Choosing Furniture for a Brown-Themed Bedroom

Brown may not be an interesting color to some people; however, it can bring elegance to your bedroom by combining its dark and light tones and mixing it with other hues for accentuation.

To brighten up the bland shade of brown, you need to mix it with bright colors to enliven your room.

If you used dark brown for your bedroom walls, get furniture with robin egg blue upholstery or have some wallpaper in this color. Brown represents wood while the robin egg blue stands for water, both of which create an atmosphere of newness and vitality.

Brown and green is another color combination that you can use. Representing affluence, green when combined with brown conveys energy and prosperity. The color green is likewise soothing; thus, it encourages your body to unload or to feel at ease. It is also cool to the sight. Brown walls can have pale tones of green.

Since brown is a neutral color, you can also blend it with another neutral shade. You have the option to choose pure white or off-white.

Other colors that can blend with brown are light yellow, orange, and beet read. Dark purple and gray can also be matched with brown.

Furniture for a brown-themed bedroom

Pick furniture made of wood. It does not matter whether real or lacquer wood was used.

Choose colors in different shades to avoid dullness in your bedroom. If your walls are in dark brown, then choose light-brown for furniture or vice versa.

Use white colors for your decorations for emphasis. Frame pictures or paintings in white borders. Have white pillowcases and white cushions for your sofa.

If you choose to have a chair, opt to get a leather chair with brown upholstery. Upholstery must be in light brown if your walls are painted in dark brown. If you do not want leather, then get a velvety couch instead. You can also choose chenille for your sofa material.

Rattan and wicker baskets can be used as storage as well as decoration. Complement these with rattan blinds. Alternatively, you can have drapes or curtains in cream color.

To add warmth in your bedroom, have an area rug in soft red hue.

Have some plants in your bedroom. Then, choose floral prints for your curtains or drapes and bed linens that are in citrus yellow. Put plants that require less sunlight and water.

Get some scented candles for a more relaxing atmosphere.

You can also use brown wallpapers instead of painting your walls in brown.

Choosing furniture for a brown-themed bedroom offers you a myriad of selections. You can go traditional, modern or contemporary and even modern-transitional. Brown is not a difficult color to blend with other shades and furniture. Even if you have a brown-themed bedroom, you have several choices of colors to pair with it. Building balance in your bedroom is easily achieved, as furniture in brown is plenty.

Brown is always associated with friendliness and comfort; elements that you need for a restful bedroom.