Camp Huntington Bedroom Group

The rich rustic design of the Camp Huntington collection by Signature Design by Ashley Furniture from the Camp Huntington kids bedroom collection captures the feeling of sitting within a secluded treehouse nestled within the branches of a majestic oak. The rich replicated cherry grain and faux leather embossed accents on the antique brass color hardware bring out the rustic beauty of this finely crafted furniture. With a variety of bed options, this bedroom collection offers the versatility to meet the desires of any child. Capture the essence of youth with the magical feel of the Camp Huntington kids bedroom collection.

Sanibel Bedroom Group

Queen Panel Headboard $225, Dresser $325, Mirror $199, Media Chest $350, Chest $350, Night Stand $200

The unique gold & silver colored scroll work and running acanthus vine sets the traditional styling of the Sanibel bedroom collection.The light replicated oak grain works wonderfully with the faux granite tops and the coconut like shell inlay to add flair to the traditional design. Custom French style hardware rounds out the traditional beauty of the Sanibel bedroom collection including the large poster bed, dresser, mirror, five drawer chest, armiore, media chest and nightstand.

Warren Nutmeg Living Room Group

Rocker Recliner $549, Loveseat $599, Full Sleeper $899, Sofa $649

Leather Match upholstery in Warren leather, offers the luxurious look and feel of top quality leather with the benefit of protection. This casual contemporary style features the comfort of plush double pillow top arms and divided back for added lumbar support perfect for any relaxing living room environment. The classic pebble grain offers a clean uniform leather surface while the subtle two-tone effect enhances the depth and vibrancy of the upholstery color.

Pick the Suitable Table for your Dining Room

Tables for the dining room come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, picking the suitable dining table is not confined to these two factors. The first thing that you need to think of is the amount of space that you have. Even if you want to have a round table but your dining area cannot accommodate it, then you will just be wasting your money buying it.

Both the size and shape of tables will depend on the dimension of your dining room. We know the common shapes of dining table but we tend to disregard what is suitable for our room.

The various shapes of dining tables

When we talk of dining tables, the first shape that comes to mind is the rectangular table. Its usual size is 36 inches x 42 inches. A narrow table of the same shape will suit a narrow dining room. Should the dining table measure 36 inches, then opt to have a sideboard where you can place food for big parties. With the sideboard, you can seat more guests on the table. The plus side of a rectangular table is that you can have more than 4 people on the table.

The square shape of tables is ideal for a small family. It is also good for small conversations. It is cozy and offers confidence and familiarity.

The round shape of tables is also advisable for big gathering but require a big area. Hence, this is ideal for big dining rooms. A round table with a pedestal is better than one with the four legs, as the former offers more leg space and can accommodate more people. Round tables allow each other to enjoy dinner intimately, as they can see each other’s faces.

The oval shape of tables is also ideal for a small dining room. They are safe for kids because they do not have sharp borders. A small narrow dining will benefit with an oval table. More than 4 people can be accommodated, too.

Nevertheless, knowing your needs and preference is still the best gauge to know the suitable dining table for your home. Do not be capture with the outside appeal of the table. Make sure that you get your money’s worth. Knowing the dimension and the shape of your dining area is necessary to get the appropriate table.

It is not enough to have a stylish dining table if it will make your room tight. Adequate space for movement is necessary particularly when pushing the chair out. With the current trend in modern furniture, dining tables were also given provisions of being extended. Thus, holding big parties poses no problem with these table designs. Similarly, give special attention to the materials used.

As much as possible, avoid buying furniture on impulse. Take the required dimensions to make your purchase worthwhile and useful. A good source to look for dining tables is the online furniture stores. They offer a myriad of dining table selections that will suite any size of dining room.

Five Important Things in your Dining Room Bar

Planning to have a dining room bar is not that expensive as you might think it is. It can actually be somewhat cost-effective. There are essential elements that must be considered. First is the theme, the bar furniture and the items that you will use. If the bar is only intended for the family and a number of friends, then here are the needed items that you need to buy.

