What Style of Your Furniture Suits Your Home?

There are plenty of ideas for home furniture but choosing the appropriate one may be a little bit tricky. To create the home that you have always wanted, here is a list of different furniture styles to choose from.

Your choice of furniture will depend on the home style that you have.

The contemporary designs of furniture feature crisp, straightforward lines and irregular shapes. This type of furniture has sharp, 90-degree angles or extraordinary curves. Simple lines and straight borders can be seen on the tables without additional decorations or textures. The curves can be seen in rounded chairs but is limited to one or two flowing shapes to maintain the original minimalism of the furniture. Sofas are plain and white with flat armrests and cubed cushions.

Traditional designs of furniture feature elaborate carvings, complicated curves and multifaceted embellishments. Cabinets have ball foot, claw and bun feet and stepped bracket legs. Chairs have cabriole and spider legs. Chairs have curved backs and rolled arms while cabinets have pediments. They are also big and impressive in size. Sofa backs feature curvilinear designs or camel back shapes.

Urban types of furniture are the modern trends that lean towards minimalism. Its finishing is in black with brushed aluminum focal points and glass. It can also be in light, light-colored wood with brushed aluminum and glass. They are small in size and are suited for small spaces.

Country and cottage style of furniture features pale shades of wood, muted hues, simple contours and old-fashioned fabrics. Its color and comfort is its most important feature. They are at times painted or adorned with uncomplicated lines but refined. Texture consists of bead-board walls, baskets, natural fibers in window coverings and floors and weathered-finish on wooden pieces of furniture.

Transitional pieces of furniture have uncomplicated lines although not as uncomplicated as the contemporary pieces. They combine the comfort and plainness of contemporary furniture with the polished style of traditional furniture.

Eclectic styles of furniture are the mirror image of a person’s affection of the various designs of the different periods and styles. Its total appeal is unique but merges harmoniously throughout the artistic use of shape and texture, color and finish.

Rustic furniture pieces make use of a lot of natural woods, walls, beams and columns with simple lines and a realistic feel. Wood paneling and stone are also utilized. These pieces look tough and durable. Accessories though are ancient and rather played down.

Amish furniture pieces are the handcrafted furniture. This is composed of cedar, pine or oak.

Art deco features both sleek and geometric lines with bright hues, strong upright lines and rounded edges. They are made of exotic types of woods as well as Bakelite and Formica. A combination of contrasting elements is a common feature of this style.

Colonial types of furniture are a simplified look of European furniture and inclines significantly towards Chippendale and Queen Anne styles. Spindled legs and backs are seen on the chairs.

Use the above list in choosing your home furniture. The Internet offers plenty of online furniture stores offering these types of furniture pieces.

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