Bedroom Revamp: Contemporary or Conventional

We do love our bedrooms but sometimes we also get tired of its look. This especially happens when we leafed through home design magazines or take a look at home design websites. And that is when the thought of having a bedroom revamp comes into mind.

It does happen to anyone so do not stop yourself if that is what you want. Anyway, the reason why some are hesitant in doing this is they think that it means cashing out a big amount. But this is not so, as both your old furniture can be mixed with the contemporary ones. However, going in style with modern furniture is not at all that expensive. Take time to read the following:

Contemporary Bedroom

Let us go to the bed first since this is the focus of the bedroom. Contemporary beds are given a different touch these days. They can turn your bedroom to be so modish with its designs and shapes. Modern beds are no longer confined to being square or rectangular. You can now have it in circular form, too.

Not only that, headboards come in different forms: clamp shape, curvilinear, round and these shapes are made taller than the usual headboards. Aside from using wood, headboards are now with leatherette padding with tuft designs or stitching. Some beds also come with individual headrests.

Contemporary bed manufacturers have even made beds that can stand on their own. Why? They make use of wood or leather, drifting squares or huge furniture pieces that appear self-sufficient with night tables and sofa-like platforms.

Aside from leather, they also make use of materials like cotton, linen, silk, wool, organic hemp, refurbished polyester foam and natural latex foam. You are also assured that they are non-toxic so they do not pose danger to the atmosphere.

Functionality is also a foremost characteristic of modern beds. They have built-in drawers underneath the bed providing you with more storage space for your linens, pillow cases, curtains, etc.

Contemporary bedroom furniture has also combined features of modernity and conventionality. Bedside tables, cabinets, chest of drawers and other furnishings needed in your private solace makes use of varied materials like vinyl, glass, chrome and of course, wood.

On top of that, they are easy on the pocket and can blend well with any type of furniture.

Conventional Bedroom

Since some people regard their bedroom furniture as lifetime pieces, conventional ones are perfect choices. These beds, chests, nightstands, armoires and dressers are available in the old traditional Italian furniture (known for its exquisite designs, styles and durability), Spanish, Colonial, Western, Colonial or rustic. They provide a classic appeal.

These types of furniture are mostly made of wood that have baroque carvings or styles. Some beds even have the queen, prince or princess presentation. Four-poster beds are still available although these are given a small touch of modernism, which can be called transitional ones.

Conventional furniture promises to be extraordinary as they lived with history. A part of the family’s heirloom, people just cannot part with them.

Bedrooms that have traditional furniture can still be kept the way it is. Just mix them with some contemporary ones and your bedroom will have a middle-of-the road character.

So aside from keeping your bedroom in style, you can still keep its conservative look.

You may not be an interior designer but surely you have an eye for what is good-looking and appealing and besides let your imagination work. The thing is you need to know what you want your bedroom to look. Honestly speaking, I have tried it in my daughter’s bedroom and she liked it. So I am on my 2nd project, the master’s bedroom. I am sure that you will feel proud of your masterpiece, just like the way I felt!

The Different Styles of Furniture

The presence of furniture in our home will complete its look. But do you know the different style of furniture?

Wood is the most common material used for furniture. Made from various materials nowadays, furniture has a variety of styles. Let us take a look on its different styles.

Traditional Furniture Style is the most common and well-known style of furniture since and up to the present. They are rich in texture, polished and elegant. The most traditional ones used woods like mahogany and cherry that is described as polished, elegant and rich in texture. They are marked with the history of furniture although some include influences from American and English history.

The Casual Furniture Style is more relaxed, which is what made it more popular to Americans. These pieces of fitment are made from thick fabrics that are easy to maintain. They are made from different kinds of wood like oak, maple and pine with matte finishing. They are comfortable, warm and welcoming with earth and neutral hues.

The Country Furniture Style is a mixture of European, American and Mexican influence. Oak, maple, ash and pine are the types of wood commonly used for country furniture. They may be left as natural wood, or may be painted. The flowery chintz, linen or soft denim are the fabrics often used for this type. Some use subtle plaids or soft denim. Blend the country style of fitment with decorations that speaks of convenience such as an oval rug on top of painted floors, antique jars and vases, charming quilts and embroidery or antique baskets. This style is also tagged as country casual.

The Contemporary Furniture Style is more functional. Characterized with straightforward designs, they have minimal embellishments. Their appeal is up-to-date with bright and bold fabrics but fewer patterns. They have bigger ornaments and artwork that shows clear and down-to-earth decorations.

The Modern Furniture Style has intense definite lines that are well refined. It is one-step ahead of the Contemporary style and may have a mixture of retro or Art Deco factors. Common materials used are wood, glass, chrome and steel. Tightly woven or textured upholstered fabrics are also used but without much intricacies. It also makes use of leather and colors are bold with black and gray hues.

There is also the Mixed Furniture Style, which is a combination of the all styles. This is commonly seen in most American homes to satisfy the different tastes of consumers.

Casual Contemporary style has an informal elegance but is useful and comforting with a modern appeal. It is made from wood and finishing may be of birch or maple, a darkly tainted espresso hue or oak. Upholstered sofas are made of either leather or microfiber.

Casual Traditional Style has the combination of casual and traditional features. They are substantially carved, more comfy looking and elegant. Fabrics used are in pastel colors with a customized look. Entertainment centers made from wood and leather sofas blend well with furniture that has a custom traditional style.

Whatever you furniture style you choose, you still have to balance it with your home theme. If you are planning to change some of your current furniture, make sure you buy new ones that will complement your current fitment. You can create a bit of disparity though but make it a little subtle.

Add Contemporary Style to your Bedroom with a Platform Bed

Feeling like your bedroom is a little on the outdated side? CLS Factory Direct will remedy that for you. Platform beds are always being added to our wealth of options for bedroom furniture. Platform beds sport appealing designs with simple lines and gentle curves. They are practical, affordable, and long-lasting! That’s getting the best value for your money.

Buy new, trendy platform beds that will help make your bedroom an uncluttered space and nearer to the serene haven you want to get back to at the end of the day. Decorating with tasteful furniture is now simpler and easy.

What is Contemporary Style?

Are you “in style”? Does your home have a look that would be considered cool by today’s standards? If so, then your home probably has been designed and decorated with a contemporary look. But what does “contemporary” really mean?

Many times contemporary style is classified as a distinct style and doesn’t encompass other design styles. Commonly, and un-knowingly, people think furniture considered contemporary is something they are most likely to find in an upscale art gallery in New York city. What they fail to realize is that the word contemporary simply means “of the present time,” and this can encompass a broad range of designs.

If you are looking for a more straight line look and want to stay within the contemporary design, then look for pieces that are of Danish or Scandinavian design. Contemporary Scandinavian designers often use straight lines in their designs and leave their pieces unadorned and crafted of walnut and teak. Sometimes their pieces will have gentle curves, but these will not be at a premium.

The most common label for contemporary furniture is “Artsy” and is likely to be found in urban locations and lofts. This furniture often has flare and is extremely simple. Furniture pieces in this category are not always adorned with straight lines, but typically showcase curved lines to give them a unique look and shape. Leather and microfibers are usually the upholstery of choice in this case.

Finally, minimalist styled furniture takes the contemporary look to the extreme and is known for its use of straight lines. The Minimalist approach was inspired by Bauhaus design and puts emphasis on free space, functionality, and economical design. You won’t find a lot of furniture in a minimalistic room. Instead, you will find one of two pieces accompanied by a lot of space.