Glassware is very essential. You can have the regular glasses so you do not need to spend a big amount of money. Although the suitable glassware is better so you get the feeling that you are really in a bar. There are different glasses used in a bar. To mix drinks, get the 7 ounces glasses. To serve wine, you will need champagne and wine glasses. Shot glasses are also needed in a bar and not to forget mug for serving beer.

Ice Bucket and Tongs must not be missed. These two are essentially when serving drinks. Choose the insulated ice bucket to keep the ice frozen; don’t bother with the cheap ones. A large size ice bucket is practical to have if you love to entertain friends. And the tongs, of course, for the ice; do not use your bare hands!

Jigger is essential in mixing drinks. It measures the amount of liquor to be served. Professional bartenders use jiggers to mix drinks; therefore you need it as well. A 1 ½ jigger and a ¾ oz jigger is enough for your dining room bar. There are two types of jiggers: glass and stainless steel. Stainless steel jiggers are better as they give good results when mixing drinks. The glass jiggers have a bigger capacity though.

Drink Shaker is used for cocktails to make them taste better. There is the Boston and Cobbler type of shakers. Consisting of a 500 ml and a 900 ml glass canister is the Boston shaker while the Cobbler shaker has the flask, cap with a built-in strainer and the lid. You can have both or just one of these shakers. But remember that with the Boston shaker, you need to purchase a separate strainer as it does not have one.

Bar Spoon is used to mix cocktails and to measure the ingredients that are needed for the drink. It can also be used to squeeze other ingredients. Bar spoons are stainless steel and is about 10 inches long. They are also used to measure one teaspoon of alcohol or drink essence.

Other items that you need for your dining room bar are corkscrew plus additional corks, a can and bottle opener, a sharp knife to cut fruits and garnishes. You also will need a blender in the home bar.

The presence of these essential items plus the fitting furniture for your dining room bar will make your dream bar come true. The family will get to have a different dining with the presence of a dining bar as it adds spice in the family’s dinner.

Choosing Your Office Desk

Your office desk plays an important role in the success of your business. You need to have a desk that will enable you to perform your job well; hence, it is essential that caution be applied when choosing one.

Some people do not give much importance in selecting their office desk. They just go to any shop that sells desk and buy the first furniture that they see. This buying leads them to feel sorry in the end when they realize that the desk they bought is not adequate for them. This is the importance of setting your objectives and requirements first before finally purchasing your office desk.

Before you purchase this office furniture, you need to list down the things that you need from your desk.

Examine your needs for the desk. Do you just need a desk for writing? Do you need a desk that can hold your computer and give you space to layout pages and other office stuff?

Check on the office equipment that you have. Is it a desktop or laptop? Do you have a printer? Do you have a phone, fax and other devices? Are you going to put these all on top of your desk? Or will it just be a laptop that you need on your desk?

Where do you intend to put your office desk? Do you have a big office room, or is it just a small space?

Your answer to the above questions will determine the amount of space you need from your desk and thus will give you an idea of your required dimension.

Therefore, you need to get the measurement of your office space and decide the measurement for your desk.

Choose a good quality office desk and this refers to the material. It may be striking but examine the materials used. Cheap furniture is synonymous to low quality materials. You will only be wasting your money if you buy this kind, as it will easily wear off.

A corner unit works well in a home office. This design maximizes every bit of your space thus giving you additional functional storage areas where space is a necessity.

If you have a big space, then you can enjoy the luxury of a big table. This type will give you ample working space as well as the other equipment that you need. Add a bookshelf at your back or you can have the wall type bookshelves. This will keep your office desk from looking messy.

The secret in having a successful home office is planning. A good-looking desk will not serve its purpose if it will not help you reach your goal of productiveness. Decide on having a workspace that can accommodate all your equipment and items. You need organization in your office to optimize your production.

A cluttered office desk can drive your clients away. Remember, your office desk indirectly speaks to your clients and is an extension of your business professionalism. It is important to have a clean and orderly office desk so you can perform to the best of your ability.

A Man’s Living Room

Refurbishing your man’s living room will not be easy if you hardly know him. You must know him well or ask his preferences. Some knowledge in decorating will be a big help but you still have to consult it with him.

