutral colors can be given some spirit by accenting them with bright colors. A turquoise throw pillow or lamp will add style and energy to the room.

Bright colored accent pieces can also be easy on your budget and be easily replaced in the changing seasons. You probably will not want bright turquoise colored throw pillows during Christmas time, so going bright on small accent pieces can give you the luxury of changing the style of your room easily and make it affordable.

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