Your Dining Room Does Not Have to Match!

Your dining room does not have to match!

The days of matching dining rooms are finished! Today’s furniture buyers want their dining rooms to reflect their families’ personalities by mixing and matching different pieces to create a only one of a kind dining experience. All the dining room furniture you buy CLS Direct should be something you love that is a reflection of your home and personality.

The table, the centerpiece of any eating experience, is the first thing you need to consider when combining different styles of furniture for your dining room. Because of this, the rest of the design will play off of this focal point. Tables with lighter finishes and glass or stone tops lend a casual feel while darker finishes tend to be used for formal settings. If you plan on using the dining room for every meal, a glass top table is also easy to clean and maintain.

Next, consider the chairs. Even in a formal dining room setting the chairs don’t have to be the same. Wood, upholstered, leather, and even metal are just a few of the different styles of chairs you can choose from.  And even when mixed and matched, these varying choices can add a style all of their own to any dining room. Mix and match back styles, use different styles for the side and arm chairs, apply coordinating fabrics to add some excitement to your seating. Side chairs can also be placed throughout the dining room for a unique look.

Finally, the serving pieces can be constructed from different materials than your table and chairs. Painted sideboards, china cabinets, and buffet tables will give them an eccentric one-of-a-kind look and add an interesting style to your dining room. Finish the table off with a centerpiece that matches the color or style of your curtains and there you have it–a dining room that is a reflection of you.

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