The best deal would be to ask him if he wants his room refurbish and explain your stand why it has to be done. Encouraging him to join you in the redecoration is also good and it will strengthen your bond.

Men are more direct and specific in their requirements with living room design and furniture. For them, functional rates high than intricacies. Room decorations must be minimal.

Before you start refurbishing your man’s living room, ask his permission and opinion and in order first to avoid marring your relationship and be more successful with your project.

Here are some steps that you can apply:

For his living room accent wall, use neutral shades as base and blend it with other shades. Choose an accent color such as dark red or dark green and buff it up with metallic silver or gold for a stylish appearance.

Neutral shades used on bigger walls and a complementing shade on the smaller walls will be suitable for a conservative man.

Choose sofas that projects manliness but not overwhelming. Sofas made from masculine materials and designs are good choices. Leather may be traditional but is classy and refined. Blend the furniture with the walls.

Have pillows in smooth animated colors. Use natural wooden blinds to accentuate the other decoration without taking the attention from the living room.

Show his passions by using them as wall decorations. Maybe he loves sports, cars, sailboats; it can also be an old catchy advertisement for a beer, equipment, a car or sports gear.

If he loves art, you can have some paintings on the wall. It may be his own work (if he is into it), a friend’s or anything that he likes.

Instead of a picture frame on the wall, you can have a digital picture frame for his pictures and your photos together.

Have wall shelves to display his trophy, plaque or small liquor bottles and goblets.

For his bookshelf, choose something that has a more up-to-date geometrical design.

Get a small bar in his living room and place it in a corner. Some end tables are designed to serve as a bar. Go and check on online furniture shops and you will be amazed with this modification.

Pick a coffee table that offers more storage spaces. With the new styles and designs of modern coffee tables, you can store an espresso machine and cups aside from the wine and glasses.

Make his living room livable and comfortable – that is the best that you can do if you decide to embark on this refurbishment project. Show the passionate side of him so his visitors will see him as a warm and kind. It should be not too overbearing. When you have accomplished this well, your man will surely be thankful to have you on his side.

Choosing Pink and Red-Colored Furniture for Your Living Room

We always want our living room to look good so it may be presentable to our guests. But it should also be in good shape so every member of the family will have a pleasant time staying in this area. A good combination of colors will always be the secret behind great-looking living rooms.

If you decide to have pink and red furniture for your home, it would be better to know something about them first. What kind of feelings will they evoke in your living room? Are they the right colors for your personality and style?

Red is the color of passion, romance, and love. It evokes strong emotions and feelings. It also represents force, passion, confidence, self-assurance, conviction, love, and sometimes even feelings of repugnance. Red is likewise a very alluring and charismatic color.

There are many shades of red like burgundy and melon red.
When you are around red colors, you will most likely feel very energetic and lively.

Making it the principal color of the living room will foster a more affable aura especially when you are having guests around. It will encourage social interaction and will make your friends feel at ease with one another. Choose a bright striking shade of red to get this kind of feeling in the room.

It is an affectionate and warm color. To foster a romantic feeling in the living room, get an Italian love seat in red. Place it in one corner together with scented candles, dark red flowers, and some wine on a coffee table beside it. Put dim lights to further enhance the romantic atmosphere in the area.

Being a strong and lively color, it can lift up your mood even if the weather is gloomy and sad. Having red hues around the living room can surely lighten up whatever down feeling you are having. Have red accentuations like throw pillows or a red sofa. Choose strong and bright shades of red to make everyone feel happy and alive.

Red also encourages the inner artist in you to show. You might discover that your imagination starts to run wild whenever you are in your living room. You will surely have lots of creative and ingenious ideas when you surround yourself with red.

Red projects reverence and ascendancy. In Feng Shui, red furniture must be placed in the southern part of the living room.

Red is also a prosperous and lucky color for the Chinese.

Red is a grand and royal color. Aside from violet, red is another color favored by people in high society and royalty.

Aside from your red furniture, you can also get a dark red floor carpet together with a red 2-sette sofa near an accent wall.

Pink, on the other hand, is interpreted as a girlish hue that is soft and sweet.

