Using Room Dividers in Your Living Room to Create Small Spaces

Originally conceptualized to maximize space, room dividers are a great way to have two areas in any room. A big room can be made cozier with a room divider.

For instance, if your children share their room, you can make use of a room divider so they will have their own space. Alternatively, a small room can have a little space for other purposes with the use of a room divider. By using your decorating sense, you can make use of room dividers to create a different look and style in your home.

The use of room dividers can be maximized in the living room. Since this area commonly occupies a bigger space, you can assign different areas by using room partitions. Modern home decorating styles advocate the use of dividers to have more privacy. Room dividers do not mean you need to have walls. They are panels that create an illusion of having two separate areas for different reasons.

Here are some useful tips on how to make use of dividers.

Evaluate the type of divider you want to use. Room dividers are available in different forms and styles. There are folding doors or screens (for more privacy); drapes and curtains; big furniture such as an entertainment center. There are also room dividers that are light in weight.

The room divider must complement the style and design of your living room. Therefore, take into account the color, materials used and the manner it was built. Nevertheless, you can have the divider repainted if the style suits your room but not the color.

How to use room dividers

Use it to hide clutter. Instead of having the storage boxes within the living room, keep it at the back of the divider.

Have a relaxing corner in the living room. Place a lounge, a loveseat or a sofa. Add a small table with a lamp on its top. You can also choose to have a task light placed just above the chair. This will enable one to read without being disturbed. Another alternative is to create a music room. Place the component on a shelf (a small TV stand will do) but do not forget the headphones.

Make a playroom for your child in the living room. Put a rug, a shelf or a trunk (where your kid can store his toys). Have a small folding table and chair so he can do some writing or artwork. This will remove the clutter in the living room especially if a guest suddenly pops in.

Design a miniature study area or office. Put a desk with adequate drawers, chair and a desk lamp. You can add wall type shelves or a vertical book shelf.

If your divider is plain, add some decorations on its surface. The divider should be strong enough if you are to put photographs, artworks or other small decors. You can use small fans and fashion it into something like a tree. You can also make use of your creativity and paint something on the divider.

Big furniture like cabinet, media center or sofa can also be used as a divider. This is advisable for a huge living room.

Room dividers are also meant to be decorative pieces. A translucent divider can render a different ambiance in your living room. Have a lounge, sofa or table and a table lamp or task light. Your room will have a faint glow when you turn on the light that is behind the divider.

Room dividers are very practical and purposeful. It can make a dreary-looking room livelier. With a small budget, dividers can add spice to your living room.

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