You can opt for pink furniture if you want to feel light and carefree. This can also balance out the red hues in your living room so as not to overdo the strong feelings red colors evoke.

Wine red makes the living room more elegant and sophisticated. You can turn your simple home into something prim and grand with this variety of red color.

Remember to put your own sense of style when decorating the living room. It will always be best that the look of the room speaks about your personality and taste.

Lighting Your Living Room

We use our living room for various purposes. We use it to be entertained, for entertaining guests as well as other activities. Therefore, it must have the appropriate lights needed for such occasions.

With appropriate lighting fixtures in the living room, we are assured that every activity will be worthwhile. Lights will also make the room look great.

Following are the different lights in the living room.

Make use of the sunlight. This is given to you free. To let the light inside your home, open your windows during the day. Use thin curtains. If you have thick curtains, then open them up. Do the same for blinds. Sunlight is also good in disinfectant your living room.

Stand lamps or floor lamps are usually placed in the corner of the room. These types of lamps do not occupy a lot of space but are very good lighting fixtures, as they give out illumination in awkward areas.

Table lamps are good giving task lighting. A little brightness spread out all over the room is a very good idea. If you want a reserved appeal, have table lamps on top of your end tables. On the other hand, you can have a pair of table lamps and put them in different areas in the room.

Hanging Lights are pendant lamps and chandeliers. They give a pleasant radiance while drawing the eyes upward. Chandeliers and pendant lamps are not normally used in the living room so it can add a touch of profundity in the room. However, you need to make sure that you have a high ceiling; approximately 9 feet high is ideal so no one will get his head banged.

Wall Sconces will add a little diffusive illumination to your living room. They are better positioned on the sides of a painting or a mirror. They can also be excellent ornamental accents in the room.
Any homeowner would want to use a variation in his lighting fixtures and make a nice blend. The use of track and pot lights is sensible as they give off more illumination; however, they are not good choices for the living room.

You may want to have a combination ambient and task lights or stand lamps, sconces and table lamps. Always ensure, however, that you have adequate illumination for reading.

Make use of a dimmer switch, as you can adjust the amount of brightness of your lights with this device.

Your lights can also highlight your furniture. If you have a big sofa as your accent, you can put a stand lamp beside it.

Furniture for a Woman’s Living Room

A woman’s living room will not be complete without having style, color and comfort. Her living room will be like when she gets herself dressed.

There are three types of furniture that can satiate a woman’s taste.

Modern Living Room Furniture

This furniture is angular and rounded with stylish and clear lines. It features solid colored sectional sofas that can be either light or bold. Upholstery has two choices: leather and micro fiber.

Women would love modern sofas made from metal or hardwood as these establishes a well-appointed look. Career women would love metal pink sofas that are in warm pink or the daring color of red. She would also want to have an ottoman where she can rest her legs and feet.

Conservative Living Room Furniture

Conservative type of women would choose this type of furniture. Carved with intricate designs, traditional living room furniture is varnished. They are easy to maintain, which is one reason why it is favored by working mothers. They are also durable and can be passed on as heirlooms.

Transitional Living Room Furniture

This combines the style and designs of the modern and the traditional. They are best described as simple but elegant, convenient and long lasting. They have straight-line designs and can add modernity in a traditional type of living room.

For her living room accessories, she would want:

• Soft pastel colored throw pillows in flowery designs
• Rugs that would give her living room character
• Tall vases with lengthy bamboo sticks for an oriental touch
• Decorative wicker baskets or wide-mouth jars for periodicals, newspapers and magazine
• Books she love to read lined up on a shelf
• Framed pictures with her family and/or receiving an award
• A painting of nature on her living room wall
• Fresh plants placed in the corner of the living room or a bonsai or fresh flowers on top of her coffee table or corner table
• Light-colored satiny curtains on her windows
• Scented candle to make her living room smell nice and clean, and
• The most noticeable of all, is the way she balances the colors in her living room.

A woman would never settle for a living room that lacks appeal. As long as she can manage to support what she wants, she will go out of her way to find the necessary items to complete her living room appeal and mood. It is because a woman believes that the living room is an extension of her being.